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Thinking of GMing this...

Question: what is the starting level for this adventure path (i.e., To Worlds Unknown)?

The AP book says it is 1st level but the player's guide says it is 2nd level unless the optional adventure the Assimilation Strain is played, which I don't have.

Anybody know?

Have people taken a look how 'well balanced' this AP is with regards to encounters and treasure. I'm assuming it's fine but I would to hear if anyone has taken a closer look at it.

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Posting from my phone, so apologies for any mistakes.

It runs ok. I played a short PbP with this on these boards, and ran three sessions in face to face gaming.

Starting at level 1 is fine.

Some advice


- the first fight will have your group in no armour and not armed against foes who have a natural attack that deals d6+3 damage. This is brutal. In my face to face game it nearly wiped the party. In my PbP I let them talk the situation down. I'd advise at least keeping the players in their armour while in stasis pods.

- there's a lot of DM fudging required to make the Matriarch a scary creature that doesn't just wipe the group,while they're still level 1. She is meant to be in the background as something that kills off NPCs etc. Both times I ran her she worked really well as a fear causing background critter, but I had to play very loose with the rules to explain how she got past my players so they didn't run into her until they were level 2. I think she would have toasted both my groups if she'd fought them at level 1.

- there's no space combat in the first book, and from what I've read, none in the subsequent ones either. There is vehicle use though and it looks to be fun.

NPCs that can join and help the group are really well thought out. Both my groups enjoyed the stuff we got through. I stopped PbP because of technical reasons. We stopped the face to face game because the group prefer fifth ed to anything Pathfinder related.

I'd give it a shot. It was balanced well with gear drops and combats that we experienced. The biggest plus I'd give this is that it will progress players to level 20 by the end of the AP.

Edit - hah! Just realised you were in my PbP group for this so you know most of what I said any way! For your info, my real life group got through the entire complex that your group was getting through when I had to pull the pin. It was a fun set of encounters and puzzles to get through. The NPCs were good Deus Ex devices to help prod things along in the right direction.

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