What does this even mean???

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The following character options have received updates since they appeared in earlier publications, and characters must use these updated versions (pending the Pathfinder Rules Document update):

Does this mean.. you must use the updated versions until the pathfinder rules document update?

Or does it mean.. we're notifying you that when the rules document gets updated, you will have to use the update versions then?

Or does it mean, you can't use the updated rules until the Pathfinder Rules Document gets updated?

Ie. Whats the point of saying you must use these rules until we change them? That's sorta the whole point of erratas. Something already known.

Seems pretty clear. Use these rules until the official rules are changed so that there are not 2 different sets of rules.

Is the quote from the Additional Resources doc? If so, recommend flagging for move to the appropriate PFS forum.

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For PFS that line is that there's a new RPG book that have the version that is to be legal, similar to unchained summoner and APG summoner.
So Adventure's Guide is changing (nerfing) many items, but PFS wants to let your old sources count as a legal source for ownership for PFS, so once the Adventure's Guide goes public on the PRD PFS players can only use that version, though they don't need to own the book if they own their old source.

And they've admitted that they thought the PRD would have been updated long ago when they posted this.

Fun times. At least they aren't requiring you to buy the Adventurer's Guide to use previously-legal options (adjustments aside). PFS is firm but fair.

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