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In previous seasons, it was possible to rebuild your character completely as long as you had not played a session as level 2 or higher. This allowed a rebuild at the beginning of level 2 after having played 3 scenarios, before playing your 4th.

However, the latest version of the guide appears slightly different.

1st-level characters may be rebuilt per the rules in Appendix 1: Character Creation. This is not a necessary step to completing a Chronicle sheet after an adventure, but a Chronicle sheet is required in order to confirm the changes. The same is true for retraining, as described below.

This means that you can no longer rebuild after three scenarios, as you would be level 2 immediately after completely the 3rd. Am I correct in my understanding of this change?

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That is my understanding. I rebuilt my level one twice and played him from my third scenario up through almost 4 th level now.

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It's my understanding that your character isn't level 2 u til you actually play them at level 2. So you should be free to rebuild until you play for the first time at level 2.

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That text is not entirely clear, and it still says this in the Glossary:

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, Appendix 7 pg 40 wrote:
Rebuilding: The process of replacing one or more of your character features as directed by campaign rules, typically without cost. The most common type of rebuilding is a 1st-level character rebuild, which you may do freely anytime before playing an adventure at 2nd level or higher. More information about rebuilding can be found on page 8 and page 36.

Note that it still uses the "anytime before playing an adventure at 2nd level or higher" language, which I think makes it clear that the intent was not for this rule to change.

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Just because you GMed the entire Gallows of Madness trilogy and scribbled a character idea on a napkin doesn't mean you're locked in to it.

That would be incredibly difficult to enforce.

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