Pathfinder Tales character decks- Legal?

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Greetings, I like playing the ACG during the down time at PaizoCon, and recently bought hte Pathfinder Tales character decks. Are they legal for sanctioned play?
Thanks. I like to try to play Radovan a few times.

I'm not sure what you mean by Sanctioned Play?

Whichever variant you are refering to; you are allowed to use the Pathfinder Tales Characters, yes, as long as you oblige to the rules of the variant you are using.

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Yes pathfinder tales deck characters are legal for organised play


There is an organised play program for the adventure card game called the pathfinder society adventure card guild

The rules for organised play are in the guild guide and the adventures sanctioned for organised play are played at some conventions and some game stores

The guide and adventures can be found Here

I know this, Jeff.
But I thought that Selvaxri wasn't aware, so this was my way of trying to explain it, haha.

Grand Lodge 3/5

I don't know if the PFS-ACG had any restrictions

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