Considering running this...

Ruins of Azlant

I am, as the subject line says, considering this adventure to fill the space in our group during the Holidays... yes my group does marathon sessions and we can run through an AP quickly... What I'm wondering is... Is this AP any good?

APs we have enjoyed in the past

Way of the Wicked (I know its not put out by PF but it was so well loved we played it twice)
Jade Regent
Legacy of Fire and
Second Darkness

Ones we didn't have as much fun with but still enjoyed:
Reign of Winter
Hell's Rebels
Wrath of the Righteous

My players like to feel VERY Heroic or VERY Villainous... although both WotR and HR allow for that they felt a bit too boxed in by the story.

They love doing new things or being put in situations that they find novel. One of the reasons Second Darkness was such a hit in our group was one scene where they were stuck in a tower rolling down a hill fighting their enemies while trying to stay on their feet and not die. I believe the scene is in Children of the Void (part 2). They still talk about that and it been almost a decade : )

Not sure if any of the above helps you gauge what we might be looking for but I'm giving the AP a quick gander this weekend and am just hoping for some feedback on how its going for others.

Thanks in advance.

I don't have a lot of actual play experience with the modules, but Ruins of Azlant certainly fits from what I've read in the books that have come out. It's very much a heroic AP, but it's definitely not a railroad. And it's got plenty of new stuff. :)

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I really want to run this AP except for a few reasons...

First, the pawns won't be out till May, and I want these in hand before starting. Unfortunately, we'll be ready to start our next AP (my Sunday group) sometime in January.

Second, one of my players is iffy on the underwater aspect. We all enjoyed the underwater portion of Giantslayer, but not enough to do an AP that really hinges on it.

Finally, and oddly, given that we will be coming off of a heavy wilderness/large scale themed AP (Giantslayer), my players really want the even heavier wilderness/large scale themed AP. There are big similarities between GS and Ironfang Invasion which i guess they like.

All that as it is, I'm still undecided on Saturdays, so thus may get off the ground (in a manner of speaking) anyway. I hope, at least. I've read the first two books and really dig the story so far. It doesn't seem to be a railroad, and there is a nice mixture of encounter types PLUS a string role-playing element involved. I think we'll get a similar mix out of Ironfang, but this is so much different.

So far, until you hit book 4 there hasn't been too much underwater exploration of note. Book 4 takes place almost entirely underwater.

The big difference with this AP's underwater exploration vs. any other's (like Giantslayer) is that you know from the start that you need a compatible character concept for being underwater, plus

  • The GM should be ensuring that the PCs will be able to handle long periods of time underwater, (this may be a good time to open up racial choices to gillmen, undine, etc.)
  • If the player play their cards right, they can get a crab submarine,
  • Lots of underwater focused gear (including a new weapon property that allows for P/S weapons to function normally).

So far, apart from the underwater city of Talasantri in Book 4, this has been about as wilderness exploration as it gets.

taks, as for the pawns, I agree that it is weird that they haven't aligned the newest pawn releases with AP releases. It doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do from the outside looking in. Most of the creatures early on are pretty common though if you have a lot of other pawn collections to choose from.

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There's a discussion somewhere about why the pawns come out long after the AP material has been released, and it makes complete sense. It won't change, and I can't say I disagree with their reasoning.

I can't disagree with what you point out otherwise, either. I'm stuck between two awesome concepts, and timeline gets to make the call on this one, at least for Sunday.

My Saturday group is still in play on this, however. We were going to do Hell's Rebels, but life interfered. Now I've got some other players I'm taking through Emerald Spire, and possibly enough content afterwards to get us into the May timeframe. Hell's Rebels has been cursed for us, maybe Ruins will be less so.

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justaworm wrote:
If the player play their cards right, they can get a crab submarine,


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