WANTED: GM for King Maker (Gestalt)


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This does happen every so often. A PBP game is started and all goes well for a few weeks and then the GM disappears. It happens and most of the time it is due to the real life issues. We do not hold that against anyone. This is a game and we should treat it as such.
The players would like to continue this campaign with a new GM. There are six players (so please do not post if you are a player looking for a game) that are already running together in a nice game. What we need is a GM willing to take over a Gestalt game that is finishing off exploration and ready to start book 2.

If interested stop by and take a look at the game.

Silver Crusade

Checking in, and seconding everything that Zilybar said.

Checking in

Link to campaign

I might be interested in this, except I don't have access to the kingmaker books. Is there anywhere I can get them for free?

The Gamemaster wrote:
.... Is there anywhere I can get them for free?

No one can legally answer that, since it is ILLEGAL and goes against Paizo message board policy.

DM Azure_Zero wrote:

No one can legally answer that, since it is ILLEGAL and goes against Paizo message board policy.

That is an excellent point! Sorry, I'd love to run a game like this but I can't really afford to buy the books. good luck in your search.


Are you all still playing at more than 1 post per day?

I general do, though some days can be very busy.

Silver Crusade

Not sure what the post rate will be. But I check daily and this group has proven to be very active.

I believe most were at 1 per day.

Ok, thanks! I'm not really in a position to post more often than once per day with the games I am in, so if you wanted a GM who could keep up with that pace, it likely wouldn't be me. I'll keep an eye here in case, though. Good luck!

Silver Crusade

Once a day is enough...we’re not being that picky.

We the players are willing to work something out with any gm. Please do not be worried about what the old gm did. We are looking for a gm to take over the game and we know that not all gms run thier games the same way.

one of us...

Bumb again

The Exchange


I'd be willing to take this on, provided y'all are willing to wait another four or so days while I get my newly created Jade Regent off the ground and rolling.

Silver Crusade

Sounds fair to me. :)

I'm willing to try to help as a secondary DM, to supplement GM Architecture. I don't feel confident enough to serve as a primary DM, but I can help to supplement.

Thank you for taking this on. It is greatly appreciated. Take the time you need and keep us in the loop anything you need. That you again.

Hello again.
It would seem that we have lost yet another DM. We the players have worked well together and would like to find another DM to run this game. Is there anyone willing to step up and help out our little group of adventurers?


I empathize, Zilybar, but I can't rescue every game you're in! :)

I wish you good luck. Kingmaker is a lot of work though and Gestalt makes it even moreso.

Thanks Peet. It would be nice to continue the campaign as it is a good group of people and it has been fun creating and playing this character. You came through with the RotRL campaign and thank you for that by the way. You sure you do not want to try another one...lol

Silver Crusade

I think that my character's name cursed the campaign. 'the lost' seems to refer to losing GMs!

bumb yet again

someday... :'|

Bumb for the weekend...

still looking

I will keep trying..

If it was anything other then Kingmaker I'd give it a whirl.

Bumpity bump bump

and yet again.

Still trying

Shadow Lodge

You could try offering to buy the books for the prospective DM
Or one of you could DM and cut out the middle man

Those are some fair ideas....

My concerns are...

It is hard enough to get a GM to stay with a PBP game so why would I buy something for someone I do not even know that may just up and disappear after the first post. I am not saying that that is what will happen just that I have no guarantees on a return for my investment.

I can not be a DM right now. I am a stay at home parent and it is hard enough to find time when they are sleeping to post as a player. I got into PBP games as I do not have much free time to play a TT game, so this is a nice way to play while still being able to take care of my family.

Those that DM are a godsend and I appreciate them immensely for they agree to run a game for us players. I wish there were more DMs out there willing to see games to the end and less of the one post wonder DMs that seem to pop up more more every day. I also wish there were less bully players, broken munchkin characters and people that can not see the difference between a game and RL but I can not realistically expect that to ever happen.

RL takes front seat and I know that very well but it would be nice to actually finish a PBP game with the original DM and players.

Shadow Lodge

Hmm, yeah, I don't know how you would ensure the DM stayed after you bought the books
I mean you could buy one book at a time, but if they don't stay through the first book.....

If I had more time, I'd offer, but I had to cut 2 of my games already. :( I hope you find someone. (Also bumping to keep it up on the threads). :)

Thanks, well I will keep trying.

Still on board and hopeful

I can only hope as this was a fun group to play with.

I am still hoping to find a GM for this game...It will be added to the long list of games looking for someone to take it over.



I am considering it I do own all six parts of kingmaker. How far along are you?

Somewhere in the second book, and the GM did a number of story modifications.

First could we get a roll call as to who is still here.
Second can one of the original characters please give a recap of what has happened. I came into the game very late so I am not sure what all has happened.

I don't think any originals were left when I came into the game...

I was able to find the original campaign page. It started back on 2013.
So I will try my best to skim over it and put something up. I had thought that I was the newest character and therefore everyone else was part of the original group.

Silver Crusade

Amazed that this is still kicking. Zilybar is a dedicated player. As always for me, I’m down for whatever the GM is most comfortable with

If we do have to start over, I think that I’d prefer to just roll up a new character.

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