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The most annoying part of Totem battles is how, without fail, they become 2-on-1 and remain so for the duration of the encounter until the Totem is taken out of the picture. I don't hate Double Battles as much as I used to, but having no ability to bring in a second to even the odds really irks me. If you get two, I should get two, stupid bloated oversized Pokemon.

After watching Houndoom and Mawile go down to them, I decided enough was enough and brought out Zygarde. It was able to tank a few hits while I mended my party, then obliterate the enemy ranks with a combination of Rock and Ground attacks. It would have done so a lot quicker if it weren't for that blasted Spiky Shield move. I know I've mentioned it in my Nuzlockes a few times but not on the forum directly, but Protect and similar moves are easily my least favorite techniques in the game. I find them so incredibly annoying to have to deal with.

But what's done is done, and the trial is over and the two Z-crystals from the observatory obtained, along with a handful of trinkets for use or sale and some stickers. Now to head back down the mountain and figure out where to go from here.

Totem pokemon have a set number of reinforcements (1-2), so it is possible to make it 1v1. However, the summon is only occasionally worth the effort compared to the totem.

Protect and variants aren't frustrating when they are used for something. Doubles with an attacking partner, Stance change, an extra turn of passive damage/healing, Speed Boost, gen 6 mega evolution are all real reasons to use protect or equivalent. Having and using it just because is annoying.


I prove myself to dulse just inside the canyon. He sure hasn't figured out coverage, since his poiple is walled by all my steels.

The canyon is full of wooden bridges with no rails. Good thing most of my team can float. Heights don't bother me, unsound bridges do.

One step from the trial, I decide to fight one more guy. took a few revives. Flygon and Gengar could hit everything super-effectively.

I need to stop running back to the centre right before Lillie heals me.

So there's an uncontrolled pokemon in this area that is more powerful than usual. People use this route! This thing is a safety risk! Why has nobody contained this thing?

dragon totem:
I lead with klefki for obvious reasons. Minor damage at first due to the roseli berry, about half HP from the second attack to both Kommo-O and Noivern (spread moves have a slight power reduction). They alternate between dragon moves and drain punch/boomburst (blocked by Kommo-o's soundproof), so clever switching with klefki and palossand nullify most hits. Because the totem has drain punch, it takes a while to wear it down. Eventually beat it with shadow ball from rotom, switched to preserve my 6-0 lead, and Z-flash cannon takes out noivern.

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Orthos wrote:
Though was annoyed it couldn't learn Surf...

I know this is a pretty old post, and maybe you already know this by now, but in case you don't I figured I'd mention it. You can get a surfing pikachu which you can evolve into the new raichu form in US/UM, by

getting the high score in the each of the four mantine surfing courses

Keydrin wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Though was annoyed it couldn't learn Surf...
I know this is a pretty old post, and maybe you already know this by now, but in case you don't I figured I'd mention it. You can get a surfing pikachu which you can evolve into the new raichu form in US/UM, by ** spoiler omitted **

Considering the other coverage a pure electric needs, I'm pretty ambivalent on it getting surf. Now that the rodent has been brought to my attention, I'm wondering why you would run any of its particular Z-crystals when light ball is the only thing that has any hope of making this thing deal any damage. It has base 50 SPA, giving it all the offensive potential of carbink without light ball.

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Light ball only works for Pikachu though, not Raichu.

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The Sideromancer wrote:

Totem pokemon have a set number of reinforcements (1-2), so it is possible to make it 1v1. However, the summon is only occasionally worth the effort compared to the totem.

Protect and variants aren't frustrating when they are used for something. Doubles with an attacking partner, Stance change, an extra turn of passive damage/healing, Speed Boost, gen 6 mega evolution are all real reasons to use protect or equivalent. Having and using it just because is annoying.

I'm meaning annoying to fight against more than to use. The AI tends to spam it, which does little more than waste PP and prolong simple battles.

Orthos wrote:
Light ball only works for Pikachu though, not Raichu.

And neither catastropika nor 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt (incidentally 1% of a gigavolt) work for Raichu either. Stoked Sparksurfer is actually pretty good, due to it's 100% paralysis.


But I never learned an instrument! Can I get one of my team to play it? I mean, most of them don't have limbs or breathe, but we should be able to think of something.

Hey look, cutscenes of the tapus and their lapdogs fighting UBs! Unfortunately, things aren't looking too great. Blacephalon doesn't have the sustain to fight Koko, hala and hau, given that it's going to need Mind Blown. Buzzwole could beat Olivia, but the list of things that beat lele is extremely small (Megearna, metagross, celesteela, kartana, nihilego are the only non-ubers). Guzzlord seems like it has the best chance due to Bulu's lack of good fairy moves, but it'll be a long slog of dark v dark beforehand. If Xurkitree naturally got energy ball in addition to by TM I'd give it the best chance, but it's not getting through Hapu without it.

Dusk mane Necrozma is not catchable. The option to use pokeballs is unavialible. It took me a while to notice, leaving me to wear it down. This was difficult, because it knew morning sun.

I got to try on the Squad's armour! I was so exited I forgot to get sidetracked and actually went to the Ultra Meagapolis. During the first warp ride session, tilt controls are required, but an NPC in the Game Freak building in Heahea will change it to circle pad.

And then we fight necrozma in it's true form. It's not catchable this time either, which was its weakness. Between aura boosts and base stats, it's pumping out more offensive potential than mega mewtwo. I was thinking on this issue before SuMo came out and we didn't know if UBs were catchable. A single entity that requires a KO is a terrible boss for a core pokemon game. It's only a challenge if it's so offensively powerful that it can one-shot the entire player team, which isn't all that fun. If you let the player get a single move in, a one-health bar boss can be trivialized by any move dealing continuous damage. In a sense, it stops being about taking hits while perfoming other actions to accomplish the goal, and becomes waiting out the clock. Compare that to cathing a legendary, where your team will be taking hits for possibly 40+ turns while you throw pokeballs. It could 2HKO anything on the team and outsped them as well, so I got next to no direct damage in. It died to Toxic, nothing more.

For saving a few realms, the other half of the Squad has gifted me with their Poiple. My teammate preferences aside, I know enough to not refuse an adorable little alien.

Also, the Squad lent me their transport Lunala.
*idea forms, buy 99 ultra balls*
Mina isn't going to know what hit her.
*gets swept by kartana*
Good to know you come back to the same place if you fail to capture or KO.
*KOs kartana*
*gets swept by nihilego*
maybe I'm a little underleveled they are level 60, my highest is magnezone at 56

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Got a shiny machoke while level grinding. Unlike my first shiny in Moon, it didn't feel like a kick in the teeth. (I was trying o get a metal coat to evolve scyther, which is found on wild magnemite with a 5% chance. Several hours in, shiny alolan grimer.)

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The Sideromancer wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Light ball only works for Pikachu though, not Raichu.
And neither catastropika nor 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt (incidentally 1% of a gigavolt) work for Raichu either. Stoked Sparksurfer is actually pretty good, due to it's 100% paralysis.

Ah, I missed that those moves specifically were what was being talked about. So noted.


Looks like it repeating locations after a loss only applies if you go right back in. Had to PP stall Xurkitree's power whip and electric terrain, but eventually slept and caught him with palossand.

a good many warp rides later... Maybe it's possible that these are actually dangerous. Then again, since the guy in the hazmat suit dosn't seem to be giving any ill will towards the Guzzlord I caught in a single ultra ball, it might have ended up in a post-apocalyptic city by coincidence.

informative pokedex entries:

Guzzlord wrote:
Although it’s alien to this world and a danger here, it’s apparently a common organism in the world where it normally lives.
Xurkitree wrote:
Although it’s alien to this world and a danger here, it’s apparently a common organism in the world where it normally lives.
Buzzwole wrote:
Although it’s alien to this world and a danger here, it’s apparently a common organism in the world where it normally lives.

There's plenty of this in Umoon as well

I am now low on rescources and cash with which to buy them. Total captures in ultra space:
Buzzwole*2, one traded for pheromosa
Kartana*2, one traded for celesteela

I'll get back to the plot soon.

While looking things up for an "Are UBs technically pokemon?" argument, I noticed that developer commentary states that they're supposed to represent invasive species. This is despite Alola already having at least two invasive species breaking the ecosystem (Yungoos, rattata) and the fact that UBs cannot breed outside their home terrain. Good job, GF.

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My personal opinion is "yes, just the Pokemon of other realities/planets/etc.". Honestly the way Ultra Warp Ride measures things in lightyears brings into question if you're actually visiting other dimensions/timelines or if you're just traveling to really distant planets.

I am Loving the exploits of That kid from that region!

Also I've never done themed pokemon teams, think I should for when I get Ultra Moon & Sun in 2 days?

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Sure. Any ideas?

My Rotom now calls me Master. I am okay with this.

By way of normal procedure for monotype runs (i.e. anything that evolves into the desired type is allowed), you can start a run for any type except Ice, fighting and Dragon before route 2. fighting and Ice begin with crabrawler on route 2, dragon is verdant cavern noibat.

Edit: I got ninja'd while doing reasearch, but most of it didn't end up here (first pokemon available by breeding group was not deemed necessary)

Apparently one of the Tapus had a fit and trashed part if a city and a whole marketplace. Touchy much?

Wonder if I can convince people to rebuild once I catch the troublesome thing.

Eventually, I'm going to train banette up and get its mega stone. Then Bulu is going to fight an embodiment of loss and vengeance spawned in the ruins he made.

Speaking of fighting the tapus, I vaguely remember Koko couldn't beat a freshly caught sandygast with leftovers. I have an evolved form 30 levels higher.

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I'm thinking maybe.... a Bug-like Run, so I can include Lurantis, Drapion, and Flygon (three of my favs even though the three of them don't have the Bug Type, and I'd trade in a Skorupi egg to be my "starter")

And then maybe try out an Artifice team, in honor of That kid from that region, or maybe a Fairy/Nature Team as an Antithesis x3

Honestly, I keep making a big show of artifice-themed stuff (farther up the thread, you'll see I was also thinking of mono-steel and mono-posion) because I do think of the current contents of my team as natural. I think of nature as experimental above anything else. It tries everything it can, and uses everything that works. If that process results in a partially-incorpoeral being that can inhabit and control electronics or seaweed capable of using weapons, so be it. Going a little farther, if nature is this continuously branching thing, what is unnatural? Wouldn't it be that which obstructs these branches from occurring? Perhaps I'm just an insane son of a computer engineer, but to me a nature fixed to our preconceptions of what is natural is the epitome of unnatural. This of course conflicts with quite a few works, so I champion nature in cold iron fullplate.

Today we finish off the fourth island. Plot should be mostly finished for now, so I'll stop spoilering everything.
Anything I picked up duing the Gap will be referred to by an alias.If you would like to know what my team is,

Knight is kartana,
Rook is Xurkitree,
Queen is celesteela

The callenge for Mina's trail (which seems to be chosen specifically so she can do the least work) is fight all the other captains. They're in the low 50s. I trained my team to 60 for the sidequest. Knight's been doing well for the early ones, possibly due to type and natural coverage. AFAICT, you need to do them in order

Lana's fight is skipped, Kiawe's includes Hiker David, Sophocles' entire team is double-weak to ground, Acerola's is also skipped.

fairy totem:
Not even +2 to all stats stopped metagross from taking half it's health in one meteor mash. Unfortunately, it would be a 2HKO, so I swap out. This is absolutely one where you need to take out the summon, who knows heal pulse. Some terrible luck allows it to get 2 quiver dances up. (I missed thunder wave) It's at this point that I notice something: Its two STAB moves have 10 PP each. I have 21 revives and am willing to use them all to avoid losing to... this.

Okay, truns out it also has draining kiss. While continuing to PP stall, I take out blissey, and pelliper shortly thereafter (I had magnezone out)

Was this more costly than taking the loss, leading with Muk and killing it with poison? Yes. But I know better than to be defensless near a fey.

Eventually, helped by the fact it only 3HKO's magnezone at maximum offense, it could only dance. It was at that point the battle ended as it began, with a Meteor Mash to the face.

I would like to disintegrate this abomination-engraved artifact. Seriously, everything about this thing is creepy. Anybody else remember the creepy background objects in the one level of Mario Galaxy 2? The fairy Z-crystal looks pretty close to what you'd get if you gave one of those an extra head.

Time for Hapu, and she's taken advantage of the expanded pokedex. Rotom takes out Golurk, and Knight beats mudsdale. Flygon comes out and takes out Knight. Remembering a previous encounter with flygon, I take the hit with Sturdy and corkscrew crash with magnezone. Dhelmise then takes out gastrodon. I'm still slightly overleveled.

Why does victory road only have one elevator? If it's going to see use it should have more. Gladion was here, I wanted to have some fun with Rook, but I keep forgetting how slow he is. He takes a Z-move from zoroark, but falls to silvally. rest of fight was uneventful. Weird that using the Z-move removes zoroark's illusion. Congrats on getting the mask off, I guess.

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Anybody else remember the creepy background objects in the one level of Mario Galaxy 2?

The ones that looked like the little ticking tree spirits from Princess Mononoke? With a filename that literally referenced Hell?

You find some interesting stuff in Victory Road. Stuff like impact craters with weakened legendaries. I was pretty worried since it was under a hailstorm, but the guy wants to be with me since I got him with a single try when he still had over half health. Colress shows up and has hilariously modified the devices to depower necrozma into ways of increasing it's strength. He also drops the second hint that Solgaleo is waiting in Mahalo trail, so I finally check it out. Fortunately, it's on my side of the bridge. Why is the new bridge the same style as the old bridge that collapsed?

Messing around a bit while I decide on the team for the elite four. Almost definitely going to have magnezone and palossand (the two highest level), as well as Muk for coverage and resistances. and Acerola. Any suggestions for the remaining three? I am willing to grind up, and have already started a bit for some

current usage box:
  • magnezone Lvl. 68
  • Palossand Lvl. 66
  • rotom(wash) Lvl 65
  • dhelmise Lvl 65
  • metagross lvl 64
  • muk lvl 63
  • Rook lvl 62
  • Knight lvl 60
  • Queen lvl 60
  • klefki lvl 60
  • banette lvl 53
  • probopass lvl 48
  • drifiblm lvl 46
  • golurk lvl 43
  • Claydol lvl 43
  • bisharp lvl 36
  • trubbish lvl 33

Highlights of combing the desert:
Was not expecting a Z-crystal pedestal here. Well, he wasn't. With it being so close to the Tapu, I gotta wonder if the area was destroyed because some psychic type annoyed him. An attempt to stop the legendaries from getting more power, ignorant of their personal equivalents?
A guy who's apparently been lost for over a year and doesn't want a ride out on charizard. I guess he likes sand.

well from the list I'm seeing, other than Bisharp the rest are based on artificial stuff x3

Magnezone is based on magnets/a UFO (and I mean man shaped magnets, not just natural ones)
Palossand is a sand castle
Rotom is the ghost of a bunch of different appliances (his original form even came out of a TV the first time we see it in a game)
Dhelmise is an anchor
Metagross is a super computer, but has a form reminiscent of landers, UFO's, and robots... >.>
Muk is sludge
Xurkitree is a bunch of electrical wires
Kartana is origami
Celesteela is a rocket
Klefki is a key ring
Probopass is a maoi head/wooly willy
Drifblim is a hot air balloon
Golurk is a robot
Claydol is a shakōki-dogū(a clay doll)
lil Trubbish is a bag of garbage

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Actually, Dhelmise is the seaweed on the anchor. It just carries around a weapon.

That said, that's exactly my point. They all seem artificial, but only golurk and claydol actually are. Everything else on that list is the result of natural processes, albeit ones that don't resemble ones on earth. Nature has decided it wants keyrings and sandcsatles, and thus it has produced them naturally.

I did not realize that about Dhelmise

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Yep, that's why it doesn't actually have the Steel type (It's Grass/Ghost), but rather has an Ability that gives it Steel STAB instead.

Ah good point

Here's a bit of a weird discussion point. The rumours for the Switch pokemon game have started to appear, and many of them detail a larger world, with frequent comparisons to BotW.

What's weird is I really don't want this. Between Oras and SuMo, the increased focus on story and worldbuilding hit some gameplay aspects hard (compare how much of a pain it is to get hidden abilities, for example). I don't consider myself that into competitive, since I mostly screw around with gimmicky ideas (what pokemon would the Overwatch characters use? I have a team of 6 for each one), but I still regularly get hundreds of hours out of a pokemon game before moving on, relatively few within the "main game." I worry that a change in direction will slow the progress of facets I'm more interested. Especially if the time it takes to get to a teambuilding-viable state increases (I stand at the gates of the E4, five matches from postgame, short critical TMs, a key stone, and many important held items).

In a sense, a pokemon game is like Smash Bros. Brawl. You can enjoy the story mode on it's own, or you can blow through it as a quick way to get everything together for the real meat of the game. How much these rumours are focused on the relatively quickly-discarded aspects (to me), combined with the fact none of the several competitive players I follow have weighed in yet really have me concerned for the future of the series.

Shadow Lodge

I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm hoping that "big open world" means/includes "nearly everything is accessible before you reach endgame", and even if it takes a while to put everything together, it's still quite doable before you have to finish the "plot".

But I have a very different focus for Pokemon games. I am 100% only interested in the single-player experience. I have no desire or interest in competitive, and I usually drop the game quickly once I've beaten the Elite Four or whatever and maybe poked around a bit in the postgame. A huge open world that lets you do whatever is kind of my dream game, because it might actually feel like a game that isn't focused primarily on "get to postgame ASAP, do the Battle (whatever) to buy your competitive items/movesets, go to multiplayer" for once since Gen 4 or so.

At the same time, I agree that done badly it could go incredibly wrong. And add to that the issue of moving to a new system and possibly being a new generation (with all the new mechanics, creatures, etc. that implies), and it could be a perfect storm of everything going wrong.

That said, I haven't been keeping up on any rumors regarding Switch Pokemon as of yet, so I'm out of the loop on what's being predicted/expected.

I decided to go with magnezone, palossand, muk, rotom, knight, and metagross.

Kukui calls himself a professor and couldn't beat Lance. They don't even have multiscale, all you needed was something sturdy with ice beam!

Good to see they haven't forgotten some representation of the tech that keeps this impractical setup off the ground. Molayne is in the elite four!

I have no idea of his lead, so I start with rotom, due to its resistances. He goes klefki. I was expecting spikes, but he instead forgoes prankster and uses 4* resisted flash cannons. He wastes a full restore on it.

dugtrio is next, but I want to preserve hydro pump PP. I go palossand and OHKO with earth power.

Bisharp is next, meeting a brick break from knight. metagross comes out, and I'm surprised how well it takes X-scissor. Palossand comes out on the next hammer arm, and finishes with shodow ball.

an unnecssary earth power crit brings his magnezone to sturdy, cousing him to use his last full restore. It didn't save him the match

Thanks dex rotom, but I don't think going to a centre is practical right now.

I go for Acerola next, so I can afford to spam shadow ball later

I lead muk for obvious reasons, she starts with banette. the only thing I had to fear was will-o-wisp, but it used screech, missed, and wend down to crunch. knight takes out palossand, but I didn't trust his speed enough to stay in against froslass. I instead flash cannon with magnezone.
Muk finishes, taking only minor damage from dhelmise and drifiblm. I only need to heal due to Aftermath.

Olivia's next, and sturdy will be the only thing stopping Knight from soloing.

I lead metagross to draw out ground attackers. I get an attack boost from meteor mash well still one-shotting armaldo. Probopass comes out, a special attacker with possible sturdy. I break it with psychic while she thunderwaves, then I give up on speed entirely with hammer arm. Sandstorm doesn't seem like it'd do much for her. Bad luck puts me bleow half before I take out lycanroc. I go palossand, timing my special attacker to the end of sandstorm She doesn't have golem, the sturdy user that ended my mono-posion E4 run and gave my bug team a lot of trouble. and probopass just went for status. Knight could have beaten this in a clean sweep Her last mon is cardily, ony threatening with leech seed and toxic. It couldn't set up against Knight.

Hey, you're that person who came out of nowhere when I got the flying Z-crystal! Why are you suddenly important? You play pro golf? Why would you expect me to know that? What kind of 11 year old wathces golf?

I switch Magnezone's Z-crystal to electric for this fight.

I screw up and keep metagross as lead.She drops the spikes sturdy skarmory lead from the last game, despite those spikes being a major contributor to her team's total damage done in my previous runs. Braviary? okay, not having magnezone out might be good, since I can avoid fighting moves on it. It may not even have any, since it keeps using brave bird. Misses with Zen headbutt put me pretty low, but I don't think I'll need metagross much more anyway. Hawlucha is next, and ulike every AI hawlucha in XY packs dark coverge in throat chop. it also crits palossand, so I emergency switch to rotom and KO with discharge.

Oricorio is next, I go muk for the more consitent SE damage with rock slide. It's the fire type one, so even after featherdance, it's in the red. I toxic it immediately after she heals, which allows me to KO next hit.

Mandibuzz, infamously sturdy bird that it is, is the one recieving gigavolt havoc. I stay in for the final, Toucannon, knowing I can take overheat with sturdy. It goes for... screech.

Assesment: the E4 hang around level 56. I have 62-69 coming out of it. That sidequest really destroyed late game, even if I'm not using knight much.

Full heal for the champion, and Corcscrew crash back on magnezone. Let's do this! Oh hey, an empty seat! Yeah, I don't beleive this. They try to keep the champion fight a secret in Kanto, too.

Kukui was a good champion, gave me trouble for the first time since Cynthia, and I was still trying to brute force everything with my starter then. Granted, that challenge might have been that he had a magnezone against my team of bugs with no ground coverage and only fighing move user weak to electric.

Hau, seriously? You haven't even come close to beating me You didn't even have 6 pokemon as a league challenger before, and you call this a battle theme? These whistles are driving me insane!

Electric/psychic against ground/ghost as our leads. Expected result. Vaporeon falls to Knight, tarous does under a quarter with earthquake, and is only surviving brick break due to intimidate as Hau wastes full restores. Knight also easily OHKOs crabominable.

I know noivern will outspeed and KO, so I use metagross. Second damage roll is much higher than first, so his dark pulse 2HKOs. Muk finishes with rock slide.

Starter vs starter is how I choose to end it, with corkscrew crash leaving about the same amount of health left as spirit shackle does damage. He heals, and I pump lasers into him. He has enough full restores that it takes 5 more flash cannons at a normal 3HKO, but he couldn't KO magnezone first.

And so the historic moment of the first alola champion is engraved with a supercomputer, a sandcastle, a posessed washing machine, a few magnetic orbs, a pool of sludge, and

an extradimensional papercraft

Take that, tapus!

I wasn't ready for the crowning ceremony. Not only was I marched across that stupid bridge without being able to hang on to magnezone, we were up in Koko's ruins without being able to keep our defenders out and ready. The blood knight probably felt my intent up there and now has time to prepare.

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Give 'em hell, kid.

The fact that Tapu Fini makes its lair in a place called the "Ruins of Hope", a place that is most notable for its black sand, is not exactly inspiring any sort of trust or feeling of security.

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In better news, I've finally gotten Null to let me take that blasted helmet off.

Now I have a whole bunch of Roto Friendships with nothing to do with them anymore... though I guess I could just spam them to get Zygarde to like me enough to teach it Draco Meteor, since it apparently doesn't yet.

I wouldn't read too far into the black sand. It's the normal colour for basaltic (ocean volcanic) rock, which stays when it's ground into sand.

Wait, where did all the beige sand near Bulu's ruins come from? At least at Hano there's the possibility it's imported (beaches in Iceland do this too, Iceland is weird)

The situation of too many friendship-boosting items is pretty unfamiliar to me as somebody who makes too many teams. If it's neither evolution nor Draco Meteor nor Return, it's wanting those berries for the EV reduction rather than the friendship boost.

Shadow Lodge

Yeah I don't usually make more than one team per game >_> which admittedly does tend to lead to me being above the level curve a tad, since I've noticed a lot of players like to have a rotating "team" of 10 or so members whereas I eventually find a set of 6 I feel can handle most if not all challenges and stick exclusively to them (except in the games that require HMs my team can't or won't use).

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

Poni Island:
Okay, that was weird.
I have been using same Pokemon throughout the game.
I have battled all the people on the road and only went through tall grass a few times in trying to catch Pokemon (got over 120).
I haven't been trying very hard to build up my crew.

Current stats:
Litten/ Torracat/ Incineroar - 65
Pikpek/ Trumbeak/ Toucannon - 62
Yungoos/ Gumshoos - 62
Bunneary/ Lopunny - 62
Inkay/ Malamar - 63
Grubbin/ Charjabug/ Vikavolt - 63

Fought Poli Island's Totem character and it was level 45. My Incineroar and Toucannon had both fainted before I was finally able to defeat it and its cohort.
The very first hit from it reduced my HP by over 100.

Then I fought Necrozma at the Sunne Alter.
It was also level 45.
My Incineroar defeated it with 2 blasts from Flamethrower without taking any damage.
So disappointed.

I wonder if it will be that easy when I go thru the Warp Hole?

Charles Scholz wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

Remember the totem aura boosts work like any other stat boost in that it adds a multiplier. If I remember correctly, the dragon totem is +1 to all stats, meaning it has 1.5* the usual offence. I don't think dusk mane had an aura, and 60s is definitely overleveled (AI only starts having 60s postgame) Dusk mane also has no moves not resisted by incineroar

+1 0 Atk Kommo-o Drain Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Incineroar: 96-114 (44 - 52.2%) -- 12.1% chance to 2HKO
0+ Atk Incineroar Darkest Lariat vs. +1 0 HP / 0 Def Kommo-o: 30-36 (22 - 26.4%) -- 8.9% chance to 4HKO

0 Atk Necrozma-Dusk-Mane Sunsteel Strike vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Incineroar: 35-42 (16 - 19.2%) -- possible 6HKO
0 SpA Incineroar Flamethrower vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Prism Armor Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: 99-117 (57.5 - 68%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

sound about right?

in the wormhole:
Get ready for necrozma to do some serious damage. It's in its Ultra form with a +1 to all stats aura, giving it more offensive power than any unboosted mon of equivalent level, mega mewtwo included.

+1 0 SpA Necrozma-Ultra Power Gem vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Incineroar: 170-200 (77.9 - 91.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+1 0 SpA Necrozma-Ultra Power Gem vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Toucannon: 204-242 (107.3 - 127.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+1 0 Atk Necrozma-Ultra Photon Geyser vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Gumshoos: 270-318 (159.7 - 188.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+1 0 Atk Necrozma-Ultra Photon Geyser vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Lopunny: 175-207 (102.3 - 121%) -- guaranteed OHKO
+1 0 SpA Necrozma-Ultra Dragon Pulse vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Malamar: 160-189 (80 - 94.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+1 0 SpA Necrozma-Ultra Power Gem vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Vikavolt: 202-238 (106.8 - 125.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

all calcs use blank EVs, perfect IVs, neutral natures, the levels you stated for your team and the ones at which the opponent appears.

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber
The Sideromancer wrote:
Charles Scholz wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Sidero, I have no idea what those figures mean.

It's the standard format for damage calculations. It's of the format
(modifier) (EVs) (nature) (item) (ability) (pokemon) for relevant entries on both attack and defence, followed by
(global modifiers) (absolute damage range) (percentage damage range) (assessment)

A stat modifier varies from -6 to +6 and applies a multiplier to its stat depending on this value. This is what is going on when the AI spams leer. For stats other than accuracy and evasion, each +1 adds another 0.5 the original stat value. negative modifeirs are the reciprocal of their positive counterparts (so since a +6 is *4, a -6 is *0.25)

EVs (Effort Values) are confusingly called "base stats" by the game, are a way of customizing a pokemon's stats. Items like Protein add EVs, as do defeating pokemon. An EV ranges from 0 to 252, with each 4 adding one point at level 100. A pokemon can only have 570 EVs total.

+2 160+ Atk Groudon-Primal Fire Punch vs. 76 HP / 236+ Def Eviolite Dry Skin Paras in Harsh Sunshine: 24112-28372 (114819 - 135104.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

The groudon has a +2 modifier to it's attack from having used Swords Dance at an earlier point. 160 EVs in attack increase said stat by 40, since this is a level 100 groudon. The + next to the EVs denotes that it has a nature favouring attack, increasing the Base 180 stat by a further 10%. All of this gives an effective attack of 958.

As for our target (who is level 5), both HP and Defence factor in to its ability to take a hit, so both are listed. the values are a little weird since stats don't combine evenly at any level but 100. It has a defence-boosting nature, and both its item and ability directly affect its tankiness against this attack.

Finally, this takes place in extreme sunlight because Primal Groudon is on the field.

The attack will do between 24112 and 28372 damage, enough to ko the paras between 1148 and 1351 times over. Using this will fully deplete the enemy health in (unsurprisingly) one turn.

"I haven't quite figured out what a Champion is, but you're very strong, right?" -Dulse

So apparently there are a few wanderers about. I consider going for the beings disrupting the natural order first, but I decide saving Ultra Beasts from them is a higher priority.

Hau wonders why I received Null and not him, but it's probably because I'm something of a specialist in taking beings considered nearly mindless attackers under my proverbial wing.

These guys are way out of their element. As far as I can tell, they're apex predators, something that isn't challenged often. I used the Beast Balls immediately so they didn't injure themselves from prolonged strain.

"Perhaps a day will come when the Ultra Beasts will live here in Alola as normal pokemon" -also Dulse
I'm working on it.

The rainbow rocket scenario starts immediately after catching all the UBs

TRR, part 1:
Sophocles can't make a cyberspace that's stable when the rest of reality is distorting, so a halfway competent group infiltrates it. Maybe later I'll work up my anger at them using tech for evil, but for now I'm just laughing at Sophocles.

Wait, I have to use the loaners from random other people? I won't be able to clear the honour of technology? ARE YOU KI- nevermind, this guy has a palossand.

Okay, they're continuing to target the few tech-heavy parts of the region, but that's just basic strategy. Lillie seems to have forgotten she no longer has a legendary to bail her out, so I guess I have to do it. I'll bring Banette for training purposes.

"Do you want to know how we took over the foundation so easily?" Because they don't have nearly enough steel types and you keep using poison types?

Faba says something to the effect of "It'll be easier to fight 2-on-2 than 1-on-1 if you're with Lillie" and considering she leads with an unevolved pokemon that sets up the wrong screen for the situation, I'm inclined to agree. Especially since I can't effectively use discharge. Doubles stall isn't usually viable, but that's assuming two competent opponents. At least the grunt with him is just as bad, effectively making this 1v1.

Muk put in the most work due to Faba's love of psychic types, and being a physical attacker through the grunt's use of snarl.

the hardest part of the GTS: typing "stakataka" correctly

Dulse seems kinda well-meaning and generally open-minded, but a little slow on the uptake. Zossie is definitely the more adaptable of the two, but doesn't seem to have a Pokemon of her own, as well as seems to be a subordinate or trainee of some kind.

How is ultra stacking up to the originals thus far?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Gameplay differences only really start after the dragon trial, but once they do, it's more to my taste than the originals. I expect that trend to continue as I go farther into the postgame and explore the extra options given by more legendaries and move tutors.

It's not really that far out of expectations, since there have been more competitive options later in a generation since at least Emerald.

TRR, part 2:
Never thought I'd be calling Guzma the more competent partner, but here we are.

Warp panels! Always a nice thing to put in a fortress. Lets you not bother with the weak points known as doors.

memorization puzzles too unexciting? Put battles in the middle of repeating the sequence!

Hey, a free electrode! Shoot, it had explosion.

First boss: Maxie

I lead palossand, but I need it later, so I switch immediately against mightyena. Fire fang doesn't do as much damage to magnezone as he'd like, but does burn. Camerupt takes hydro pump, dark pulse flinches don't stop metagross from beating crobat, weezing is reliant on pain split so I curse with banette.

Now this is somthing worth fighting. I switch a bunch between rotom and muk to stall Drought, and hit him with hydro vortex after 5 turns. I'd have been completely screwed if he was primal.

Expecting archie after the next segment, I tweak the team a little.

I lead with muk, expecting mighteyena this time. I start with toxic due to intimidate. He does heal, but it saves me some gunk shot PP. Sharpedo comes out, I go Rook. I get some good damage off on Muk too with volt switch. Palossand finishes the job. I use rotom for crobat, who tries to toxic stall and fails miserably.

Kyogre doesn't start out great, with ice beam KOing dhelmise and me forgetting to refresh sturdy on magnezone. Rotom tanks hydro pumps and gets paralysis with discharge to bring me the win

Shadow Lodge

The Sideromancer wrote:
Gameplay differences only really start after the dragon trial, but once they do, it's more to my taste than the originals. I expect that trend to continue as I go farther into the postgame and explore the extra options given by more legendaries and move tutors.

Pretty much this.

For the first three islands and the first trip to Aether Paradise, the only differences are some minor dialogue changes, the addition of the Ultra Recon Squad characters, and Mantine Surf.

Once you get to Poni Island and get through the trial areas, things change up.

Definitely the superior version of the games, and if you know anyone who's curious about Gen7 but still hasn't played the first two games, just tell them to skip them and play the Ultra ones instead. They won't miss anything.


Thank you.

May just get ultra sun and bring over some Pokemon.

I want a shiny litten as my main though.

I have one I'm not using, and I'm willing to change the nickname to something less of a ragequit. (I needed a female litten to breed fake out. It took about 25 tries and when I got a shiny male litten I was not amused.)

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