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Hello fine people,

We’ve just started a homebrew campaign for starfinder, and after creating my kasathas Solarian I am still wondering which of the two feats I have in mind will get more use.

fleet (I’m mainly melee with solar weapon), or longarms proficiency (I really don’t want to pew with a pea shooter when melee is out of the question)

It’s not a point buy and I have rolled pretty decent stats with a good dexterity, so I don’t really want to follow the melee Solarian guide in getting heavy armour, with little mobility at low levels.


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Longarm Proficiency is a big commitment to getting Specialization later, I wouldn't advise it for a melee character.

Personally, I'd advise a Save enhancer. Spellbane is amazing, and unless your Con and Wis are both very good you could probably use Iron Will or Great Fortitude as well. Saves are sorta the weak spot for many melee Solarian builds.

If you rolled and got good stats, I suggest you go with the Solarian Armor instead of the Solar Weapon. Then pick up a good 2handed reach weapon (Pike) and a Tactical Starknife for range (Uses Strength for thrown to hit).

Feats, your suggestions -
Fleet: I consider this a below average feat. By 2nd level, with Stellar Rush, you don't really need the movement. Plus there's a number of spells and tech that can help movement
Longarm Proficiency: BAD! most of the Solarian abilities only work with melee. Spending a feat slot on something you only plan on using rarely just looks like a bad decision. If you want options like this, take you're first level as a Blitz Soldier.

Common Suggestions -
Weapon Focus: Oldy but goody, bonus to hit is always helpful.
Step Up: While nice, not needed. Reach weapon do not have a "dead zone" now. The can attack both 5' and 10' away now. Just get within 5' of the person going *pew pew* and they're in trouble.

I have been tempted to go with Improved Bull Rush. Which doesn't really come into effect till 2nd level when you can combine it with Stellar Rush (Photon Mode). You deal 2D6 Fire damage with Stellar Rush Bull Rush attempt and if successful, you push your target back allowing you to take a AO from the forced movement (common opinion is forced movement does provoke).

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First, thanks for your replies.

I was browsing the boards and saw a lot of emphasis on getting longarms proficiency for virtually every class. It seemed a sound idea, especially as I’m playing him as a wise and cautious character. It wasn’t about being optimal, it was more to do with being all rounded, and as we do homebrew, not society play or even the AP, things can be done slightly differently - long rooms / blockades / outdoors where melee might not be possible.

Deadmanwalking: I hadn’t really thought of the save buffers as my saves aren’t too bad, though that is certainly an option now. I think the investment in longarms, then specialisation is a feat too many, I might as well pew with a pistol or throw weapons.

Matt: unfortunately I’m a glutton for the rule of cool, I’m sticking with a solar blade errrr lightsaber™. I’m not a fan of being ‘the best’, just not an underperformer. I will take a look at step up though, if not for this feat, definitely for the future, that looks fun. Also bull rushing seems to be tougher in starfinder, so is it worth the investment? I’m definitely going to get hold of a starknife probably with the returning fusion when I get the money!!

Stellar Rush in photon mode, if you bull rush, is a auto 2D6 fire/reflex save for half damage. Otherwise it's a charge attack without the penalties, which still requires a to hit role.

At the moment, I have a love/hate relation to the Bull Rush / 2D6 fire damage and the chance to knock someone back, triggering a AoO. With Improved Bullrush, going by the numbers others have posted, you'll only succeed about 35% of the time for knocking them back.

Knocking them back will open up more fire lanes to your party shooters but it also means you wont be able to full attack. Unless your target is also a melee type and needs to step back up to you.

Rambling a bit as my morning caffeine is wearing off.

I figured that heavy armor proficiency was important enough for melee solarions tthat it was essentially a 1st level feat tax.

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martinaj wrote:
I figured that heavy armor proficiency was important enough for melee solarions tthat it was essentially a 1st level feat tax.

Not if you roll stats and got a high enough Dex. Not nearly as much anyway. I'd probably still recommend it eventually, but it's a lot less urgent.

If you aren't getting heavy armor your best choice is probably weapon focus.


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I have a good dex, so I’m going for a light armoured mobile warrior. I have stealth and eventually want the stealth boosting revelations. I don’t have engineering, and as we have a mechanic and a human operative with 18 int covering it, I don’t intend to take it, I’ll be awful!

I will probably go for weapon focus or possibly step up now, though is it a poor choice with fleet? I know you can get your hands on cyberware after a few levels to boost speed, but the idea of zipping across the battlefield at a move of 70 with stellar rush sounds fun.

Basically my character is filling in with the parties missing skills, diplomacy, life science (from skill adept), and mysticism.

Thanks again for your replies.

For the record, A Kasatha solarian has an option with melee that other races don't:

Have a tactical doshko in two hands, and your solar weapon in a third hand.

On your turn, attack with the Tactical Doshko for mad damage (1d12+5 in solar mode, assuming STR 18). Then use the solar weapon for attacks of opportunity. You can't full attack with the tactical Doshko, but you will have to move into melee a lot anyway.

Though if you want to full attack a lot, you could also switch to the flame doshko which targets EAC instead of KAC.

A melee solarian doesn't actually need the solar weapon; until weapon crystals are in play the solar weapon is not as good as most options that you have for purchase.

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I would go with a returning or called starknife rather then spending feats on longarms. The starknife only requires one hand, uses your strength for both attack and damage rolls, and gets full specialization damage.

On Solarian I like the step up feats as abilities like radiation and corona require you to stick close to enemies. Coordinated shot is also a good one so long as you keep your ally's sight lines in mind and it pairs nicely with Step Up so the enemy can't guarded step away to remove the bonus.

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