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While everything I've read so far in the background would seem to indicate this is possible, I'm not so well versed that I really understand if it "fits in."

As I was brainstorming about the game I intend to run for my players, I thought that a sentient AI ship as the player's ride (and NPC) might be fun. But I'm not sure if that would be too "special snowflake."

Thoughts from those better versed in the background?

I don't see why that wouldn't fit with the Starfinder setting.

Anacites are specifically noted for only selling non-sentient A.I. computers for general starship use; which in turn implies that their own starships are sentient. (Think something like V'ger from Star Trek)

Endbringer Devils are Colossal-sized Sentient Outsiders with Construct-like traits who can change form from transport ship to war machine. (Think Decepticons from Transformers)

Oma are basically massive Sentient Space Whales that the Barathus of Triaxus once used as living starships. (Think Leviathans from Farscape)

Yes, it was actually reading about the anacite non-sentient AIs that got me thinking about this.


I like the idea of every ship having an AI, like the ship brains in Schlock Mercenary (and hey, Howard Tayler is doing Munchkin Pathfinder's art, coincidence?). Likely not to that extent, especially with the direct control over systems by the PCs.

I did have an idea of having that dryad-like creature from Alien Archive fill a similar role on the PC's ships, though it would likely be more like Pilot from Farscape than, say, the ship brain from Andromeda or EDI from Mass Effect.

From a setting perspective, I'm surprised A.I. completely controlling ships isn't more common. From a game mechanics perspective I understand why, it's a lot less interesting if the winner of space combats is only based on the number/quality of computer(s) on-board the ship. But in theory you could have non-sentient A.I. handle almost all tasks on a space ship, aside from decision making.

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i just for rp reasons allow one for my players
based of off the hologram version of the android in darkmatter

Given the amount of skill-buffs that ship's computers provided, I suspect the assumption *is* that nearly all ships have a lesser AI, which greatly assists in functionality. After all, that's how you get some of those +8 skill bonuses.

Fully sentient ship AI is not covered, because that's a *way* different method of operating than the standard. I imagine "ship as NPC" will show up in the rules eventually, its just too early for it. In the meantime, for purposes of house-rules, you probably want to consider "how many Roles can it fill at once, and what are its skill codes?"

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