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Dragon78 wrote:
I love this movie, I have seen it twice, and I will be seeing it a third time this week. I really, really, really hope that some how it makes enough money to get sequels.

Lol your comments on page 1 vrs your comments on page 2 are night and day.

I know, that is because of that first trailer wich did give a bad impression and I am not the only one who reacted that way. Though the later trailers did win me over and make me think that we might get a good anime/manga live action movie and I was right. Not that the film doesn't have issues but the good far out ways the bad.

We were just at the theather and it was the best of the options we were presented with. We were pleasantly surprised.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Alita made $43 million as of Monday.
Foreign sales are $94 million so far (without the Asian market).
Looks like a good start.

My friend said it "felt like it was written in the 80s" but we both enjoyed the heck out of it. There are a few things that bother me for not lining up with the comic but they are only minor quibbles really.

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Personally saying "felt like it was written in the 80's" is a compliment;)

Just needed Kurt Russel in it.

Nova is going to be an odd thing. he goes back and forth between enemy and ally and there are several versions of him running around. I suspect he will be full bore villain.

Well, with Edward Norton playing him, who knows what we will get though they better have him eating flan.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Well, with Edward Norton playing him, who knows what we will get though they better have him eating flan.

So you want Flanservice?

Well the movie didn't do so well the 2nd weekend in the US but at least it's doing better internationally.

US 60.6 million
Int. 202.6 million
Total 263.3 million

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I saw it today: Meant to see it last weekend but the shows I tried for was sold out.

I liked it, but moreso the first 1/2 than the second. It felt like there was material for two whole movies jammed into one single movie. This wasn't an issue for the first half, but started to become an issue in the second

Best guesses is that it will need to make $350 million or so to break even, FYI.

1)So what is everyone's favorite action scene(s)?

2)So what is everyone's favorite non-action scene(s)?

For me it would be...

1)Bar fight and Grewishka battles

2)Orange scene, One finger handstand, and any father/daughter moments

Those are good questions that I can't answer.

I felt they made exactly the movie they meant to and it had a pretty in-your-face "we're gonna make a sequel" ending.

It was weird seeing Christoph Waltz play a good guy. I kept expecting him to turn out to be working against Alita finding her true self.

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I went to see it.

I wanted to hate it. I read the bulk of my collection right before I went to see it and just couldn't believe an American movie could pull it off. The background was too rich, too full, too subtle for a director to pull off. A friend of mine on here saw it after a thin reading of the source material and loved it, declaring it a wonderful work of fantastical fan fiction. I went to see it with this in mind, and settled in next to my best friend irl, who would keep me company if the movie sucked.

It didnt suck.

From the beginning of the movie, I was taken aback by the AMAZING casting(of everyone except for Hugo). Zapan LOOKED like Zapan. Ido LOOKED like Ido. And so on. For that alone it deserved a look. But the things the movie did to stand apart from the original work also...well, just worked. The slang was amazing and easy to digest/comprehend. While the world itself was WAY too clean and the name changes were COMPLETELY unnecessary, the movie starts off with the desire to not just tell a story but to amaze the audience, and with some good camera work and panoramic shots, it does just that.

But even more amazing were the DOZENS of nods to the original work even as they changed everything. Motorballs role in alita life. The origin of the Damascus blade. Zapans...incident. Hell, MARS. Everything. Just when I was ready to start hating(white clothes in the Scrapyard? Changing the NAME of the Scrapyard? And that many full flesh humans[although they DID attempt to explain that most cyborgs were laborers, street thugs or hunter-warriors]? No way!), something new and nice came up that eased my instinct. When I left the film I was not DeathQuaker after seeing Captain Marvel. I didnt expect to be. But I was ...satisfied. And that was a weird feeling, considering how much of a purist I am.

Something was missed in the film in the big romantic moment- fans of the OVA will know what I am talking about, but I would say that was the only thing that was missed per se. EVERY other note was struck to satisfaction. I WILL be getting this on bluray.

But the REAL question is- will I feel the same about Mobile Suit Gundam, my favorite anime of all time, which is being adapted by one of my favorite comic book authors? We will see.

~shocked loop, then pulls out the Bible and thumbs to Revelations~ Oh s!&#!!! The world IS going to end! Freehold DM liked this movie!


Freehold DM, glad you enjoyed the movie.

Also, Alita got to 400million(finally) this past weekend.

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Loved the movie and how close it got to the source. Not being as big an Alita fan as Freehold, plenty slipped by me. But even though it has been over a decade since watching the animation, the movie was hitting me with how much I recognized everything, how I remembered everything I forgot as it appeared. Ido was perfectly cast and damn did the rocket hammer give me goosebumps when I saw it. (Yeah, Hugo was a miss but I can't be too upset with how well everything else worked.) The detail on Zapan and Alita was great. I recommend this one to everyone who wants to see a live action adaptation done right.

Finally out on Blu Ray/4K/DVD/Digital.

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