Non Lawful Monk?

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Is there a way to play a non lawful monk? I'd like to make a Water Dancer character, but the alignment restriction bugs me and I'd I'd rather find a way to get rid of in within the rules, before asking to houserule it.

Shadow Lodge

There are only two archetypes I know of, and one is 3rd party. Can't help much for a Water Dancer though.

Liberty's Edge

Agathion-blooded Aasimars have a trait that lets them play any monk as Neutral Good or Neutral.

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Martial Artist Monk

The Agathion-blooded trait seems to apply to my situation. Thanks!
Anything else?

Liberty's Edge

Well, I'm not sure if it's really helpful, but the Karmic Monk can be true neutral instead of lawful.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with Water Dancer, but thanks!

why not ask the gm if they already have house rules in place to remove alignment restrictions b4 trying to make the character so that they avoid that alignment

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