Giving a fast opponent Spring Attack?


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Do you guys think, that giving a Howler (from Bestiary 2) Spring Attack would make it too good?
I want to up an encounter a bit, and I thought those Howlers would be great to make hit&run attacks. But with a speed of 60feet this might be a bit tough...

I think it’s fitting though. Any thoughts on this in general?

It will still end it's turn within charge or double-move range. And, the PCs can also just ready actions you hit it when it attacks them, since it doesn't have reach. Or just attack it at range. It shouldn't be an issue for the PCs to handle.

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It should be fine. Spring Attack adds a lot of dynamism to combat encounters, and should be encouraged. It also rewards players who act tactically and demonstrate rules knowledge, like readying actions.

Also, a howler won't be able to make its quill attacks if it is using Spring Attack. So that is a balancing factor.

Are you using multiple howlers? If so, maybe have some do full attacks and some use Spring Attack, and maybe have them switch it up each round.


Using Spring Attack might encourage the PCs to use ranged weapons, which would negate the howlers' Quill Defense ability.

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