Fleshed out rules for mech combat that I found.

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It's a pretty interesting read. What it is, is making mechs compatible with starship combat as well as terrestrial combat. This must have taken a great amount of time to create, though some parts are a little weird, to me. Like the damage scales between space and ground combat, x2 against ground opponent and 1/2 against starships.

I made a thread talking about how starships should interact with ground opponents, though maybe I was being a little unfair with it, since it could create other strange scenarios by forcing two different game systems to interact. Though some guidelines of taking certain monsters, such as space dragons, into starship combat at some point in this game's life time, should happen. Likewise, I think mechs should have separate statistics between ground and starship combat instead of jury rigging modifiers. I don't think mechs necessarily need to function any different than a monster does, other than the creation process.

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DAAAMN! I definitely have a use for this! Starfinder Battletech, anyone?

Dot! Thanks, John!

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Tacticslion wrote:
Dot! Thanks, John!

You're very welcome, Tac.

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Is there a option to make power suits via this system.

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This is amazing. Thank you.

I expect Umbral Reaver'd like to hear how it worked in play if you use it.

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Oh hey! I'm glad you like it. Thanks. :)

I've been trying to find an editor and publisher to help me bring it to completion and distribution; my fatigue and depression make it extremely hard for me to keep going and I need assistance to clean this up and make it presentable.

The x2 and 1/2 damage is awkward, but it's there to squeeze mechs in between personal and starship combat without having to give them two different sets of stats for either combat. It was originally x3 and 1/3 (so that the total difference between players -> mechs -> ships was x9, close to the existing players -> ships difference of x10) but I found that x2 produced mechs with abilities closer to their CR (tier + 5) and double/half is much easier mathematically.

I would appreciate any feedback from actual play. Nobody has reported anything back to me yet.

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Very cool!


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