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Apologies in advance if this is a straightforward question but I'm not sure how Starfinder Society character experience is supposed to work in APs. I'm a veteran GM going to run my first Society game and want to prepare accordingly.

The problem is that the AP 'Dead Suns' has multiple level ranges that don't seem to match up with the experience Society adventures give out. I've read over the SFS rules pdf and Dead Suns rules pdf and it seems like the PCs get 3 experience AFTER they complete AP #1. There are two problems with this understanding.

1) The AP itself says the PCs should level up twice by the end of the AP (starting at level 1 and ending at level 3).
2) The next AP lists level 3-4 as the level range.

Am I understanding correctly that to run this AP the PCs need to run the first adventure as 1st level characters (or second level if they've run other scenarios) and don't level up until AFTER they've completed it? And then, can't run AP #2 until they've run secondary scenarios to get up to 3rd level (assuming they weren't 2nd level to start with)? So basically there's no way to go from a beginning level 1 SFS PC and play through all 6 APs one after the other?

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You are correct. When playing non-Society play, you earn 2 levels worth of XP per AP book. When playing under the Society rules, you earn 1 level, requiring additional Society participation to advance. I'm not the most qualified to explain the "Why," however.

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3 XP per AP book is a carryover from PFS, where Pathfinder AP books are longer and only a subsection is sanctioned for level appropriate play with PFS characters.

As with PFS, there is a second option, which is to play the AP with the normal XP progression using non-Society characters, then apply the chronicle sheet and credit for playing the AP section to an SFS character. Based on what I've heard about the difficult of certain parts of book 1, this is probably the best option.

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Has anyone run the AP for SFS yet? For PFS I think it was assumed a 3 xp module runs about 8 hours of table time. How long is the SFS AP taking to run?

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Three sessions. One per part.

We run from 3:30 to 8:30, and only the last one was close to time, so I'd imagine 12 hours on average if you don;t go haring off in a weird direction.

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I have run it twice and played it once. 4 hours per part (there are 3 parts) is reasonable. It's about 6.5 hours of straight mechanics with no role-play or investigation done by players. By the time you factor the rest in, 12 hours is about right, which is perfect for 3 4-hour sessions.

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