Items that devils HATE for Banishment?


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What kinds of items are those described on the Banishment for devils in particular?

Religious objects made from materials that bypass the devils DR perhaps?

As a GM, I would tend to do something like this:

you can get one +2 bonus for each of the following:

(1) an item that all outsiders of that alignment hate (say, holy water vs. evil outsiders) - easy to obtain at minimal expense

(2) an item that that particular type hates (say, a devil-bane weapon or maybe a silver one) - perhaps a bit more difficult to obtain, but not outside 2K or so

(3) an item that that very particular type of devil hates (would depend on the type, a high-DC Knowledge (planes) check might be required and/or it might be very difficult to find (say, rose petals to give off a scent displeasing to lemures)

(4) something with personal significance to the very being you're trying to banish - probably very campaign-dependent, might require a quest to obtain (say, rose petals taken from a vine growing over the grave of a paladin that killed this pit fiend once before)

A player who really put effort into it -- maybe a bit more than that, but you don't want it to be too easy for them. ;)

The title of this thread sounds like a clickbait article.

Perhaps a holy symbol of a god that specifically stands against devils (other than one being used for casting the spell), such as Cayden Cailean?

A picture of their ex?

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Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
A picture of their ex?

Depends on how and why they broke up. Did, for example, would probably not be too upset by a picture of Feronia, as they are apparently still on good terms with each other.

A lock of azata hair might be displeasing to a devil. It is a piece of an outsider of diametrically opposed alignment, and (to make matters worse), it was most likely obtained without injuring the azata in question (so, conversely, an azata scalp might actually please a devil).

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Dαedαlus wrote:

The title of this thread sounds like a clickbait article.

Perhaps a holy symbol of a god that specifically stands against devils (other than one being used for casting the spell), such as Cayden Cailean?

Hahaha, sorry, I was on my phone and I had to post it quickly. Should have added more info. Sorry! xD

My cleric is Neutral Good following a homebrew lesser Chaotic Good deity god of open locks/chains (followed mostly by thieves and ex-slaves). The devils in question are a bunch Contract Devils and a Apostate Devil working on a grand scheme to drown people on debt with their "life insurance for adventurers" (everything looked just like a 'normal legal' company) that allows them to collect souls when clients aren't able to keep up with their payments.

Ultimate Magic apparently had information about this, which can be found on It's technically about binding devils, but still applicable:

Ultimate Magic wrote:

Devils regard both holy items and silver as deadly substances, and instinctively shy away from contact with such items. Even those for whom silver presents no danger avoid its touch whenever possible. Binders who want to deal with infernal outsiders as putative allies keep these substances at least 60 feet from the summoning circle; however, if they wish to threaten their infernal subjects, they keep them close at hand. The powdered silver used to create the magic circle is a warning and a trap, but it is not an overt threat—summoned devils recognize it as part of the procedure to call them to the Material Plane. Note that even silver candlesticks or bells can be used as weapons of opportunity, but the best defense, should the wizard choose to display force, is a weapon bonded with alchemical silver.

An even better defense against devils, however, is a holy weapon. As with demons, a holy weapon is strong enough to drive through any devil’s natural defenses, and the presence of such an item in the summoning chamber is an affront to more powerful or subtle devils.

So, have a holy weapon at hand if you can, but even silver cutlery will do it in a pinch.

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In this situation, the broken shackles of a freed slave's chains might do the trick. The more diabolical the erstwhile slave-owner was, the better. Apply alchemical silver to them for added effectiveness.

pictures of impossible solids

At least to me, I'd figure "hated" items are stuff that actually has a personal connection to that particular devil. Stuff like holy items or silver are threats to be sure but I don't exactly hate a gun if someone is waving it at me despite the threat it represents to my continued existence.

Stuff like "the portrait the fiend was imprisoned in for 500 years", "the rusted blade of the hero that cut off its tail and ruined its plans" or "A copy of the infernal contract that bound him to that supremely obnoxious wizard jerk"

An urban dictionary, written by an azata.
A set of silver dice, each one just slightly off from perfectly balanced.

Silver weapons, Holy water, Holy symbols of CG deities ( ), Devil Bane weapons (remember that ammo is cheap - 5 Devil Bane +1 arrows are only 805 gp), Holy Weapons (ammo again, 1805 gp),

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