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From a friend of mine:


Hello, I recently purchased the Highlord II book pdf in anticipation for an upcoming Kingmaker campaign. I have settled on the Virtuoso archetype, but as I was designing the character I noticed that the archetype does not grant the Highlord Perform as a class skill, or at least I could not locate the feature that does so. Is this intended or simply an oversight? Have I missed something?

Thank you very much for your content and development, now and in the future. A-1 content.

Thank you in advance!

You'll very rarely get responses about 3pp stuff here on the Paizo forums. Try giant in the playground, the devs of Dreamscarred Press are much more active and responsive there.

As for your friend's question, your group is already using 3pp stuff, so there's really no issue with simply giving Perform as a class skill to the Virtuoso for free in your home games.

I've had luck in the past so I figured I could ask anyway.
Sure we can House Rule it, but DSP might be interested in an oversight so I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Two birds with one stone.

Cheers and thanks!

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