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The spell creates a 10x10 hole that is 10ft per 2 levels.

A player in my game used the spell. Created a 20 foot pit. In the following round created another pit in the bottom of that one. The creature had previously had grease cast it, so it could not climb out.

Events unfold like this.

Round 1. Grease
Round 2. Create pit
Round 3. Create pit (bottom of the first pit)
Round 4. ...
R 5
R 6
R 7
R 8
Round 9. First pit disappears. (fills in with round and dirt again)
Round 10. Second pit disappears trapping creature between first when 2nd pit fills up again.

SO, GMs advise please. In my game I basically judged that the bottom pit filled in crushing the creature between pit 1 and 2. (Mythic game).
Thinking: 2nd level cannot teleport the creature the 30feet to avoid the now filled pit. The creature cannot burrow and is buried alive 20 feet deeps as it is crushed. I realize it makes a 2nd level spell combo a killer but I needed to progress in the game. Thus the questions here.

Thanks in advance.

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The spell creates an extradimensional space in a surface of sufficient size. I would use the no extradimensinal spaces inside of others in tbis case, making the bittom of the pit an invalid target for the second one.

Your suspicions about 2nd-level killer spells are correct. Assuming that you can create one pit inside another in the first place, it's still a pit-shaped extradimensional space and not an actual hole in the ground.

create pit wrote:
When the duration of the spell ends, creatures within the hole rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface over the course of a single round.

So when the top pit expires, the pit below it will gently rise up until it's at the surface, and so on for each succeeding pit. Ultimately the victim arrives safely.

in order to see the bottom of the pit the spell caster must be beside the pit and also means they are ending their turn beside the pit, get ready for reflex saves or falling in

Java Man is correct. In general, extradimensional spaces do not function inside other extradimensional spaces.

Wow. Ok, For some reason I completely missed the very first sentence stating it was an extradimensional space. Thanks for the info.

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