Order #4551018 & 4553050 (xref: October Scenarios Issues)

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Hi There,

Being an IT person, I can appreciate the difficulties that this month's release of October SFS & PFS scenarios has caused. I'd like to thank the Customer Service Staff for their openness on the issue and the IT Staff for getting this rectified as quickly as humanly (and digitally) possible.

As noted in this post, I was having issues with my PFS scenarios not arriving as I am GM'ing this in a few days.

I spoke with Customer Service on the phone yesterday (shortly after 12pm Central), and the fine lady I spoke too (sorry, can't remember her name) indicated that if really needed the scenario ASAP, that I'd be okay to purchase the scenario outright, and that when the transaction finally went through for the subscription, you'd be able to credit back one of the transactions.

When I got home yesterday (~5PM Central), PFS 9-06 hadn't yet landed in my downloads so I bought it under Order #4553050. (with my Paizo Advantage Discount, this came to $4.24).

I noticed this morning that Order #4551018 went through a few hours later (~8pm Central), which included the final authorization to my credit card for 9-06 ($3.99).

Because it's not actually possible to these digital products twice, can I ask to have one of them refunded (credit on account is fine, as I have a number of subscriptions).


Customer Service Representative

Hi Karpana,

Thanks for that info. I've refunded the non-subscription purchase to you as store credit.

If we can help with anything else, please let us know.


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