Who's the deity for PT Barnums?


I have a player of a N Unchained Rogue looking to add Inquisitor levels, who's wondering "who is the god of the urchin, the opportunist, the smuggler, the barterer, the seller of ice to eskimos?" What's your answer, drawing on the various Pathfinder canons. Bonus points for answers that don't use Evil deities.

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Norgorber and Asmodeus are the first that come to mind.
Uhh, other Trickery domain gods...
Lao Shu Po fits...
Calistria, maybe?
Nivi Rhombodazzle, Son Wukong, and The Lantern King should all fit pretty well.

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Norgorber's "Reaper of Reputation" aspect actually fits this pretty well (as does "The Grey Master," to a lesser extent). He may be an Evil god, but with the exception of "Father Skinsaw," his aspects ("Blackfingers" being the fourth, which I think the Iconic Alchemist is on record as an adherent of) are pretty amenable to non-Evil characters.

Cayden Cailean might also be a good fit for this, though there's the matter of alignment disparity.

There's also Sivanah, though she might be too magic-heavy and insufficiently worldly for the character you describe.

Chaldira Zuzaristan is not a bad possibility, either, though in contrast to Sivanah, she might have the problem of being too martial and direct.

Khepri is an Ancient Osirian trickster god of the common folk and the downtrodden (much like several of those personalities you initially described).

Besmara may mainly be known as the goddess of pirates, but "the opportunist, the smuggler, the seller of ice to Eskimos Varki" are not too far a departure from that portfolio.

I'd go with Sun Wukong first. The Monkey King is a pretty good fit.

For a more 'Western' deity, consider Hanspur. Smuggling is explicitly in his portfolio.

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