A 20 Question Survey for New Characters

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I'm starting a new campaign in the not too distant future, and to help my players develop their characters, I put together 20 questions for them to respond to. By filling in a reasonably complete answer, the players not only flesh out their character on several levels, but also earn rewards.

Everyone's really enjoying it and putting in a lot of effort. And since others might find the basic concept to be helpful, I figured I'd share.

So here's the google doc link: 20 questions for new adventurers.

This is really interesting, I like the idea of making this part of the character's creation.. but I'd also fear since I haven't really run a game yet (I don't have a lot of Tabletopper friends) that tossing this at a new player could scare them

Looks like homework Teach. You would know a character pretty well when you complete your form. Knowing your character as by a by-product of the dash to fill out the forms.

Some of these are pretty powerful, but overall I like it and kind of want to try it out sometime

Yeah, the rewards are balanced for my game, and definitely not for everyone else's. If anyone wants to tweak it I would recommend replacing some of the bonuses with choices of free adventuring gear, a few free skill points, and maybe upwards of two traits and a feat. Or don't give any traits by default, and reward three or four for answers.

Really, the rewards aren't the important part, they're just a little incentive to make this feel less like homework for the more reluctant players.

18 is a really powerful ability, 8, 17 and 19 are only slightly less so. 9 is a neat ability to gain cheap consumables. 1 is neat, allowing a player to buy that slightly more expensive and better functioning weapon before they move on to a masterwork version.

I like them and they would definitely help me flesh out my characters (and a couple of bonus feats, free items, extra traits, skill bonuses & points couldn’t hurt either).

What's the starting level? Some of these (money ones) will have vastly different power at level 1 than level 5 or 8

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