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Hello, hivemind!

I'm in the midst of building a Master Summoner, and as usual, I find myself pretty meh on a lot of the currently available first-party summoning feats available. I really don't care about my eidolon.

So, my question is: What third party feats are out there for enhancing the summoning of monsters?

If your GM allows some 3.5 throwback material, I've got some favorites that I used on my master summoner.

Beckon the Frozen:

With summon minor natural ally, that's a bunch of weasels that attach for 1d6 cold damage per round. Nice!

Cloudy Conjuration is also situationally fun, and good for getting concealment.

Considering Beckon the Frozen. Cloudy Conjuration is interesting, but I was really hoping there's more generic summoned-creature-buff spells to fill out with.

It's really a shame Ashbound and Greenbound Summoning from 3.5 are SNA only.

Depending on your alignment, something like Summon Good Creature can further expand your options.

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