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Hello, everyone!

Introductory background bla:
After an extended absence from anything D&D, I've recently taken up Pathfinder. My newly-minted wizard is just about to receive an invitation to the funeral of his dear departed mentor Professor Petros Lorrimor in Ustalav, where Carrion and Crowns will probably abound. And although the whole setup seems rather foreboding, he's really a big old softie and will probably attend anyway. Hooray for Wisdom dump stats!

But, on to the topic: This wizard (Conjuration specialist tending towards battlefield control) would of course never embark on such a journey without his trusted Arcane Bond. Since I've already noticed familiars just aren't made for me - I tend towards the whole "who's Blackwing?" thing - I've decided on a bonded object. The only question is: Which one should it be?

The options are rings, amulets, weapons, staves or wands.
Weapons are right out as I don't plan on using anything beyond the obligatory low-level crossbow.
Staves might be interesting, but I can only start enchanting them at 11th level when the campaign starts at level 1. So... nice idea, but I'm not holding an overgrown twig in my hand for 10 levels. Pass.

That leaves rings, amulets and wands.
Wands are interesting in general and the enchanting would at least start off at 5th level, but I'm not all that sure I really have any spells I want to cast 60 times in reasonably quick succession. Plus, it's once again one hand that I'd prefer to use on the crossbow at first - and since my wizard tends to bamf around the battlefield at least somewhat, dropping important items is really not something I'd like to do.
Amulets and rings really only occupy their slot that I'd put an amulet or ring on either way. However, this still leaves the question if there are good crafting options. I've looked a little through the standard magic items and found the old standys:
Amulet of Natural Armor - requires Bark Skin, a druid spell.
Ring of Sustenance - requires Create Food and Water, a cleric spell.
Ring of Protection - requires Shield of Faith, which sounds totally like a wizard spell, but is in fact clerical.
Ring of Wizardry - woohoo, a wizard spell requirement! And it is... Limited Wish...

So: What bonded items do your wizards use, what do they evolve into once they can be enchanted and why?

I used a ring (Halfling necromancer, That One Ring, just for the giggle factor). If you find a good ring early in your adventuring career, you can still wear it in your other ring slot, plus that means you don't need to take Forge Ring, whereas amulets can be made with Craft Wondrous Item, which half of us wizards were going to take anyway.

Requirements for a ring -- no problem, just up the Spellcraft DC by 5, which you are going to be making in your sleep anyway. And you can upgrade a ring of protection bit by bit as you need it, instead of one whopping hunk of gold all at once.

Other rings you might want, badly -- ring of freedom of movement, ring of counterspells, ring of spell storing...

Oh, that +5 DC substitution is an interesting rule indeed, I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing it out! That of course makes things a lot easier.

Ring usually.

My Arcanist (With Arcane Bloodline) is using a Staff of Entwined Serpents that my GM is allowing me to add staff abilities to at level 11

The big weakness to objects that need to be held is you are prevented from using metamagic rods for non still spells.

Java Man wrote:
The big weakness to objects that need to be held is you are prevented from using metamagic rods for non still spells.

Ouch, I hadn't even noticed that. I guess if I didn't find wands and rods relatively uninteresting anyway, I'd be inclined to petition the GM to rule that a hand holding a bonded object is considered free for purposes of somatic components.

In any case: Thanks, everyone! I guess I'm going for a ring then - both the ability to use at least one found item of the same kind and the lesser opportunity to use an item craft feat once that likely wouldn't see much more times of use anyway make it a pretty nice deal.

Although it seems that you've already made the decision, I too will voice my support for a ring as a bonded object. I really adore familiars, great fun and useful mechanically, and I've never been able to convince myself to take a bonded object instead when given the chance. But the closest I came was when I considered taking a bonded object to get a ring. Part of my logic was that although I'm almost certainly going to take Craft Wondrous Item (which would cover amulets) and could plausibly take Craft Wand if I plan to use them a lot, I don't think I would ever take Forge Ring. Because of that, taking a ring as my bonded item means I will definitely be able to take advantage of the fact that I don't need the appropriate crafting feat to upgrade it- that benefit is wasted if I end up taking the feat on my own!

Besides that, a ring seems much harder to steal or sunder than the other options, if you have to worry about that kind of thing with your DM.

If you're still thinking about what kind of ring to make, I second Tonyz's suggestion of a Ring of Freedom of Movement.

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I always wanted to play a crazy wizard that uses a stuffed parrot named Rupert as his bonded item. He intended to make Rupert his familiar but he passed away. So the wizard had him stuffed and used him as an arcane bonded item.

Would Rupert be an amulet or wand?

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Java Man wrote:
Would Rupert be an amulet or wand?

I planned to make Rupert an amulet since the wizard would wear him on his shoulder. But I am amused by the idea of making Rupert into a wand of scorching ray that shoots heat rays out of his eyes.

Schrödinger's Dragon wrote:
If you're still thinking about what kind of ring to make, I second Tonyz's suggestion of a Ring of Freedom of Movement.

Freedom of Movement is always nice. However, I'm playing a Conjurer with the teleportation school archetype, meaning that most times when Freedom of Movement is called for, I can just Dimensional Step or Shift away. As far as I can see, Freedom of Movement would be mostly helpful against paralysis and conditions that both impede movement and block sight (so basically... Solid Fog and/or being Swallowed Whole).

Also: Rupert seems like a great idea!

Ring of Invisibility is a great object for a teleporting conjuration specialist. That requires you to hit 7th to make, but it is probably my favorite for your character path.

Another fun potential could be an Amulet of Mighty Fists of Spell Storing. If and when some silly thing comes up to threaten you, hit them with a shocking grasp and zotz them with a second effect too. You can start this up at level 3 for 2000gp crafting cost.

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