Roll For Combat: A Starfinder Actual Play Podcast, Episodes 1-5 Available

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Hi, Starfinder/Pathfinder/Paizo people!

Like others, we are running through the Dead Suns Adventure Path for Starfinder. Unlike others, we have special guests playing NPCs and others in the game industry. Our first episode had Thurston Hillman and future episodes are scheduled to have a who's who of gaming luminaries.

Our players are pros with over 170+ years of combined role-playing experience and our group has been playing together for more than a dozen years. We know how to get the best ... and worst ... from one another.

Plus we are running a $1000 launch giveaway that runs until the end of November. Everyone who enters will win a prize with a chance to win Amazon gift cards and custom t-shirts.

In addition, we have a detailed breakdown of each show with our Talking Combat segment, images from each show on our Discord page, and an extremely responsive crew. You can download our shows through iTunes, Android, or listen via the website itself.

Episode 1: Greetings And Salutations (with Thurston Hillman)
Episode 2: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right
Episode 3: Cops, Cut-Throats, and Career Opportunities
Episode 4: CSI: Absalom Station
Episode 5: And A Side Order of Rat

We release a new episode every Tuesday morning with the Talking Combat followup every Thursday morning.

If you want to follow us you can check out our custom Starfinder artwork on our website, our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Discord or the old fashioned way at

We're an extremely responsive crew, hit us up with any questions/comments you have ... or just talk about Starfinder/Pathfinder! We love talking games. Thanks!

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