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I always loved this prestige class in theory and fluff but I never was quite sure how to build one, or what class to start in or how it actually plays in game (the one game where I was working towards it sadly ended up ending early so I never made it into the prstige class)

Has anyone ever played one? and has any insight to share?

I have played one: as far as progressing into the prestige class, there are multiple options, depending on what your primary class is.

The best main classes that synergize with the elocator are:

Psion (Psychoportation) and Psychic Warrior, and Cryptic.

Soulknife does well as well with the alternate rule that your blade abilities progress as you level.

The feat requirement to get in is pretty steep though, if you don't already have those feats in mind (like they aren't typical for the psychoportation psion).

I have played Half-Giant Raging Surge Wielder 7/Barbarian 2/Elocater 2/Zealot 4 for a one-shot adventure once. It uses Path of War material though, so it might not work for any gaming table. It also really used only a dip in Elocater, but for the first 2 levels capture most of that the class is about. Mobility and Spring attack are also totally useless feats once you get your mojo going but such is life...

UMD is class skill for the Elocater and you are Cha-based, so you can also get a wand of Lead Blades going, but damage is more than enough as it is so... there is hardly any need to break the weapon damage by size chart. Using what is effectively a colossal greatsword should be enough for most purposes.

Traits: Practiced Manifester (Zealot), Psionic Knack
Martial Tradition: Bloody Fangs

1. Wielder 1: [Dodge]
2. Wielder 2
3. Wielder 3: [Mobility]
4. Wielder 4
5. Wielder 5: [Spring Attack] [Superstition Rage Power]
6. Wielder 6
7. Wielder 7: [Expanded Power: Expansion]
8. Barbarian 1
9. Barbarian 2: [Vital Strike] [Internal Fortitude Rage Power]
10. Elocater 1
11. Elocater 2: [Furious Finish]
12. Zealot 1
13. Zealot 2: [Expanded Power: Vampiric Blade]
14. Zealot 3
15. Zealot 4: [Improved Vital Strke]

Equipment: Scarlet and Green Cabochon (Ioun Stone), Boots of Striding and Springing, nice magical greatsword, stats and save boosters I guess...

Readied Maneuvers: Repositioning Leap, Lightning Rush, Cornered Frenzy Strike, Intruder’s End
Stances: Primal Warrior Stance, Stance of the Thunderbrand

Powers: Slip the Bonds, Sharpened Edge, Vampiric Blade, Concealing Amorpha, Defensive Precognition, Circumstance Shield, Expansion

In Primal Warrior stance and with augmented expansion you get to run (at 60 speed) around with a 8d6 base weapon damage, Improved Vital Strike + Furious Finishing enemies for 150+ damage per attack and healing for half that amount with vampiric blade (occasionally critting them for 300).
You have 15 reach and you OA hurt like AF. Unfortunately your Dex will suck and you don't have free feats for Combat Reflexes, but you have Intruder's End to give yourself 20 reach and +Cha additional OA for a round.
Thanks to Aerial Acrobatics and 60 speed movement, your Repositioning Leap flat out negates ANY attack and can send you 40ish feet away (on the ground or in the air), negating any melee irrelatives as well.
You don't have a way to fly, but you can jump really good and... stay there.

I played one in 3.5, not terribly optimized. Psychic Warrior, with Deep Impact, to make up for crappy BAB and capitalize on Spring Attack. I think we even house ruled that I could use Dimensional Spring Attack with DD, not just once per day but I could be mistaken.

I wasn't the biggest damage dealer but I was mobile, could transport the group cheaply, had a few useful skills and basically was battlefield support, moving to flank with other melee PCs/summons, shielding casters, annoying enemy casters, etc.
Mostly transport and battlefield utility who could deal a little damage and tank in a pinch.

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