Magic item must haves


Looking for magic items that would benefit my Aether Kineticist not finding much all I found so far was a ring of sustanace (that will let me burn cycle)

Besides the big six you mean?

If you're planning to be a sneak/scout then you want darkvision one way or another. Nothing gives you away as well as a light underground.

If you don't have extended range then you'll probably want a ranged weapon. Maybe a crossbow and a handful of magic bolts.

Telekinetic haul can be used to 'fly' by picking something up and standing on it. Boots of the cat may be useful if you're planning to do that.

Arrowmaster's bracers might be useful when you've got a lot of money to splash around.

Yah found a page that had a whole bunch of things but wasn’t d20 so unsure if real even but saw people talking about it in guides there was also an item called rift-bender bracers that were mention but couldn’t find anywhere there doesn’t seem to be a bunch of item support for them

Not directly, no. There is a Kineticist's Diadem but I'm not sure it's worth the cost.

It depends what you're going for. When I stepped into a friends campaign for a single session to replace the rogue no-show I played a thieving burglar type character who had no levels in rogue; he was a Teleinteticist who used abilities like Kintetic Leap and Telekinetic Finesse to get to things normies could not. As such I chose items that enhanced his roguish abilities such as Goggles of Minute Seeing and Gloves of Larceny.

I’m not really roguey at all was really looking for ways to either updamage or mitigate the burn a bit or maybe allow more burn per day that might work too

Maybe things that benefit me from taking nonleathal damage

You can't use a Ring of Sustenance to nova every couple hours just like you can't do it with a caster or any other class that spends resources.
If you're trying to build a Kineticist for a 15 Minute Adventuring Day style, why aren't you just playing a Wizard?
If you want damage, why Telekineticist instead of Pyrokineticist or Geokineticist?

Yeah ring of sustenance wont let you sleep multiple times per day to get rid of burn.

There aren't many items specifically designed to help kineticists.

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