Incident At Absolom Station Weapon Question

Dead Suns

I have a question about the security robot’s weapon: ancient integrated tactical arc emitter +11 (1d4+4 E or stun; critical arc 1d6)

My questions are:

1. What does “ancient” and “integrated” mean for the functionality?
2. Arc emitter has the blast property, this applies to this weapon, correct?
3. What does it mean “1d4+4 E OR stun” (my question being, do I choose if it does the electrical damage or stuns? And does this mean a PC who is hit gains the stun condition? In the equipment rules, this weapon has the Stun property which is defined as just being able to do non-lethal damage.

Thanks for any and all clarifications on how this weapon works!

All I know is that "integrated" means that it can't be disarmed or dropped. Maybe "ancient" is just there for fluff?

1. Ancient could be just fluff or it could mean that because it is ancient it could be harder to work on. For instance trying to remove it could be more difficult due to the ancient workmanship. It is probably left to the GM to work it out.
2. The emitter has the qualities as listed on page 176, so yes it has the blast quality.
3. The weapon deals 1d44 E damage. The stun quality means that damage can be either lethal or non-lethal. One would have to decide which before shooting. As per the stun quality this is a move action.

as I understand it "Ancient" refers to the fact that it is from a technology far different/advanced from our own so this weapon cant be salvaged from the robot and used. Don't ask where i found that, because I don't remember, however I am pretty sure that's what it means, and yes, "integrated" means it cant be disarmed.

For what it's worth, using Control+F in the core rulebook pdf, ancient just means the DC to identify the actual weapon is harder, DC15+1.5xItem Level

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