Any chance of a Pathfinder Battles—Builder Series: (Kobolds)?


So I'm really liking the undead and goblin builder series, but I've got this campaign I want to run based around kobolds and dragonkin. Is there any chance of us getting a builder series with some decent kobbies?

There are very few kobold minis that I like/can get with ease, and it would be nice to have more kobbie fodder.

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Only two of Pathfinder Battles kobolds are sold out at Paizo and by the feel there are not enough sculpts to justify a builder set yet.

Plus the other two sets have been sitting on the shelf for over 4 years now, looks like they are not selling that well.

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Ultimately, WizKids determines the format for Pathfinder Battles releases (we provide advice), but I'd be pretty surprised if they propose any new releases in the Builder format.

There are a lot of sellers on ebay who part out the random kits and resell individual models. A quick look suggests you could get a variety of kobolds that way at ~2 or 3 dollars a model. It's a bit more tedious, but the end result and cost will be about the same.

Alternately there is the deep cuts range which do a pack of three kobolds which are cheaper but unpainted. I suspect Reaper Bones does some cheap (albeit unpainted) kobolds as well (though IIRC they are dog faced rather than reptile themed).

Thanks Vic.

Yeah, I know about resellers. Even checking places like Troll and Toad, there aren't that many kobold designs (or at least decent ones), spread across the various brands and boxes. I was hoping for a surge of kobold/dragonkin sculps packed together to splurge on (though I think Tyranny of Dragons had some decent dragonkin).

Oh well, thanks for the comments all.

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but even the builder sets where the same sculpts as in the cases, only with a new paint job. So given that only 2 sculpts of Kobolds are sold out at Paizo a builder set is not going to give you much new that you can't already purchase here.

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