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I'm considering running a game set on Golarion in the Age of Serpents, and trying to figure out which PC races were present on the planet at the time.

Dwarves: Generally no, they were down in the Darklands till the Age of Darkness (-4987 AR).

Elves: Maybe? Their civilization apparently reached its peak in the Age of Legend, but I haven't been able to find out when they actually arrived from Sovyrian in the first place. The Age of Serpents could well pre-date elves.

Gnomes: No. They were in the First World till the Age of Anguish (-4202 AR).

Half-Elves: See Elves, above. If there are no Elves, there are no Half-Elves.

Half-Orcs: No. The Orcs were pushed out of the Darklands by the Dwarves, so no surface examples till the Age of Darkness. Which means no Half-Orcs before then either.

Halflings: are native surface-dwellers, but not recorded till the Age of Legend at the earliest. So ... maybe?

Humans: Yes.

It's a seriously different world. Half the races missing. No written language yet means no wizards or magi. In a world before domesticated horses, no cavaliers. Monks (and to a lesser degree Paladins) depend on elaborate philosophies and codes of conduct unlikely to have arisen in a hunter-gatherer society.

No metalwork means even the weakest fey are a serious threat because nobody has cold iron. Ditto for the other metalline DRs. For that matter, I'm going back and forth on whether archery has been invented yet or if slings, darts and spears (with atlatl launchers) are the sole ranged options.

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I know ultimate combat has some guidelines for primitive games. There's also a PFS scenario that visits the Age of Serpents

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Aboleths would be more active, as would Azlant.

Cyclopses were much more active. You've got the Ghol-gan empire in the southwest.

I've done some gestimating before to make a possible map for pre-earthfall: Map
The Varisian Gulf is probably a bit more filled in too, but the only source map I had doesn't show anything.

Good to know about that PFS scenario! I will be sure to check it out. Also that pre-earthfall map, guesstimate though it is, will be very helpful!

I'm thinking of going earlier than Azlanti society -- in fact, I'm thinking of setting it even before the Aboleths have begun tinkering with human DNA. Ghol-Gan would definitely be active, but probably in the fairly early stages of its empire, and possibly not even corrupted yet.

Naturally there'd be serpentfolk all over, hence the name of the age.

Oh, how about dragons? When did they show up? I've been kind of assuming that they were present from the Age of Creation onward, given that Dahak seems to have created them to stock the material plane as his own private game reserve. But that could have happened later, I suppose.

I've been working on a document that's essentially a player's guide, just figuring out changes to the world lore and some mechanics -- it's up to just over 4,100 words at this point.

elves were all over golarion. and in Sovyrian on the green planet.

so did they come from castrovel? golarion or the first world or even somewhere else as a servitor race, explorers etc...
widely excepted from Sovyrian does not make it so.

... I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying, Steelfiredragon. The question is not "Where did the elves come from"; the question I have is when did the elves arrive?

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I believe Steelfiredragon is saying that if Elves originated on Golarion, the question of when they arrived on Golarion is moot.

Ah! I see. Okay, that makes more sense now.

And now that I look into it further, it seems that whether elves originate on Castrovel or Golarion has been left deliberately ambiguous. Which may make for good RP opportunities in games set on present-day Golarion, but doesn't help me in this instance.

Since Paizo have been coy on this point, I will therefore decree that for purposes of my own home game, elves are definitely from Castrovel and that their appearance on Golarion coincided with the beginning of the Age of Legend. Hence, they won't be available as a PC race in my Serpent Age campaign.

So it's looking like the race options are humans and halflings. I think I'll make aasimars, tieflings, and elemental crossbreeds (sylphs, etc) more common than in later ages so people will have a bit more to choose from.

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Don't forget about Lizardfolk. They would have been around as well.

Naturally. Probably second-class citizens in the serpentfolk kingdoms.

Here are some answers to my questions about elves before Azlant and lizardfolk/xulgath(troglodites).

And a similar thread where some time ago I posted results of some lore exploration about golarion races.

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I would recomend checking out artifacts & legends book since it has time traveling artifact Scepter of Ages that comes with vague description about ages on Golarion. Actually I guess I could just post same information


Primeval past Earlier than –50,000,001 Prehistoric beasts and lethal environments
Prehistoric past –50,000,00 to –1,000,001 Beasts and dragons dominate
Primitive past –1,000,000 to –10,001 Serpentfolk and non-human domination
Legendary past –10,000 to –4,295 Height of Azlant & Thassilon, Age of Darkness
Ages past –4,294 ar to –1 ar Ancient empires dominate (Ancient Osirion, Jistka, others)

So that implies that dragons definitely existed during age of serpents.

Halflings are interesting in that nobody remembers origin of the race or what was their original name or language so its possible they did exist during that time as well.

woulf be laughable if the halflings came over on the divinity ship.....

CorvusMask wrote:
Halflings are interesting in that nobody remembers origin of the race or what was their original name or language so its possible they did exist during that time as well.

Ah HA! That's what the plot will be about. It'll be an adventure resulting in the creation of the first halflings, in the distant past.

Also that's a handy timeline. I'd seen it before and totally forgotten it. Thanks!

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