Spell to swap places with an object?


Does a spell exist to swap places with an object (ideally at 3rd-4th level)? One certainly should but I can't find it.

bump - still looking through my sources

Not that I recall. What's the application you have in mind?

The classic villain escape - flip the body over to reveal a log, etc.

Master Escape close enough?

Master Escape wrote:
A summoner can target his eidolon with this spell.

I must be miss reading this.

Cast this spell on your Eidolon, dismiss it, travel to where it came from.
Can you actually teleport to where your Eidolon comes from?

^I don't think Master's Escape is supposed to be able to do that, since this requires crossing between different planes (which teleport doesn't do unless explicitly enabled in a spell description) although given that it is 2 levels lower than Plane Shift, but doesn't let you pick a plane other than your Eidolon's plane, and doesn't even let you pick a 500 mile radius circle within that plane (and you probably don't even know where in there your Eidolon goes when dismissed), and it doesn't give you a way to get back, this is probably not unreasonable from a balance perspective.

Once the eidolon is dismissed to its own plane, it isn't a summoned creature anymore, so the link is broken.

Eidolon wrote:
The eidolon forms a link with the summoner, who, forever after, summons an aspect of the same creature.

The Summoner and Eidolon form a link “forever after”.

You're the GM I assume so you can do whatever you like... but Contingency Teleport works just fine

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