Ultimate Wilderness Question: Preserving Harvested Poison

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I find the rules for Harvesting Poison very interesting, but, for some unexplained reason, they seem to miss some important factors about poisonous creatures from Bestiary and Crafting:

a) Most poisons from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook are listed as "sample", but the strange thing is that, apart from few exceptions, most monster poisons aren't listed and even with poisons added by supplements, they tend to be always unrelated to the poisons from creatures of the Bestiaries...

b) As far as I know, there is no official ruling that defines how to calculate the market price of an unlisted poison. For example, viper poison or stingray poison price aren't listed anywhere and there is no mean to calculate them unless house-ruling it.

c) Crafting (and especially poisons, which tend to be very expensive) is a very time-consuming activity and often it takes days to perform. Harvested poisons have a shelf-life of 24 hours according to the rules, which could be less since they must be harvested and this takes some time.

The point "a" and "b" means that most poisons from monsters can't be preserved, unless an house rule is developed by the GM, since we don't have the market price for them and we have no official rule to calculate the market price of "missing" poisons.

The point "c", as it is written, suggests that the poison will become inert long before the actual crafting (using a "normal" range of ability scores and ranks) could be completed, which, in fact, is voiding completely the rule.

(Obviously...one could build a character with insanely-high abilities, feats, skill ranks, etc... but then wouldn't be clear how the average artisan could be able to craft them!)

Anyone of you has found some official ruling that solve these issues?

What do you think about them?


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