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TRR, part 3:
Apparently the other leaders just... despawn on defeat. I'm disappointed, I kind of hoped to see Archie and Maxie fight.

Back with the first team, I venture forth once again. Upstairs has a little more security, which makes me think the higher-ups were worried about Archie and Maxie's rivalry getting in the way

Next up: Lysandre. I don't really believe he's stupid enough to not have both buttons activate the weapon. I mean, he actually defeated some random kid this time.

Leads mienshao, gets good damage on metagross but is OHKOd. the pattern continues for much of the battle, with Magnezone tanking a heat wave from honchcrow and palossand v pyroar. Mold breaker would be scarier if mega gyarados actually had earthquake for rotom.

Muk, not even at full health, tanks xerneas' moonblast and gets of toxic (I was expecting geomancy). Someday, I will remember items exist. A newly-revived magnezone goes for corkscrew crash and OHKOs.

Spin panels, when you really want to use the D-pad for movement but can't

Galactic time!

Houndoom immediately takes out metagross, and gets about a third in on rotom. Next crobat falls to magnezone. Since it broke sturdy, I keep mag in to blow through honchcrow and weavile.

He has diagla, which works to my advantage. originally because I had more super effective options than palkia, but actually because of roar of time's recharge turn. Banette's curse brings it down.

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Fought Necrozma after going thru the warp gate.
It was lvl 60 this time.
Almost every character was one hit to 0 HP.
Only thing that saved me was that some of the Pokemon didn't want to make me cry by fainting on one hit.

Watch out for Power Gem. It is Super Effective against almost everything.

Glad I had plenty of Max Revives, Revives and Max Potions!
Advice: Change out your Pokemon at the beginning of your turn. Necrozma's attack may be geared toward the wrong Pokemon and you may survive.

Don't say I didn't warn you, the Damage calculations showed a one-shot on everything but malamar and incineroar.

I didn't have too much trouble, but had resistances better keyed to its moveset (protip: steel resists all 4 moves) and the bane of single health bars with no status removal: TM06 Toxic. Seriously, Toxic KOs in 6 turns with no other damage, 12 turns if they do nothing but spam recover or equivalent.

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The Incineroar was one hit twice.
Only the Malamar saved me.

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I pretty much tanked U-Necrozma with Mawile and used the entirety of the rest of my team as buffers for reviving and healing her. She was the only one standing at the end. I'm not sure what his 4th move was - I only saw Photon Geyser, Dragon Pulse, and Power Gem - but thankfully Steel/Fairy resists or is immune to all of those.

Serebii says it's smart strike. Does your mawile have intimidate? I'm trying to think if that would make photon geyser more preferable.

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But yeah. Once again I'm disappointed by the short length of a near-endgame special area. Ever since the Distortion World, I've always wanted more of these areas, a reason to explore and see more than the limited avenue required by the plot. Nope. Ultra Megalopolis is just a hallway and a staircase.

At least there's Ultra Warp Ride areas to find later. If also frustratingly small.

Also how do you switch OUT of using motion controls for UWR? I had so much trouble with that and I know it can be played with the circle pad, I just don't know how to swap control schemes.

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Serebii says it's smart strike. Does your mawile have intimidate? I'm trying to think if that would make photon geyser more preferable.

No, Hyper Cutter.

Control swap is a guy in the game freak building in Heahea.

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Cool, thanks!

So. Mantine Surf.

First three courses, not so bad. Manage to get the high scores without much trouble.

The fourth course, though....

Getting the high score means getting around 60,000 points.

While dodging large schools of Tentacool, Wailmer, and most annoyingly Sharpedo, and the occasional breaching Wailord.

Those Sharpedo are the death of me. The others are mostly stationary or move in predictable patterns. The Sharpedo are homing. They chase you.

My hand aches. Like hell.

I think that's enough surfing for one day.....

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Well, at least you know that surfing in all the other regions isn't inaccurate when you encounter a tentacool every three steps.

TRR, part 4:
Immediate Ghetsis! He's trying to one-up Giovanni, but then decides to challenge me instead of falling back.
He leads cofagrigus, so I switch metagross for muk. It's a stallmon, so I toxic it. Some mistimed hits has him heal, so I Z-move with magnezone. He goes for boufallant, I go back to metagross. I know he has earthquake, but I need rotom healthy. I switch after the first and pick up the KO with rotom. Mangezone then takes out bisharp.

I go muk against hydregon to tank. even burnt, gunk shot takes out nearly half. Unfortunately, that means he heals, which I toxic him that turn. I revive muk in exchange for metagross and KO it.

I bring out palossand fresh and ready for zekrom. Hypnosis hits turn 1 and earth power 2HKOs.

Lillie is taken hostage, but I'm not the only tech paladin in this region. Colress has developed not only an invisibility device, but also one for banishment. How fitting that Ghetsis falls to his former subordinate.

Back in the vaults, face to face with Giovanni. Apparently his going to try to weaponize UBs, and I finally have that purpose back in me. Shame I don't currently have any in my team

Battle starts immediately. I swap metagross for rotom on dugtrio's earthquake, and hydro pump. Guy has enough savviness to go for stealth rock, but I have plenty of resists. Nidoking dodges two hydro pumps, severely weakening rotom. I still outspeed and use the last PP on rhyperior. Zen headbutt from metagross nearly takes out nidoqueen, and I take an earth power and get the KO after using up one of his full restores.

Remember how I said stealth rock was a good move? Well it's mewtwo X with earthquake and I don't have sturdy available. After magnezone goes down, mewtwo falls in the same way as zekrom: slept by palossand.

Good news is banette is now a pretty good level!

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Here's the plan: the tapus know I don't like them. However, they don't know when. Since I've already blown some time saving Lillie's butt, I figure we map out the last section of the region and get some gear for the showdown.

First thing, a Z-crystal in some cave in Poni. Of course, I'm not stupid enough to try a dragon/fighting type where I'm going, so it's pretty useless right now.

"Instead of telling you about the mega ring, why don't I show you?"
*Pokemon trainer dexio sent out metagross*
*mega is still alakazam*
Disappointed in you.

It turns out the postgame parts of poni island actually do have some great stuff lying around, including several of the EV boosters and a metal coat. Hooray for not ending up with another saltily-named shiny (this is my shiny alolan Muk. It's named "Metal coat")

Red has no personal battle music when fought the first time

Lvl 74 pikachu only threatening against kartana for the possibility of special attacks. Nonetheless, I switch to palossand on Volt Tackle. Red switches, revealing he has no coverage. I get some good damage on lapras before going to metagross. Blizzard freezes me, so I PP stall a little bit before using a full restore. Second Hammer arm KOs after the first one misses. Having metagross baits charizard out for muk to rock slide. a miss and a burn causes me to KO using magnezone's sturdy. I outspeed venusaur and corksrew crash, doing about 2/3 and revealing earthquake.

Kartana's smart strike finishes, but a single attack boost isn't quite enough for brick break to OHKO snorlax. I do however take less than half from a high horsepower crit. I OHKO blastoise, but another crit from Volt tackle stops my sweep. However, Light screen is the only thing it can do against my (still at full health) palossand, and it doesn't stop a single earth power from KOing.

I'll eventually work out how to challenge the Tree on my own, but since I don't have all the time in the world (I haven't cought Dialga yet), I chat up my previous associate (the one who got me the rotom egg) for a few loaners: Aggron, Celesteela and porygon-Z.

Aaand there's no level cap in the non-super modes, making a lvl 67 competitive-EV'd and moveset porygon-Z slight overkill. Should have brought lvl 100 metagross and dhelmise. Not even missing 3 ice beams from brightpowder brings us down. Heck, celesteela tanks +4 (*3) charge beams from electrode with under half health damage.

Remember how +1 to all stats can make something like Kommo-o scary when you know exactly what type you're up against? Think about that on the strongest non-legendary non-mega special attack extant, that you don't even know what type it is until it boosts, and it gets adaptability for that type that it becomes. That's what happens when you Z-move conversion.

Managed to eke out a successful Master Course surf run after a total of about 9 tries, scoring just over 62k points. My reward was yet another stunt move and a Pikachu that knows Surf. Yay?

[Pic]Also the guy who gives said reward taunted me with another retro event mon, the Fly Pikachu. A quick Google confirmed no, he does not ever offer this to you.[/ooc]

Ah well. Each run is pretty much 10 guaranteed BP unless I completely flub everything. So saving those up. I need me some move tutoring and Mega Stones.

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Because the parameters have been changed for the low levels, you cannot do the regular multi battle challenge with a non-ultra game.

How does this even wear a scarf? Wouldn't normal movement cut the thing to shreds?

One mega stone purchase for Banette later (metagross doesn't need the help as much), and noting that the move tutors, while they'd be useful later, aren't great right now, I set off.

The first target is both the biggest threat and the most likely for their warnings to be ignored: Lele. If they do gang up, I want to be sure my mind is clear. That's not the only reason it's the biggest threat, since while all 4 are OU (second highest singles tier), Lele was banned from monotype. Fortunately for me, said ban was because it made psychic, fairy and steel the only viable options Two Zen Headbutts using their own terrain against them put them low enough, and I thunder wave with magnezone. I win 5-0, leaving the ruins of life with one fewer ruiner of lives.

Bulu's the next target, since both the others remaining can get some benefit from grassy terrain. As well, the sandstorm nearby may conceal my approach. This time, the paralysis comes first, as the destroyer comes face to face with the ultimate embodiment of vengeance, straight from the other ruins of abundance. "Fellow" physical grass type kartana false swipes him to 1, and takes quite a few hits since Bulu ends up requiring more resources to imprison.

pokedex wrote:
Although it's called a guardian deity, it's violent enough to crush anyone it sees as an enemy

Violent enough, but not powerful enough.

While it would normally be unimportant which of the two remaining I pick off, I have a way of hitting Fini's weakness: Net balls. It tries to prolong with aqua ring, but it goes down in about 8 turns regardless.

I cross the bridge to the final tapu in style, by which I mean holding onto magnezone for dear life. After all, this bridge fell before and I can guarantee I won't be saved in the same way this time. the electric typing means I can't paralyze, but his only offence against palossand undergoes exponential decay. As such, I safely wait for the terrain to end, hit with hypnosis, and capture next turn.

In myths, gods punish the hubris of mortals who think they can rule the world. In truth, mortals punish the hubris of gods.

Probably my last LP post, there's not a whole lot of exciting to read stuff left

So this is your base for Alola, Master of Many. Poised between the pinnacle of trainers, the tapu's ruins, and the gateway to the beyond. I have little doubt, that you've been keeping watch over my journey, as one who mediates divine conflicts does. Of course, I would not have crusaded if I wasn't sure it would be worthy of your indifference. I have cured Nature's madness. But I'm not here for the past. Maintaining an order, even a natural one, isn't something one being, or even seven, can accomplish. As such, I ask for your support. We both know I couldn't catch you if you dispersed, and once you had fled, I cannot stop you from branding me an abomination and raising a force I cannot make a stand against. Will you go and, should we ever meet again, it will be at your discresion or will you stand beside me as you stand now: the Will, Voice and Legion of nature?

Not willing to serve with someone weaker than you? I can respect that.

It was a long fight, since it was not only ground type, but outsped palossand and had safeguard. I eventually caught it in a great ball blowing turns for a timer ball.

Over on the route 16 outpost, I battle dexio for the remaining 50. He has a fenrir mode on his team, but for some reason he doesn't mega evolve his Alakazam this time.

Does the cosmog from the lake count as "some other random thing picked up while planeswalking?" I guess so.

Claimed the Championship in my branch of the multiverse last night.

Molayne was a pushover thanks to a combination of Houndoom and Zygarde. Surprisingly his Dugtrio was the thing that actually gave me the most trouble, as it outsped most of my team. I eventually had to tank my way through it with Silvally while I healed and slowly but steadily slice through its armor with (Normal-type) Multi-Attack.

Olivia was likewise simplicity to handle thanks to Zygarde with some backup from Meowstic's Energy Ball and Silvally's X-Scissor for Cradily.

Acerola was almost completely the Houndoom Show, until a near-knockout encounter with Palossand led to the follow-up Froslass outspeeding her and knocking her out. Brought in Meowstic to Z-Ghost one-shot her, then Manectric to clean up the remaining Drifblim.

Manectric held the lead for Kahili, only swapping in Zygarde to Rock Slide onto Oricorio (did NOT think to look in advance to see WHICH Oricorio it would be, so got lucky there).

Compared to all of them, the final challenge was actually significantly tougher.

Championship Defense Battle #1:
Hau opened, as always, with Raichu. I'd mistakenly led with Manectric and swapped to Zygarde, who tanked two Psychics before one-shotting him with Earthquake.

Crabominable was a joke. One Flamethrower from Houndoom and he's toast. Mawile made equally-short work of Tauros with Brick Break, and one Discharge from Manectric was enough to put Vaporeon back to sea.

Back to Mawile for Noivern, with another one-shot, this time via Z-Fairy.

And last but not least, Houndoom versus Decidueye. This actually took a while, as neither Crunch nor Flamethrower could fully one-shot him, so Hau would always heal Decidueye before I could deliver a final blow. After no crits came within three or so turns of damage-heal damage-heal damage-heal, I went with the alternative option - baiting him into a more moderate health range with Hidden Power Ghost. This put him about two-thirds health remaining, more than high enough to not provoke more Full Restores being handed out like free candy, but low enough a Flamethrower could finish the job.

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So Blacephalon's ability to rather easily kill itself prevented me from catching one. Do they respawn at any point?

Searching has led to the notion that any uncaught UBs will still be there after the first Rainbow Rocket cutscene. This is secondhand, since I broke out the Beast Balls on both (I put effort into catching wormhole UBs in other types).

How did you find the champion battle theme? Those whistles drove me to mute the system.

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I was in a voice chat at the time and had the sound off >.>

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Confirmed, was able to go back and catch both after the first post game scene.

Since none of the Recon Squad are challengers for the league or battle tree, I'm pretty tempted to make a surrogate team based on what I think would be used. Problem is, I have basically nothing except for naganadel and possibly solgaleo/lunala (Furfrou really seemed like they just asked for a pokemon and some person gave them a pretty generic one). That won't fill one team, let alone 4. Any and all suggestions I can reasonably come by are welcome, leave the attempts to make it work to me. This includes wormhole legendaries from USun, I already have 100% of the list in Ubers.

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Necrozma should probably be a must, since y'know it came from their city.

Honestly, my best guess is to treat them like other travelers in Alola - note the places where you encounter them and add something to their team that fits from that area that you think they would have picked up if they were collecting Pokemon like a normal traveler.

I know one battle with them is in the fields near the Daycare, one is in the Aether Foundation (Porygon or Null/Silvally here I think), and I know there's at least one other. Likewise I don't really count the Furfrou battle near the beginning.

Having basically nothing to go on for Phyco and Soliera, I decided to stock the teams entirely from wormholes. Between the 4, I'll have enough for a full team of 6 uber-tier mons (i.e. main legendaries and select others.

So far the points of interest are a shiny lombre and the fact that altaria knows perish song. Dedicated shiny hunters can probably bring a mon with soundproof, but It'll suck if you find one normally.

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I finally completed the main story in my Ultra Sun, and the entire game I was using a team that were, or would become Dark Types. I started with Litten soon after caught Rattatta, Inkay, Grimer, Zorua, & Murk. When I got to Diglett's Tunnel I finally let Cheeky evolve (I don't like the look of Alolan Raticate) and caught me a Larvitar to replace him. I then took her and the rest up through the Pokemon League! We were unstoppable even at times I really thought we wouldn't be (like with Guzma and Mina) They weren't easy battles, but we couldn't be stopped (heck Incineroar soloed Totem Mimikyu). Have Not beaten Team Rainbow Rocket Yet though....

I think I can thank Inkay and Murkrow for being strong vs Fighting types, Murkrow, Litten, and Larvitar being strong vs Bugs, and Litten and Grimer being strong vs Fairies (also gave Murkrow Steel Wing early) aka the three weaknesses of Dark Types.

In my Ultra Moon run I think I'm just gonna use pokemon I find cute, and not let them fully evolve till after the Pokemon League (plan so far is for Brionne, Rockruff, Buneary, Noibat, Quilava, and Pikachu, might switch Buneary out for Fomantis later). Maybe evolve them right before the Pokemon League.....

Then again there's still the option for a Bug/Pseudobug Run..... Which I think the final team for would be Drapion(got one from a friend, thinking of Breeding it and giving the egg to my Ultra Moon), Flygon, Lurantis, Ribombee, Scizor(can get the Metal Coat from my Ultra Sun), and Volcarona.

Which team do you guys think would be better?

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Provided you don't share my sensibility for cuteness *continues petting xurkitree,* there's going to be a clear power differential for both. Normally cute is completely normal early-game but lacks offence later, while Scyther/Scizor, trapinch, and larvesta are all pretty strong for early-game (scyther has the same BST as scizor and can evolve as soon as you have it and can demolish if you get Technician as it's ability, trapinch has better physical attack than vibrava, larvest is balanced around evolving at 59). Considering you can fill with early-evolution bugs, it seems pretty strong against most opposition.

By the way, drapion is available in Uspace wilds.

Less related, but the wild mewtwo has recover, so I need a more specially defensive false swipe user than kartana, and groudon has bulk up, so I need to change rotom to resist solarbeam.

And Just Now I Learn that Scyther is caught in Poni Plains not Poni Wilds >.< I Definitely Derped, Poni Plains is Post Game, so I would have to get an egg from Sun and level up the Scyther if I wanted to get it up to snuff before the League (and I don't like having traded pokemon on my teams, hence eggs). Either that or I could stick with Vikavolt who I was gonna trade out for Scyther....

As for Trapinch, only gonna get him as of Haina Desert, and Larvesta(able to be caught in Lush Jungle alongside Fomantis) like you said won't evolve till 59.

And I know, my friend beat his copy way before I did(since I got mine late), so he caught a Drapion asked if I wanted it, and of course I said yes, cuz it sets me up to have it in my second run.

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I've had problems with the lack of bug diversity before postgame as well. SuMo had none of the several bug types or even pseudo-bugs not weak to rock, which made Olivia by far the hardest fights in the game.

all that could have been:
Scizor (postgame)
nincada (we need another bug/ground)
genesect (mythical, so it gets a pass)
Pheromosa (probably not a good tank


(fomantis is in neither the type nor the egg group. Mechanically, it's exactly as much a bug as sunkern)

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I know mechanically its not a bug, hence why I said Bug/Pseudobug, pseudo meaning false >.>

I also think that they missed a chance for Flygon to be a Bug/Dragon.... Then again its typing and ability combo does give it 2 immunities.

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Back when people were guessing/suggesting options for Alolan variants - both when SuMo was first announced and during the earliest parts of USUM waiting - Flygon's line was one of the most suggested/requested, often with Bug as part of its alternate typing. Ground/Bug and Bug/Dragon were both brought up repeatedly.

I was willing to accept the ones in the egg group, even if they don't share a type, but between lurantis having neither and the Usun pokedex expressly referring to its blades as petals, It sure seems to me like it's only a bug as far as bonsly is a plant.

Of course, If we're doing a "new form wishlist" now...

regional forms:
Magcargo: the one we have is based on smooth runny lava, why no one based on the more jagged AA lava? Fiddling with the typing and giving it rough skin might help it actually be a tank

Gastrodon: Aside from being something that really should have more regional forms, certain sea slugs absorb the stings of cnidarians (corals/jellyfish/etc) they prey upon. Gives an excuse to break out niche abilities like Toxic Boost.

Dodrio: could use a rework with all of the new mechanics that came out, I'm leaning towards a Steelworker-style thing for flying moves.

Lapras: aquatic reptiles split from land dwellers, so it's not inconceivable a variant lapras (closer to aurorus) would fill the non-legendary Ice/dragon typing.

Butterfree: entirely for parity with Beedrill. Ironically, you would have to be careful to not overbuff it since quiver dance is just that good.

Frosslass: another one for parity, though this one needs a buff even less.

Golurk: Given the temporary natures, it would be interesting to see it in its beserk state. I could see holding on to Golurk's hidden ability No Guard, or something custom like all contact moves having a chance of defence drops.

Slaking: If you're careful with the boosts, slaking's stats aren't special as a mega so you can finally remove truant.

Zangoose: It's already approaching it with it's immunity to the poison status, why not crank up the defences against its rival by going normal/steel?

Seviper: Of course, then you need to give this guy unique tying of his own, so why not poison/ground to counter Zangoose's new steel type?

Regigigas: the way Slow Start works, a mega won't save it. I was thinking on what other sources of life energy would be compatible with the titan, and thought of their creations. Having the power cooped up in another being would explain why its ability gives it the dubious title of competitively worst legendary. A Kyurem or Necrozma-style merge with each of the three (either inheriting Clear Body or an ability related to the material e.g. solid rock) could help a lot, and allow us to imagine what the perfect form that tanked hits from primals and pulled continents was like.

Tropius: There's a lot of fruit around, and some of them have some interesting growth patterns. How about a grass/poison acid-spraying lemon or cyanide-containing apple? Grass/bug fig with attack/defend order (or grass/ghost strangler fig), vine-using grapes, plenty of possibility here.

Well Drapion's unevolved form Skorupi(which I'll have for the first 40 levels) is definitely a Bug Type, so Drapion should be considered a Bug for more than just being in the Egg Group.

Flygon not being a bug type is a crime since in the very next gen they besmirched his name by making a more competitive Ground/Dragon type Garchomp as a Pseudo Legendary no less.... Who they then went on to make a Mega form for and not Flygon..... I honestly Hate Garchomp for so upstaging Flygon... Damn Bulette..... Not giving Flyon a Bug/Dragon typing for an Alolan Form, and not giving it a Mega Form when one was PLANNED during ORAS, apparently the designers got Artist's Block when trying to complete the design. Which is just.... Really Sad not only is he outshined by Mega Garchomp, but he's the only Dragon from Third Gen without a Mega Form, even Sceptile became a Grass/Dragon Mega....

As for Lurantis, that IS Kinda the Point of it, it was made as a Grass Type that evolved to imitate Bugs. Lurantis is also the reverse of the Orchid Mantis which is a bug that uses aggressive camouflage to imitate flowers and lure in its prey. Heck its Japanese and Chinese names literally mean Orchid Mantis. Its inspiration is really cool, is my favorite RL insect, and enough for me to want to add it to my bug team. Just because mechanically it is not a bug, doesn't mean it shouldn't get consideration >.>;;;

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I feel you on having one of your favourites overshadowed. I like a lot of steel and electric types, so I cringe a little every time it's lucario or pikachu up there instead of scizor or joltik. Liking porygon, punished as he was for another's faults, doesn't help my opinion of the rodent either.

ground/dragon by itself is getting a little silly, since 2/3 evolutionary lines can easily be something else (Zygarde especially can be whatever it feels like).

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I like Zygarde a lot but I'm with you on Garchomp being greatly overrated.

I like Ziggy too, but the dragon typing doesn't really fit either of the 10% or 100% formes.

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True. I'm not sure what I'd suggest otherwise though. (That and I liked having the Dragon type on 10% for my US runthrough, so I would want to keep it for that at least >_>)

Back before I had really gotten into the "spirit of the land" aspect, I thought it would have been better as Dragon/Psychic. That is, having a symmetry of its stabs being useless on Xerneas' and Yveltal's main types as opposed to the weird thing of using Y's flying type as a base. (tangent, it took a highly specific build, but it is possible for Aura Break Z-50 to take a geomancy-boosted moonblast and OHKO with corkscrew crash)

You know you're too into gaming music when
a)you can tell you're about 2000ly when the ultra warp ride theme plays the riff from the UB battle theme
b)you get slightly annoyed when reshiram uses zekrom's version of the gen 5 title legendary battle music.

Haywire build generator wrote:

Having basically nothing to go on for Phyco and Soliera, I decided to stock the teams entirely from wormholes. Between the 4, I'll have enough for a full team of 6 uber-tier mons (i.e. main legendaries and select others.

So far the points of interest are a shiny lombre and the fact that altaria knows perish song. Dedicated shiny hunters can probably bring a mon with soundproof, but It'll suck if you find one normally.

Here's the versions I settled on:


Necrozma-dawn-wings (ultra burst capable)
Calm mind setup sweeper

mixed wall

physical wallbreaker

Shell smash physical

defensive defog

utility/Stealth Rock


scarf attacker

offensive stealth rock

physical tank



Trick Room attacker


swords dance attacker

Salamence-mega (found near wellspring cave)
defensive defog

Jolteon (found near paniola ranch)
choice set

Porygon-Z (Aether paradise rep)

tentacruel (any coast, really)
special tank

skarmory (found near Vast Poni canyon)


Nasty plot attacker

blissey (wellspring)
special wall

mudsdale (ranch)
physical tank with rocks

silvally (aether)

absol-mega (tapu village)
physical attacker

special attacker

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I Finally finished Ultra Moon (Pokemon League and Team Rainbow Rocket) and my final team was Drapion(my starter), Flygon(a Fav), Lurantis(a Fav), Ribombee(the last of my captures from Melemele to stay on my team), Araquanid(Really good suggestion from a friend), and Forretress.

Really wish that Forretress had better Special Defense or Attack, but its got decent type coverage, really good Defense, and is only weak to Fire.... So it turned out to be a really decent addition to my team.

Oh also, funny thing happened, when I beat Giovanni I went and cleaned, fed, and pet my pokemon to happiness immediately after the fight "Like No Giovanni, I know you prolly wanna give some sorta speech or somethin, but you can wait for me to take care of my pokemon." And then when he gets to speak first thing he says is "...I see you have raised your pokemon with utmost care." Like damn right I did X3

Forretress was used competitively before Defog got buffed (and still isn't too far down) for something not particularly useful to ingame teams: Hazards. It gets Stealth rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Rapid spin, and the physical tankiness to use them.

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Dracala wrote:
Oh also, funny thing happened, when I beat Giovanni I went and cleaned, fed, and pet my pokemon to happiness immediately after the fight "Like No Giovanni, I know you prolly wanna give some sorta speech or somethin, but you can wait for me to take care of my pokemon." And then when he gets to speak first thing he says is "...I see you have raised your pokemon with utmost care." Like damn right I did X3

Well played. <slow clap>

I never play with a set team and instead level up all of my pokemon evenly. Because of this, storywise, I only just beat that Totem Togemaru Trial. I'm getting all of my pokemon up to level 30 before I go any further. At least the Rotom EXP Power is making it quicker. But is it just me, or does the RotomDex just NOT shut up? It keeps giving me 'advice' every 5 seconds.

Re: forretress, hazards are most useful when the opponent switches. The AI doesn't switch often enough for full hazard stacking to be viable, unless you use roar/whirlwind/dragon tail a lot. In general, defensive play is better competitively than ingame since there are no items, more switching, and no ability to powerlevel through things. Though I did leech seed my way through the first 3/4 of VC blue.

Re: pokemon refresh, I fell off it after I finished my various E4 challenges in Moon. Except for petting UBs to see their reactions. It's pretty silly that Stakataka stays with its legs retracted and no eyes outward unless its eating or expressing affection. Character probably got strange looks petting a brick wall.

Re: grinding, see if you can get the training section of poke pelago online. I generally find using it for exp less useful than for EVs (it replaces moves like the daycare), but at higher levels move learning tapers off.

Orthos wrote:
Well played. <slow clap>

I don't know if that's a slow clap directed at me.... or at Giovanni... *looks at Orthos curiously*

Heather 540 wrote:
I never play with a set team and instead level up all of my pokemon evenly. Because of this, storywise, I only just beat that Totem Togemaru Trial. I'm getting all of my pokemon up to level 30 before I go any further. At least the Rotom EXP Power is making it quicker. But is it just me, or does the RotomDex just NOT shut up? It keeps giving me 'advice' every 5 seconds.

Not just you, that Rotom is Really Really Chatty, and when its not being Chatty, it looks all depressed.... Then again if I were a pokemon finally able to talk to Humans and have them understand me, I might be pretty chatty too.

Trying to finish preparations after the cristmas break. There's so many things I never noticed were added, that I didn't appreciate before, that I'm not appreciating now either because they're obstacles to getting the TMs I need.

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Dracala wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Well played. <slow clap>

I don't know if that's a slow clap directed at me.... or at Giovanni... *looks at Orthos curiously*

More you for setting up the amusing situation. =)

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Heather 540 wrote:
But is it just me, or does the RotomDex just NOT shut up? It keeps giving me 'advice' every 5 seconds.

Yeah, I found it rather annoying after a while, and the Roto-Loto would never give me the powerups I wanted when I wanted them, so I ended up with big piles of unused stuff and kept running out of the healing items and other things I used regularly.

O-Powers - and really, everything about Gen6's bottom-screen interfaces, especially in ORAS (and this is probably the only compliment you will ever see me pay to a Hoenn game) - were just plain superior in every way.

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