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Hello, Friends The newly Minted DM BarbarianTaco here. I am seeing a lot of threads that have great ideas, and yet many players and characters have passed by the wayside. Granted this is not just because of the ratio but I believe amazing characters that don't fit the story, but in fact are not right for the story.

So anywho I started this thread with the idea in mind to do one of three campaigns. All will be character driven, meaning you the character set the course. The narrative and plot will unfold around the group. Now before you get all 'Awesome this is a great idea'. I will still have prerequisites and get to push the NPC narratives.

Okay so now the concepts. As this is an interest check I want feedback on which one of the ideas has the most traction. So without further or do...*drum roll and horns play*

Idea #1: Okay for this one we harken back to the good old days. A group of dwarven youth, the fourth generation of a displaced clan have come to find clues to their old hall. These dwarves must make the harrowing journey to the ancient hall and then reclaim it. Each dwarf is doing this for a different reason and motive, but all know that it is for the better of there people. Eventually if they succeed they will need to build the kingdom up and make it prosper.

Idea #2: This is the story of the Drow. A story that the various houses must unite to save the city from the fallout of having no gods answer the cities prayers. The group must navigate rumors to find the reason why the gods have forsaken the Drow City, eventually getting them to the planes where even more mysteries must unfold.

Idea #3: The last is a classic. A group of local residents, in a small village band together to help stop a simple raid of orcs.These villagers turned heroes now find themselves central figures in some grander scheme, one that leads them to seek out a strange burgeoning power in the north where even more mysteries abound. ONes that will lead them on a journey which will change them forever.

These are my three basic ideas. Ones for those below to vote on, and then the one with the most interest will bring us to a true recruitment where people can build a group together for the theme/idea picked!


Down for dwarves.

Well, mark me a third for dwarves, though I'm just as interested in the Classic.

I’d like the classic, but I’m also down for dwarves.

So far


I am a bit shocked that people are jumping on the Dwarf bandwagon...My weekly group scoffed at an all dwarf campiang

I am 100% for a group of Dwarves.

Throwing my hat in for dwarves

Any of the 3 could be a lot of fun, but the dwarves hearkens back directly to Tolkien. Hard to beat that kind of connection.


So that is 6.5 for dwarves!!!

Classic. Then Dwarves.

Well, I am going to be the first to say I like the idea of the Drow. But like everyone else I am equally enchanted by the idea of the dwarves. The dwarf idea has a classic ring to it, at least to my ears.


Huge fan of all things dwarven.

I'll throw a vote in for Drow

Drow would be a nice change of pace. I feel the dwarf thing is over done. It still would be fun but just tired of that same old classic dwarf smash type of thing.

I might Dot, but I just wanted to put in two cents, on the dwarven idea I did something similar, but I allowed humans as long as they took as one of their feats racial heritage (dwarf) to be able to explain why they were in the clan and considered a dwarf.

8 for Dwarves
3 for drow
2.5 for classic

Yeah the dwarf one I am teasing using alternate dwarves and oread with the dwarf vlood alternate

I'm interested in all of em, but I like dwarves the most. Put me down for dwarves.

DM Barbarian Taco wrote:

8 for Dwarves

3 for drow
2.5 for classic

Yeah the dwarf one I am teasing using alternate dwarves and oread with the dwarf vlood alternate

Now that is interesting. An all oread group (with the much needed dwarf blooded)? That I haven’t seen before. Or an all deurgar group.

So long as it is Dwarven, you have my axe.

But but if you go for dwarves it will be a short campaign.

Joynt Jezebel wrote:
But but if you go for dwarves it will be a short campaign.

Which, honestly, is for the best (And I honestly would enjoy). Don't want another Peter Jackson Hobbit movie!

I think Joynt was commenting more about the stature of the campaigners rather than the length of the campaign.

I vote for the dwarves as well.

10 for Dwarves.. Okay thinking the consensus is Dwarves but gonna hold out until Monday

D-to the-Dub-to the-U-to the-warf

Also dotting for Dwarf Quest.

Dwarves are great.
What about Duergar? Will they be considered too?

Duergar and other Dwarves are mortal enemies.

No duergar, but might consider a svirfneblin or gnome if the backstory and reason for recovering the ancient home of the dwarves fits

The drow story sounds really fun,it reminds me of Drizz't . I would love to journey into the underdark,it would be a adventure I've always wanted but never got. The dwarves sound really fun too.

Okay, so I am gonna end this Interest check. Thank you all for the feedback. I will hopefully in the next 24 hours post an active recruitment thread for my Dwarven campaign.

You all have been truly wonderful and hope that you apply in the recruitment thread I am looking forward to the characters and the dynamic you all bring to the table.

Until then!

Tacos OUT!

Link to the Recruitment Thread here

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