Can I be a full casting Fighter?


Focused Study Human Fighter || 18str 14dex 14con 10int 10wis 10cha ||Climb, Perception, Use Magic Device ||Dangerously Curious, Seeker
1. Fast Learner(Intimidate), Skill Focus(Perception), Combat Reflexes
2. Power Attack
3. Improvisation, Armor Training 1
4. Intimidating Prowess
5. Improved Improvisation, Weapon Training (Heavy Blades)
6. Blind-fight
7. Defiant Luck, Armor Training 2
8. Skill Focus(UMD), Improved Critical(Falchion)
9.Inexplicable Luck , Weapon Training (Bows)
10. Critical focus
11. Iron Will, Armored Juggernaut
12. Critical Versatility
13. Familiar Bond, Armed Bravery
14. Martial Versatility(Improved Critical)
15. Improved Familiar, Armor Specialization
16. Skill Focus(Intimidate), Martial Mastery
17. Weapon Focus, Warrior Spirit
18. Greater Weapon Focus
19. Weapon Specialization
20. Greater Weapon Specialization

So inexplicable luck let's you and a +8 to one roll per day. This, with skill focus, trait, a circlet of persuasion, +4 Cha item, and full level 10 ranks yields +33 UMD check once per day or a 7th spell level scroll. +25 UMD on all roles allows for 3rd spell level scroll use.

Improvisation at low levels is suppose to give some low level skill monkeying and the rest of the build is to just keep the combat numbers big.

What do you think?

It does look doable. I'd suggest retraining (improved) improvisation rather than getting familiar bond with new feats though, at 13-15th level a bonus to untrained skills is unlikely to matter.

Have you seen cartmanbeck's Iron Caster?

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