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Paizo stated they will not be running any organized games at PAX Unplugged this year unfortunately. I was curious if there are people who are attending that are interested in banding together to run a few scenarios either as a player or GM.

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Is there room for pickup games there? I had been planning on attending until I heard there weren't scenarios being run. I would be interested.

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While I'm not really interested in PFS, I am interested in running/playing some SFS either Friday or Sunday (I have a tournament that should run most of the day on Saturday.)

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It looks like there might be some games being posted on Warhorn by the local PFS scene. Keep an eye out for a schedule.


Ragoz wrote:
Is there room for pickup games there? I had been planning on attending until I heard there weren't scenarios being run. I would be interested.

From what I understand there are open gaming tables that are going to be use for any game type/system.

Hey everyone, this thread came up in a google news alert for PAX Unplugged so uh... here I am! PAX Tabletop manager here. Not having organized games from Paizo was indeed a bummer. However, we've made a deal with a local Pathfinder Society group to run a few table's worth of scheduled scenarios. Should have the details ironed out soon, and a scheduled event will appear.

The rest of the post here are accurate, we have a limited number of tables down in our RPG area that you can reserve (I would get there early). There are tons of freeplay tables located throughout the convention, though, and there are no rules as to what games can be played on what tables. The ones in our dedicated RPG area just happen to be in quieter space.

Thanks for making something happen. I booked myself for pax assuming something would be happening, and I'm incredibly grateful that folks are at least putting together a little something.

I'd also be happy to volunteer some time to help if you need

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Link to related thread.

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Schedule is up.

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Matthew Morgan 727 wrote:
However, we've made a deal with a local Pathfinder Society group to run a few table's worth of scheduled scenarios.

Not A local Pathfinder Society group, THE local Pathfinder Society group!

Philly Lodge, represent!

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Also, Vari has us covered with the link above, but I'll go ahead and post my schtick from other threads here ANYWAY!

Hey everyone!

The Philadelphia Pathfinder Society Lodge contacted PFS HQ and the PAX Unplugged team after seeing the many threads on the question of PFS at PAX Unplugged, and we managed to scrounge together a few tables of events for attendees! (Don't thank me, I'm just the messanger: Venture-Captain Benn Roe and soon-to-be-Venture-Agent Robyn Allen did all of the real work putting this together.)

Philly Lodge has a WarHorn that you can use to sign up for PFS games at PAX Unplugged here, and we would love if you guys helped us spread the word (and the link) around.

I don't quite know all of the details, but from what I understand Benn and Robyn are under some pressure to make sure we have games at all of the tables we've got, so if you sign up for something the team REALLY needs you to make sure that you show up to your table on time! (Unlike old hat conventions like GenCon, there are no tickets for games to help us ensure commitment. We gotta go with your word if you sign off on a scenario.)

If you have any questions and you're on Facebook, you can either PM them t me here, or send them to me on our Facebook Group and I'll do everything I can to get you any additional information that you're looking for.


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An update on Pax Unplugged.
We have more table space available and have expanded the schedule. This of course means we could use a few more GMs. So if you are interested in volunteering your time, we would love to see you there!

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Hmmm, so this may be somewhat premature but do we know if we'll get more representation from Paizo next year at PAX-U? As was said above if Benn, Robyn (and Tim S.) hadn't stepped up we would have been twiddling our thumbs with virtually no (or at least minimal) PFS\SFS. I've heard PFS at GenCon is run pretty well so maybe PAX-U and Paizo can adopt something similar to that model? Just a thought!

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PAX Unplugged was announced fairly late in comparison to when it was being run for the first year, and there were a lot of unknowns with the space. Next year it will probably be easier to organise a paizo presence and get an idea of how many tables PAX-U will be able to support.

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Yeah I figured the first year is tough, not sure what kinda demand you'll get, what the space is like, etc. PAX-U was good but I'd definitely say the RPG area needed more room, hopefully next year it'll be bigger (for all RPG's, not just Paizo's). Crossing my fingers!

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Is there something being planned for Pax unplugged 2018? My normal early December con got moved to January, so I want to know if I should start convincing my wife

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