Healer, Or Alchemist... Or Healer Alchemist..?


It's me again, Sorry.. I'm going to be making my new character realy soon (After this dungeon, And we are right outside the boss door about to storm in and fight or die) and.. I still cant make up my mind.. Part of me wants to make a alchemist, As of the classes I played, I like it the most. I love the alchemist, It is such a awesome class! I try to think of ideas of how to fit the alchemist into every slot needed in a party!

But our main healer, A blaster oracle, Died in the dungeon and all the damage and level drains we have sufferd has made me wanna make a healer who can keep the party alive, And cure ailments and stuff.. I like healing, If I can do other things too..

We have a bit of healing in the party already, A Investigator who has the Cure infusions who jabs people in the back with needles for healing injections. And a almost drained wand of cure light wounds held by the ranger..

And so I struggle.. I think I make up my mind, But a few days later I start thinking "But.. The alchemist is so awesome.." or "But.. I like healing and we need a healer.."

Hey Merellin

I'm running a Half Orc Alchemist (Chirurgeon archetype) here on the boards. I'm our group's primary healer and its worked great thus far - I focussed on herbalist style background (preparing tinctures and poultices etc) as well as taking the Healing Bomb discovery @ 2nd Level.

The Chirurgeon's 2nd Level Infused Curatives ability allows non-alchemists to drink Cure infusions prepared by him, further adding to the potion/healing mix.

Healing Bombs are great in combats with undead - you can heal your meat shields and damage the risen dead. With judicial placement in standard combat you can allow the "bombs" to benefit your companions whilst not healing the enemy.

Different herbs etc also allow him to use Heal skill to combat conditions/wounds etc, which has proved useful with healing both the group and NPCs we've encountered.

Here's a link to the half orc in question (who still has his Mutagen - which I relate to him tapping into his orc heritage and bringing it to the fore). Gives you an idea of where I'm going with him as the primary healer of the party:


Thats awesome! ^_^ The alchemist is so versatile!^^

Scarab Sages

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I've surprised people with an Alchemist as Healer... Alchemist (Chirurgeon)... 12th level now...

I get Breath of Life as a 4th level Extract - which I put in poisoners gloves and can hand off to other PCs (like the Barbarian in the party).

It's something else to see the party barbarian charge across the battlefield and punch a Breath of Life into someone that just went down.

or if I'm close enough, I can punch a body with a BoL, and take my second attack to punch it again...."Clear!... AGAIN! CLEAR!"

makes a great RP event...

Then Healing Bombs can just get ... interesting. Not Channeling, but an AOE that heals living creatures and hurts undead and does both AT THE SAME TIME...

Plus all the other things Alchemists do...

I also stack it with Crypt Braker Archetype, so I cover the Trapfinding aspects like a Rogue too...

Silver Crusade

I played a Chirurgeon Crypt Breaker Alchemist in Mummy's Mask (with a book 5 replaced by a quest to Rappan Athuk). I wasn't the primary healer, but I did revive the Life Oracle using Breath of Life (I had a custom magic item which was similar to poisoner's gloves).

The Wasteland Blightbreaker also stacks with Chirurgeon and offers several additional ways to heal quickly in combat.

Thanks for all the replies, Everyone here saying they have managed to be alchemist healers do make me feel more secure in the alchemist with our party's need of extra healing ^_^

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I am also a fan of Chirurgeon+Wasteland Blightbreaker. Don't forget the Signature Skill (Heal) feat and the Precise Treatment and Battlefield Surgeon traits!
Also, important equipment: Healer's Statchels and Boline.
Oh, and see if you can convince your GM to use the Alternate Crafting rules from Unchained so that you can actually use your Craft (Alchemy) skill to make all that cool stuff in feasible amounts of time.

Unfortunately I doubt we can use the Alternate Crafting rules from Unchained as we dont use Unchained in our group. Not sure why, But none of the GM's we had in the group has allowed it.

The best healer alchemist I've worked out is unfortunately a bit of a mid/late game build, but it is flavorful and potent.

A Brewkeeper alchemist (Chirurgeon archetype optional) with Healing Bombs can, at 11th level, combine Healing Bomb with a Helpful Homebrewed (Empowered, Maximized) Cure Critical Wounds extract in order to heal a central target 42 + (half of 4d8+10) damage, and splash heal for 49 (the minimum possible result).

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