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The campaign that I am about to start playing in is down to two players. Since we are running the Skull and Shackles AP, and we wanted to keep things easy for the GM, we decided to add a third "cooperative" PC that the other player and I will run together, so that the combat is more balanced.

So far, I am playing a Beastmorph/Vivisectionist Alchemist, and the other player is playing an Oracle of some sort (not sure what build, but I would expect something melee and not focused on healing). What would be a good third character? I've already built a level 1 Sorcerer and Warpriest, but I'm open to another class as well.

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Classes with some kind of animal companion or equivalent are generally preferable for small parties, since it gives you more bodies to work with. As a result, I feel the Summoner and Druid are uniquely suited to small parties due to their very diverse skill-set and strong companion option. Given that you already have a 9-level divine caster, Summoner is the big standout. However, I think given that you already have two strong melee presences that you definitely could fit in a squishier offering.

Sorcerer would be a great option to complement the two characters you already have, and higher levels can be a real force to be reckoned with. It's also nice since you don't have to worry about daily spell preparations like a Wizard, which would be a real pain on a secondary character. Sorcerers still need careful building, but once built they're good to go. Warpriest is a fine class too, but you already have an Oracle so Sorcerer would complement your existing skill-set better. So between those two options I'd go with the Sorcerer personally if you already have one built.

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Sylvan Sorcerer animal companion and arcane casting. Spirit Binder wizard does something similar. Evangelist with animal domain is great as well.

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I'd suggest a bard. His/her buffs would help out both of the 3/4 BAB melees you already have (and his own attacks if/when he gets into the fray). Bards also have a wide array of skills they can cover and their spell list is very different from alchemists. There's also a couple of archetypes that let you pick up trapfinding if that's something you're worried about, or at least one that gets a familiar if you want some kind of scout.

I like Dasrak's suggestion. A wisdom based character could keep the party out of trouble and round things out. If I read right, alchemist is int, oracle is charisma, and a druid would cover the intellects. He/she'd probably funkin hate the alchemist though, at least that's how i'd play it.

^A Cave Druid might not hate the Alchemist so much . . . .

Arcanist. For all the useful utility spells plus some firepower.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll stick to sorcerer, as it seems easier to maintain for long periods of time without lots of in game prep.

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If sorcerer is the decission, I will double down on recommending the sylvan bloodline. Good luck.

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