Smoothly Throwing and re-equiping a shield

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Hey, I'm quite new to Pathfinder, so thank you for all of your help.

I'm making a 6th level Dwarf Brawler, and I'm trying to make sure I've thought through the Shield combat
First, I'm looking at the Shield Champion and Winding Path Renegade(Mystery of Unfolding Wind) archetypes.
I've also got a nice home rule that the throwing shield is included with my Shield Master proficiencies.

If I'm understanding the Throwing Shield modification accurately, I can unclasp and throw my shield as a free action/attack. Thanks to Returning Shield, I presumably get that back immediately.
I then, can use Brawler's Flurry to make a ricochet attack, both at full BAB, presumably as a full action.

Now, in order to get my AC bonus back (within my turn), I should use a quickdraw shield to don it as a swift action, and recover my +3 AC
(+1 shield, +1 Shield Focus, +1/+1 Quickdraw light steel shield)
(the downgrade from a heavy shield hurts but it seems to be required)

Does that work described? Am I missing options to simplify my Captain America throwing shield build?
Edit: Bonus Question 1: If I'm reading it right, the feat Quick Draw, wouldn't allow my to don a heavy shield, would it? (the extra AC and dmg would be worth it)
Edit: Bonus Question 2: I'm assuming that there's an in between place where I can wield a shield as a weapon for a ranged or melee shield bash attack, but I haven't donned it properly to get the AC bonus. Is this true too?

I actually got this answered privately, that I can, in fact, use the Quick Draw feat to reclasp my Heavy shield.

Otherwise, without reclasping I wouldn't be able to melee with my shield.
I was also advised that the Throwing Shield modification doesn't actually allow for a free attack, despite the verbiage.

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Throwing shield consumed one of your bab iterative Or twf attacks.
If you also add QuickDraw to light shield you can use QuickDraw to put it back on.

You need to have it donned/worn to attack.
I’m pretty sure QuickDraw shields only works with light.
Throwing isn’t a free attack, it’s a free action to un-equip should you wish to expend an attack with it.

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