Interest Check: PFS scenarios run as a non-PFS campaign


I've been looking over the Starfinder material and I am keen to try it out but I am not yet confident in my ability to craft a game wholesale. But PFS scenarios off "mini-adventures" that could reasonably put together into a plotline. As time goes on and I get the feel for it, I could start crafting my own material.

Understand, I would like to add homebrew elements which means that this game will not be eligible for PFS credit, since PFS games have to adhere precisely with the rules. I don't intend to change a lot but I want the freedom to be able to do so.

I am currently running two online games, one homebrew and the other Pathfinder RotRL. The homebrew game has been running for a couple years now, and the Runelords game will hit the six-month mark in a few days.

I would expect this game to run at a slow pace, maybe one post per day or two. Normally no more than one post per weekend.

How much interest is there in this type of game?

All the interest.

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I've played most of the PFS scenarios prior to season 8, but I still would be interested. Given my memory for the adventures, I don't I'd spoil anything.

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I think it sounds fun. I stopped playing PFS several years ago because I prefer longer plots, but the scenarios were always interesting, and stringing them together into something new sounds intriguing.

Sounds interesting. I've done PFS less that a year, so a lot of the scenarios I have never played. I also prefer longer plots with the same characters mostly. You can get more interparty roleplaying that is mostly lacking in regular PFS games.

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I would join you in this adventure.

I would definitely potentially be interested in such a campaign! How adverse are you to third party products? I've got a few ideas for Pathfinders using Drop Dead Studio's Spheres of Might,especially with their new "Gish" book Archetype playtest.

This sounds very interesting. Is there a particular season you have in mind?

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Dotting. Sounds interesting. I've only played one or two society scenarios over the years, so it would be something new for me.

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Sorry, is this Starfinder characters or Pathfinder characters? I see references to both in your post, so I'm not sure which it is.


I would like that clarified too.

I am very interested in playing Starfinder. I purchased the rules and am going to start running it. Playing it is something I want to do.

Sorry, I should have been more clear: I was talking about Starfinder (SFS) scenarios rather than PFS scenarios. And Starfinder characters. I don't know Starfinder nearly well enough yet to be converting PFS scenarios to Starfinder, but that is a cool idea for the future.

I know there isn't a lot of selection of SFS modules yet. But they make a good starting point I think, and they are mostly low-tier.

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