I could use some help planning gear upgrades

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Still rather new to PFS and got a character to the point that its time to start spending gold, I think. Having a bit of trouble figuring out what's the right progressions of items/upgrades to plan on, so that I'm not useless at different tiers.

Playing a Strength Magus, with enough dex to max the breastplate when I get to level 7. Trying to avoid the stereotype scimitar shocking grasp magus. I've been using a mix of damage and battlefield control spells (still prepare one shocking grasp... just not built around it).

I really like the idea of taking heavy armor proficiency at 7 and grabbing a mythril fullplate, given that PFS doesn't reach the levels that Magus gets to go heavy armor otherwise. I know its probably not a net-win... wasting a feat and probably breaking even on AC with the max dex bonus, but its still enticing. But that complicates a straight "get to your chosen armor type and upgrade it" figuring out how to minimize the lost gold from selling back the earlier armor....

Current relevant combat gear is masterwork cold iron longsword, masterwork chainshirt, (non-masterwork) silver warhammer, longbow.
Assorted other gear that puts me 1-2 lbs below any form of encumbrance.

My thought on gearing is:
after this session: upgrade longsword and chain shirt to +1, (5k, taking the 2k cold iron hit), cloak of resistance +1.

probably followed by a belt of giant strength +2 when I can afford it.

Not really sure after that what to prioritize. Any useful guidelines? Kinda feel like I should get a magic ranged weapon and/or flight option soon? Since I'm taking some battlefield control spells the headband of int to up the DC might be useful, though otherwise it doesn't feel critical. Probably should grab the handy haversack.... but once I get the belt and/or switch to medium/heavy armor its not really needed for encumbrance reasons.


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You can now get several characters up to Level 20 in PFS. I have a dozen characters between Levels 12-15 (including a Magus in Adamantine Fullplate), and am aiming to get a Druid and Warpriest to 20 by end of next year.

So if high level play appeals to you, build for that.

For your current build, I would recommend leaving your cold iron weapon as a backup (and eventually getting rid of it entirely). As a Magus you'll be overcoming most forms of DR using your Arcane Pool.

Go with something like an Adamantine Falcata. You can gain proficiency for the low cost of 1500gp.

If you're Strength based I would reserve the Handy Haversack for later. You shouldn't be encumbered, and the benefit of drawing items isn't as good for you as say an Alchemist or scroll user.

If you decide on Mithral Fullplate you can always retrain Heavy Armor Proficiency when you reach 13th level.

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Magi are good for debuffing also. Repeated frostbites are great for subduing opponents and chill touches to make weaken the strength. BUT, the class is not there to do battlefield control. The wizard or the cleric will always do it better and trying so won't give great results as the magus won't be out taking shots for those behind and as such not doing its tanking job.

I would recommend taking Disruptive as a magus arcana at 6 along with Step Up to really pester the spellcaster. The problem is that it would need a 30ft. speed not slowed by armor in any way that might be an issue.

For the weapon I might favor the scimitar simply because it's budget-free and with a great crit range, even if the multiplier is poor


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I'm not familiar with Disruptive as an arcana, if someone had Boots of Striding and Springing would that help them get over the '30ft' speed 'not slowed by armor in any way' issue?

OP said was trying to avoid scimitar... perhaps an exotic bladed weapon for grins?

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The class guides are located in the message board or at Zenith Games page.

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Personally I would keep the MW cold iron longsword as is (don't enchant) and sell the hammer back.
Think about taking exotic weapon feat for bastard sword(6lbs){read bastard sword description, spellstrike and spell combat carefully} or the falcata(4lbs). Once you do, but a MW cold iron, MW obsidian(UE), or MW elysian bronze(UE) one. Start saving for an adamantine or mithral one. You'll enchant these as you go up in levels. I wouldn't rely on a magic item to allow your main attack form.
Excellent secondary weapons are; cestus, gladius, lucerne hammer, morningstar, sap.
For first level spells you need shield, vanish, long arm, and expdt retreat along with your attack spells.
Think about buying 2 spring-loaded wrist sheaths and 5-6 wands via PA. Put a cure/ifrnl heal in one and vanish/obs mist in the other. Weaponwand, long arm, disguise weapon, illusion of calm are all very handy.
You'll need mithral breastplate or chain shirt and enchant that as you go up and upgrade if you want.
Only buy cold iron ammo and silver and adamantine weapon blanch. Apply the silver to 10 and the adamantine to 10.
Buy a combat trained heavy war horse asap. 326gp for the set and put some ranks in Ride. You don't have to attack with it but it ups your average move and carries your heavy stuff, like a MW lucerne hammer.

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