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Seems to me that all PCs in the examples of play in the CRB are told as female, but that is not true (I guess).

Can anyone tell me what are the sex/gender of:

Crix (human solarian)
Kopupali (damaya lashunta mechanic)
Kostchek (shirren envoy)
Obozaya (vesk soldier - ok, I know she is the iconic female vesk)
Petal (ysoki technomancer)

Buddy (android technomancer)
Sssazza (vesk solarian)
Cha'lak (shirren mystic)
Merris (korasha lashunta envoy)

Elidu (human envoy)
Koranwa (kasatha mystic)
Rose-5 (android mechanic)
Twitch (shirren operative)
Wothar (dwarf soldier)

Chapter 1
GM - Male
Crix - Male PC, Male Player
Kopupali - Female PC, Male Player
Kostchek - Female PC, Female Player
Obozaya - Female PC, Male Player
Petal - Female PC, Female Player

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Crix is written as male as is the GM in example 1. But does it really matter? Even if it was 100% female?

Chapter 8
GM - Female
Buddy - Male PC, Male Player
Sssazza - Female PC, Female Player
Cha'lak - Female PC, Female Player
Merris - Male PC, Male Player

Chapter 9
GM - Female
Elidu - Female PC, Female Player
Koranwa - Male PC, Unknown Player*
Rose-5 - Female PC, Female Player
Twitch - Host Gender, Male Player
Wothar - Male PC, Female Player**

Either Chris Lambertz' PC, making the player female, or Chris Carey, making the player male.

**LJ is Owen's wife.

Thanks bookrat!

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