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A lot of focus has been made about replay, and various methods of replaying a given scenario.

Has there ever been any support beyond exceptionally rare boons for re-GMing scenarios (for credit)?

Given the amount of prep time that a given scenario can take for some folks, wouldn't it be better to consider a GM that say, for example, really does *good* at running Bid for Alabastrine another credit chance for it than having a new 'crop' of GMs that have to continue to re-invent the wheel?

Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and thoughts in advance!

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There are

  • Extended Narrative
  • Sharing of Secrets (survey)

That's an open-ended number of replays, plus two, from non-rare sources that could go to a second GM credit for a scenario, if the Society member wants.

Then there's a boon, rare enough that I haven't seen the wording actually, so I couldn't say if it allows a third or further GM credit.

But the 5 star qualifying requirement suggests it's intended that GMs should run diverse content, relevantly including, new scenarios when they come out.

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The survey was a one-off, if memory serves, and Extended Narrative requires Star-oomph to get it going if memory serves.

It doesn't take into account locations that are trying to showcase all the new material, but have less experienced/ranked GMs than would be optimal to showcase said material, does it?

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Personally, the rewards for rerunning a scenario are:
- less prep the second time
- more familiarity leading to a better run game
- better understanding and conveying the story.

I find that the more times I get to run a scenario, the better I run it, as I am able to spend more time telling a story. I enjoy rerunning scenarios. But I realize that may just be me.

The chronicles are usually no big deal. After a while you realize you want to play your characters! Again, may just be me

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I used to apply GM credit pretty willy nilly, to my favorite characters. Then after about 3 stars, doing so has lost its appeal. 360+ credits in, and I rarely assign them past 1st level.


Of all of the "replay" suggestions, I like this one the best since it encourages GMing a scenario more than once, and rewards increased prep. (As a terrain builder, I love running things more than once so I can use my stuff again!) Still not sure it is a good idea for the campaign, but I like the direction.

I am concerned with GM motivation, though, and linking it to in-game things like extra credit (or racial boons). Some folks will sign up to GM just to get the thing, without always doing the prep that their players deserve. At the same time, many people seem to feel GMing isn't as fun as playing, or even see it as a necessary evil to keep their community going, and so some incentive seems necessary. It's a tough balance for such a diverse community.

I think the bottom line is that any OP campaign can't support people who want to play so often that they will run out of content. Replay may solve an issue for that (small?) group, but introduces many others for the larger campaign.

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All valid points.

When I volunteer to GM I look at it as a 'higher priority than work". I want my players to have a good time, and I want to be able to step away from it going "Darnit, I missed a couple of minor things but the table didn't crash and burn in a fiery ball of boom..."

...I've had 'fiery ball of boom' in other campaigns. In-character, of course.

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