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So I´m getting ready for my first game with Starfinder, so reading the core book like crazy. So far I like what I have seen. But since this is my first D20 game, I really want to get everything programmed into my brain before I start :D

One of the rules I have not find an answer for is, what happens if you have an energy resistance for say fire and get shoot by a weapon that does both F&E(or another energy combination)? In the rules all that is specified is if an attack does kinetic and energy damage.

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Damage is split 50/50 between types. So for F&E half would be Fire half Electricity. Then you'd apply resistances to each part of the damage.

The rule is on p. 169, under weapon damage:

Starfinder Core Rulebook wrote:

The energy and kinetic damage types are described below,
including the abbreviations for each that appear in the weapon
tables in this chapter. Weapons that deal multiple types of
damage have an ampersand between the types (such as “B & E”
for a weapon that deals bludgeoning and electricity damage).
For such weapons, half the damage dealt is one type, and half
is the other (if the damage done is an odd number, select one
damage type to round up, rounding down the other damage
type normally).

To add a few examples to Maezer's explaination, say you're rocking 5 points of fire resistance, and someone shoots you with a plasma rifle for 15 damage. Plasma rifles do fire and electrical damage. Half the damage here is fire, wich you reduce by 5 becouse you have fire resistance. This means you take 10 damage total.

If he'd dealt you 8 damage with that blow, you'd have only reduced the damage by 4, becouse only 4 points of that damage are fire.

Hope that helps you out.

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