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Okay, I have a few ideas for different Star Wars games I'm thinking about running here on the boards, and I'm having trouble deciding which one to run. So, I thought that first I'd see how the interest was looking for them, and which idea seemed the most popular. The spoilers below each contain a brief synopsis of each option, as well as starting level for the campaign, and if there are any possible house rules that will be used for it.

Dawn of Defiance:

This is the only "Adventure Path" Wizards of the Coast published for Star Wars Saga Edition. This takes the characters all the way from level 1 to level 20 as the PCs help lay the foundations for the beginning of the Rebellion. It begins roughly 1 year after the end of the Clone Wars, leaving almost all character options open. There are a few standard house rules I have, but otherwise rules will be as written. Starting Level: 1.

Knights of the Old Republic:

So, while not actually the plot of the wonderful BioWare PC game, this game is inspired by it, and takes place during the timeframe of BioWare's Star Wars MMO. The PCs are a Jedi Operations team tasked to search for a missing Jedi Master, and then the adventures which derive from there. PCs for this campaign do not have to be Jedi, but they have to have a favorable enough opinion of the Jedi Order - or a specific Jedi - to be willing to work for them. This campaign will have my standard house rules, as well as special Force Power-related house rules if a majority of people are okay with them. Starting Level: 3.

Rebel Alliance:

This game focuses on the PCs as members of a new Rebel cell based on the planet Taris. The first few levels will feature missions solely on the planet, before eventually engaging in missions off-planet as well. It is set 2 years before the Battle of Yavin. Jedi characters will not be outright disallowed, but will need a convincing backstory to explain how they are still alive from Order 66, as well as what they've been doing in the intervening years - especially considering the starting level. My standard house rules will be used in this. Starting Level: 1.

The Clone Wars:

As the name suggests, this game will feature the PCs as fighting for the Republic during the Clone Wars. You will be members of a strike team, undertaking special missions within the larger context of a raging battle on various worlds. There will be some contact with established, well-known characters, although mainly in passing or communications. There will also be special rules for playing a Clone Trooper, should you desire to do so. Starting Level: 3.

If you are interested, please let me know and rank these 4 ideas in order from most interested to least interested. Once I've seen what the interest is and which one is the favorite, I'll post up a Recruitment for that game. The game itself will probably not start until January, to give the chaos of the holiday season time to settle.

In order of preference:

1. Dawn of Defiance - (Played a bit of it but never finished it) (I have a Jedi PC I'd like to play).

2. Knights of the Old Republic - (I'd probably go with a Soldier here).

3. The Clone Wars - (I'd probably play a Clone Trooper).

4. Rebel Alliance - (Not sure what I'd do here. Maybe a Force Sensitive Noble. So not Jedi trained but with some "abilities" that aid in negotiations that he does not quite understand).

I would love to play a jedi in any of those campaigns.

Order of preference, please, Terevalis. Helps me make a decision about which one to run :).


1 and 2. Dawn of Defiance and Rebel Alliance (honestly I cannot decide between the two so for me it is a tie...)

3. Knights of the Old Republic

4. The Clone Wars (I find the idea of a strike team probably the least appealing from among the four options, but still interesting)

Odds are I will be submitting a Jedi regardless of which of the four ends up as the winner.

I like Clone Wars and Dawn in that order then rebellion and KOTR,

I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was kid, I’m definitely interested. I got most of the Saga books when they were coming out just for the fluff (I wasn’t actually doing any gaming at the time), so it’s be nice to finally put those to use.

As to order of preference:
1. Dawn of Defiance
2a. Clone Wars
2b. Rebellion

Almost a coin flip for me between Clone Wars and Rebellion, I could flip the order there and be happy. Dawn is a clear 1 and KOTOR a clear 4. Depending on the era, I’d probably want to play either a Mandolorian or a Jedi. Maybe a Clone. Would it be a regular line trooper, or might Republic Commando or ARC Trooper be options, since we’re some sort of SpecOps unit?

I love Saga, forever and always.

1- DoD
3- Rebellion
4- Clone Wars

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1 Dawn of Defiance
2 Rebel Alliance
3 Knights of the Old Republic
4 Clone Wars

Hi GM Phntm88 I'm Gallen in your Way of the Wicked Campaign. I have a scoundrel build that I have used for a few levels in previous games, I'd like to use it a but it doesn't suit every game.

Gambling characters can acquire large amounts of credits which doesn't work for every game but can be a big aid. For example in a campaign I played in the GM was about to try to contrive us getting a ship thing when I just bought an old used YT Transport. It let us focus on doing the heroic thing rather than worrying about money. Later he bought a Correlian Corvette but that let us do the dangerous scouting missions and see the plot. He filled it with droids to work as crew but we could easily hire on NPCs that we got on with.

The character paid the other PCs a standard wage so it wasn't just him benefitting. It can let the group focus on adventure, heroism and the story rather than getting credits. But this isn't suitable for every game and style of play. For a smuggler game on the fringe it could upset the tone. I just wanted to get your feelings on it...and I am aware past a certain point you need to start going to larger and larger casinos to get the kind of wagers needed and knees can get broken if you are not careful

I have other character builds I would like to do.

1 Kotor
2 Dawn of Defiance
3 Rebel Alliance
4 Clone Wars

Though obviously recruitment is a far way off, you mention house rules. What might those be, GM?

For interested parties;
My tastes run to Jedi or Scoundrels. I am happy playing either. With Jedi I usually go force-power heavy. With Scoundrels I normally go for a skill-monkey with a focus on Mechanics; I take the tech specialist and starship building feats and serve as a gearhead with a secondary focus on blaster pistols.

Character-wise, I have plenty of backstory for either if anyone wants to group up in that regard.

I absolutely love the Star Wars Saga Edition. I have run it a lot tabletop and played some. Not nearly enough. Very much up for most any such campaign.

Potential GM wants an order of preference, so that is what they get:

1. Knights of the Old Republic

2. Dawn of Defiance

3. Rebel Alliance

4. The Clone Wars

Definitely interested. My preferences would be more mechanical than story oriented. I'd prefer to start at 3rd level. I have a hard time imagining Star Wars characters at 1st level.

Hi! Thank you for offering this to the community. Just a few days from the new movie, it feels just right.

Order of preference:

1- KOTOR. Because you know... KOTOR. Nuff said.

2- Clone Wars. I enjoyed the comics detailing the Clone Wars a lot. And we get to start at level 3. I love d20 system, but the first levels are a bit dull.

3- Dawn of Defiance. Because I've never tried it.

4- Rebel Alliance. The classical. A bit too chewed, but always fun.

Thank you again, and please allow me to ask about the house rules you have in mind (at least grosso modo).

I love the Saga system for Star Wars!

Well, the interest is good to see. I'll leave things open for more people to chime in before making a decision. So far it looks like Dawn of Defiance is the preference, but the KOTOR style game seems to be picking up a little steam, as well.

@Kevin O'Rourke - That would largely depend on which campaign you choose. Dawn of Defiance and the KOTOR style one may not provide many opportunities to gamble, the KOTOR one especially. Regardless, I'd have to see the character, and we don't need to worry about that until I run the actual recruitment.

RE: House Rules:

My Standard House Rules are as follows:

1. Humans: Humans get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice, in addition to the standard Human racial traits.

2. Multiclassing: When you multiclass base classes, instead of taking one of the new class's starting feats, you can choose to take the Skill Training feat in one of the new class's starting skills instead. That way, if you either already have all of that class's starting feats, or none of them fit your concept, you still get something you actually want out of doing so.

3. Skill Focus: Skill Focus now only gives a +3 bonus when you first take it. When you hit level 10, the bonus increases to +6. This is to balance out Skill Focus in lower level play.

4. Force Sensitive feat: I strongly prefer to limit this to only being able to be taken at character creation, since it makes sense to me that someone is Force Sensitive their entire life, and should really only develop it mid-story for plot reasons. However, if there is sufficient player objection, I am willing to waive this one.

5. Feat progression: You get a feat every odd-numbered level instead of every 3, like in Pathfinder.

Any other questions I can answer?

Dawn is probably easier for a DM to run since everything is there for you and you don't have to create too much.

Do you have a character sheet generator that you prefer?

GM Phntm888 wrote:
Any other questions I can answer?

Yep. When can we start? :)

Another question, you are doing character creation in the way suggested in the core rules, with your house rules?

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:

Dawn is probably easier for a DM to run since everything is there for you and you don't have to create too much.

Do you have a character sheet generator that you prefer?

That’s part of why I made it my number one. I think every homebrew game I’ve ever played on these forums has died pretty quickly, often apparently due to GM burnout from having to write the game as well as run it.

I agree. Sometimes GM's try to take too much which is not always fair to them.

Re: Character Sheet Generator - I do not have one that I prefer. I do, however, have several Saga Edition aliases in my profile if you'd like to get a look at the format I personally use for stat blocks. Otherwise, as long as I can read it and everything is easy to find, go wild.

Kotor, dawn, clone, rebel in that order.

LOVE Star Wars Saga, please count me as very interested in this one!

1 Dawn of Defiance
2 Kotor
3 Rebel Alliance
4 Clone Wars

That said, I'm up for any of the above, depending on what the GM and other players like. The only other Saga game I played I was a duros pilot, so might just keep the same theme if allowed - though maybe this time he'll have a touch of Jedi to him.

Okay, Dawn of Defiance seems to be most people's first or second choice, so I will run that one. I'll get a recruitment up either later today or tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


Maybe we can be a group of padawans that survived initial Order 66.

this looks promising ;-)

Here is the Recruitment Thread.


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