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I'm looking for constructive feedback and suggestions on a GM baby I'm building. He'll be level 6 when I finally introduce him to PFS play.

Giovanni Frallino is a Sczarni 'merchant mariner' who fights with rapier and pistol. I'm not looking to make him the best at any one thing, but a better jack-of-all-trades supporting his companions in a myriad of ways, in and out of combat. How can I make him better?

At Level 6: Swashbuckler (Picaroon)-2/Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger)-1/Investigator (Sleuth)-1/Bard (Juggler)-2. From Level 6 onward, he'll advance as a Swashbuckler (Picaroon).

This combination of classes provides a generous combined pool of panache/grit/luck, inspiration on knowledge/spellcraft/linguistics checks, a limited ability to buff the party with inspire courage.

Combat Juggling: "As long as he is juggling fewer than three objects, the juggler is considered to have a free hand (for the purposes of drawing a weapon, using somatic components, using Deflect Arrows, and so on)." (Ranged Tactics Toolbox)

Rules Questions:
Would juggling with less than three objects, his rapier and pistol, enable him to use Fencing Grace? (Ultimate Intrigue)
Would juggling with less than three objects, his rapier and pistol, enable him to use the Swashbuckler deed Precise Strike with his rapier?

Combat Juggling, Rapid Reload and alchemical cartridges = I can reload as a free action. He'll always start fights with "normal" bullets/powder loaded, and only reload with alchemical cartridges when he needs to.

Management of Swift Actions: A major challenge for the player. I need to develop a spreadsheet tool to remember all the options available.

Strength - 10
Dexterity - 15 (+1 at 4th)
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 13 (+1 at 8th)
Wisdom - 10
Charisma - 16 (+1 at 12th )

Auspicious Tattoo (Shoanti) - +1 trait bonus on Will saves (Humans of Golarion)
Life of Toil - +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saves (Ultimate Campaign)
Gold Finger (Disable Device) - +1 trait bonus to Disable Device checks and it becomes a class skill (PFS Roleplaying Guild Guide; bonus Exchange faction trait from “New Recruits” boon, #5-99 The Paths We Choose)

Level 1 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon)
Feats: Weapon Focus (Rapier) and Fencing Grace
Deed: Derring-Do
Deed: Dodging Panache
Deed: Melee Shooter
Two-Weapon Finesse
Level 2 (Gunslinger – Mysterious Stranger)
Deed: Deadeye
Deed: Focused Aim
Deed: Gunslinger’s Dodge
Level 3 (Investigator – Sleuth)
Feat: Point-Blank Shot
Sleuth’s Luck
Deed: Daring
Deed: Opportunist Evasion
Deed: Sleuth’s Initiative
Level 4 (Bard – Juggler)
Fast Reactions - Gains Deflect Arrows as a bonus feat.
Bardic Performances: Inspire Courage +1, Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate
Spells Known 0-Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Read Magic; 1-Saving Finale, Vanish
Level 5 (Bard – Juggler-2)
Feat: Rapid Reload (Pistol)
Combat Juggling (3 items)
Spells Known: 0-Message; 1-Abundant Ammunition
Level 6 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-2)
Charmed Life (3/day)
Level 7 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-3)
Feat: Precise Shot
Deed: Menacing Swordplay
Deed: Precise Strike
Deed: Quick Clear
Deed: Swashbuckler Initiative
Nimble +1
Level 8 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-4)
Bonus Feat or Dare: Deadly Aim or Rapid Shot or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting?
Level 9 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-5)
Feat: Deadly Aim or Rapid Shot or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting?
Swashbuckler Weapon Training +1
Level 10 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-6)
Charmed Life 4/day
Level 11 (Swashbuckler – Picaroon-7)
Feat: Deadly Aim or Rapid Shot or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting?
Deed: Gun Feint
Deed: Swashbuckler’s Grace
Deed: Targeted Strike
Nimble +2

Vanities: ??

Magic Items at Level 6:
Adamantine Rapier +1, 5020gp
Pistol +1, 3300gp
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, 4000gp [belt]
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, 4000gp [headband]
Cloak of Resistance +1, 1000gp [shoulders]
Mithral Chain Shirt +1, 2100gp
Ring of Protection +1, 2000gp [ring #1]
Handy Haversack, 2000gp
Wayfinder, 250gp
Ioun Stone, Dusty Rouse Prism (Cracked), 500gp

Magic Items to Consider Later:
Amulet of Natural Armor, 2000gp [neck]
Boots of Speed, 12,000gp [feet]
Vest of Escape, 5200gp [chest]
Dry Load Powder Horn, 2000gp
Cape of Daring Deeds, 9000gp [shoulders]
Gunman’s Duster, 36,000gp [body]
Circlet of Persuasion, 4500gp [head] or
Lepidstadt Investigator’s Hat, 7000gp [head]
Investigator’s Pipe, 9000gp
Ioun Stone, Dusty Rouse Prism, 5000gp
Runestone(s) of Power, 2000gp (Level-1)
Stone of Good Luck, 20,000gp

Fencing grace which just requires the hand free works but precise strike requires you to not attack with the pistol I think.

Which brings up the question of where your damage comes from. 1d6+5 with the rapier, 1d8+1 with the pistol (1d8+5 w/a grit point spent) isn't a lot at 6th level. It's going to get better with the pistol due to deadly aim, but the rapier's going to remain well below par. You might be better to use TWF with pistols later on.

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Thanks, avr, good advice.

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