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Based off of the titular species of Kerbal Space Program.

Kerbals: +2 CON; +2 CHA; -2 WIS. 6 HP

Size and Type: Kerbals are Small humanoids with the kerbal subtype.

Crash-Proof: Kerbals receive DR (Character Level)/- when taking damage from falls, falling objects, or collision damage from any vehicle or starship crash.

Curious: Kerbals receive a +2 racial bonus to any two of the following skills: Computers, Engineering, Physical Science, Perception, or Piloting.

Fearless: Kerbals receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against fear effects.

Magic-Resistant: Kerbals receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities. This bonus stacks with Fearless.

Arriving in the Pact Worlds from the magic-dead world of Kerbin, these little green people bring with them a boundless exuberance for space travel and spacecraft design. Kerbal culture has little use for specialized academia, resulting in interdisciplinary scientists who are learned in many fields. Their culture also extols learning by doing, and improving upon past failures. Their surprising resilience has also resulted in a more lax standard of safety when compared to the Pact Worlds. Thus, while the more courageous Kerbals tend to be thrilled at the prospect of a risky venture into the unknown, other species end up seeing them as naive or foolhardy. However, Kerbals and their friends tend to be fiercely protective of each other, risking their own lives and equipment to see their friends home safely.

Being a peaceful species, Kerbal soldiers tend to be fascinated with the technical aspects of their armaments rather than their intended uses. Their envoys are full of idealism and optimism, and Kerbal operatives are renowned for their perseverance in the face of catastrophic failure. While new at the subject of magic, Kerbals approach it with the same excitement they do for any undertaking. Kerbal mechanics are renowned for their ability to fix anything, or their willingness to try.

Kerbals, lacking much in the way of familial ties, tend to put down "Family Name" on official documents as "Kerman", but Kerbals in the Pact Worlds have adapted to other cultures, and have begun coming up with their own family names. Given names tend to be of two syllables, such as "Philfry", "Benly", or "Jenslow".

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