Weapon focus and starship combat

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So... can you take weapon focus in starship weapons?

If so, would that be a class in itself, or would you need to break it down? Is so, how?

Direct fire/Tracking?
Both? e.g. Light tracking weapons

From a balance point of view, starship combat seems to be in about 1/2 the scenarios and a maximum of one encounter, so having just weapon focus (starship weapons) would seem probably okay.

Looking at how the other weapons are arranged, each type has a table to it. (basic melee is table 7.1) I note all the starship weapons appear in the one table (9.2 Starship Weapons) - which would seem to agree with that as well.

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As this is the rules forum. Since there is no way to get weapon proficiency with starship weapons you don't have the prerequisite to take weapon focus with it.

As a GM if you want to sell me on spending a feat for +1 on starship weapons I'd be fine. But its not in the current rules and I wouldn't expect it to appear anytime soon.

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Good point about the proficiency. Although that almost begs the question about how all characters are proficient with all ship weapons :-)

If you are in a one-man ship, do you act in every phase or just one.

Ah that's the thing; when no one is proficient, everyone is proficient.

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Emaul wrote:
If you are in a one-man ship, do you act in every phase or just one.

You can act in only one role, plus one minor crew action.

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