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I ran across Fangwood Keep module and Fane of Fangs Quest. They both seem a good fit to add extra XP to a group of greater than 4 PCs or if a group just needs more. Or to add something extra.

It looks like Fangwood Keep can be run pretty much unaltered as part of the PCs adventures in book 1 by switching out the named Hobgoblin tribe for Ironfang legion.

And Fane of Fangs could be fit in early for Book 2. Though it would need a bit for tweaking story wise. Though the back story is a bit sketchy to begin with.

Crypt of the Everflame takes place in the northern part of the Fangwood. It serves as an excellent level one introduction to Nirmathas.

Brother Fen wrote:
Crypt of the Everflame takes place in the northern part of the Fangwood. It serves as an excellent level one introduction to Nirmathas.

I did that as a prequel to the campaign. Just moved it to Phaendar without having to change much.

I ran FOF as part of personal mission of the PCs Erastil Cleric.

I wish I would have known that Crypt of the Everflame took place in Fangwood as my group is ready to start Book 2. I am planning on throwing in the Fangwood keep module and Fangs quest. With 5 players, I think they should have had a few more adventures in Book 1.

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This thread has peaked my interest. My PCs really didn't want to explore the Trogdolyte Caves. They felt like being forced go there didn't make sense, especially in the context of an open world where they should be able to keep looking for another solution to home their NPCs. I'm not particularly sympathetic to their viewpoint, but the campaign has gone on hiatus while we give Rise of the Runelords a shot.

I'm wondering if these adventures could work as an alternative to the caves, or if anyone else has ideas for what to do in this situation.

You can always have them make their way all the way to Tamran and run Masks of the Living God instead. You just have to come up with a way for your PCs to be captured alive by the Razmirans.

As written, the Fangwood Keep is located directly off the Marideth River on a high hill. Being easily seen on a hill makes it poor choice for a base for the party. Hobgoblins, Molthuni, Fey, and another race found in book 3 are in the module. So encounters within the Keep work for this AP. Probably better than Trogolodytes really.

So to use this instead of the Trogolodyte Cave, I reccommend:

Move the Keep into the forest somewhere. Forest is overgrown right up to outer wall- the old wizard tower base.

Instead of the specific tribe of Hobgoblins in the module, Change their affiliation to the Ironfang Legion.

If your group isn't already level 4, I'd have them level while exploring the Keep or right after.

Instead of the Legion trying to recruit the Trogolodytes, the Legion wants control over this Keep exactly like they do the Ranger Keeps. So this works well.

Have the Hobgoblins send messengers to fangwood Keep requesting updates and wanting the item powering the machinery turned over to Scavinious. Change handouts to reflect this.

As for the artifact powering the machinery, that would be up to you
if you want it in your campaign but I don't think it's game breaking. My group consists of a Hunter, Ranger, Cleric, Bard and an Unchained Summoner. So they are all casters. The item will just open up what spells they don't have access to.

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