Outlaw's "Legal Corruption" theme ability in organized play

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How does this 'get out of jail' ability within the context of organized play? Does it somehow interact with body recovery costs?

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Has a clarification to this ability ever been made? I was helping some new players to Starfinder look through the core rules today and was reminded that there isn't any guidance on how to apply the 500 - 10,000 credit span (unless it were to be specifically called out in a scenario or something).

Thanks in advance!

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I could see using it to dodge potential infamy gains associated with ending up on the wrong side of the law.

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Basically it just works per the RAW. If you're in a scenario in which an applicable charge comes up you can pay off legal fees that amount to between 500 to 10000 credits x your level.

This doesn't always come up though because in a SFS Scenario getting caught doing the illegal thing normally results in a firefight instead of getting arrested and put into the legal system :P

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I believe in pathfinder the body recovery mechanic got you out of jail, this could make for a cheaper alternative in the event that you are imprisoned. Erm.. by a kangaroo court no doubt, not because you would ever burn down a hospital...

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