Interest Check -- Even Longer Ago In That Galaxy Far, Far Away [Homebrew SWEU / SoP / 3940s BBY]


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Syrus, one thing you will find with PbP is that you usually have way more applicants then you can take, and just before the game starts you will have to chose only a limited number of them to join.
Thats just kinda normal for online PbP, and with this particular game which is unusual it may be even more so.
In this game, you won't be starting for another few months or so, and that is a long time for things to change, people to bring ideas in or people removing their intrest.
On top of that is this games significant homebrew aspects and largescale conversions that are difficult and a lot of work. The more people willing to help with this and bring in new ideas, the better I would say!
So I would suggest allowing applicants to keep applying, if they are willing :)
Also, first come, first serve doesn't work too well with such a large gap between now and game start, and also doesn't handle people deciding to withdraw their applications too well.

As for me and the slower posting speed, that should work fine for me.
I *aim* for a once-a-day posting rate but reality is I tend to be on the slower end of things :(
A little slower is fine with me :)

I also expected to be able to help out a lot more with some of the conversions and had some ideas for them, however reality is proving that to be slower and lesser then I first expected :(
I will keep plugging away at them but they are not happening immediately.

Spheres of Power Rules, Section III

Light (Light-side aligned)

Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- no changes

Standard Talents

Glow -- as written
Banned: Encompassing Light, Flicker
Adjusted: none

Advanced Talents

Banned: Diffuse Body, Incarnate Glow, Light Speed, Radiation


Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- no changes

Standard Talents

Suggestion -- as written
Banned: none
Adjusted: none

Advanced Talents -- no changes


Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- no changes

Standard Talents

Geomancing -- as written, but with a caveat concerning the Metal: Recover Ore power: This ability could have even greater implications in the Star Wars Universe than it does in Pathfinder, simply because of the scope of technologies that could exploit this ability. If you're interested in taking such a subtle power, do so, and know that it can be a great boon; its application will be something I will monitor closely.
Banned: none
Adjusted: none

Advanced Talents

Banned: none
Adjusted: none

Protection (Light-side aligned)

Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- as written

Standard Talents -- as written

Advanced Talents -- as written


Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- as written

Standard Talents

NOTE: Many of the talents in this sphere, as written, would have direct implications concerning the blaster bolt deflection which is a "trademark" of most Force-users, especially Jedi and Sith. As I have not yet refined the particulars of the various lightsaber-wielding martial traditions, this treatment will likely call for revision at a later date. For the present, though, be aware: I am likely going to grant most Force-users (but perhaps not all of them!) a variant ability tied to the Guardian sphere and/or the Combat Reflexes feat to address the ability to block/deflect/reflect (eventually) incoming ranged attacks. This feature will take into account the nature of the incoming attack -- energy weapons to block energy attacks, physical weapons to block physical attacks, and so on -- in order to emulate the difficulty of dealing with an attack for which the defender has no appropriate implement. I am sure that many of you recognize that this concession must be made in order to preserve the attractiveness of the non-Force-wielding classes and game balance derived from action economy. While it *is* consistent with the mythos that conflict between "normals" and Force-users usually only goes one way, it would be wholly irresponsible of me to preserve that typicality with no effort given to keeping all the classes on as even a keel as possible.

A Brainstorm of Blaster Deflection:
1) Tying the deflection ability to Combat Reflexes or the Guardian sphere (or both) would do much to preserve action economy, but would also essentially provide lightsaber-wielders with a variable amount of DR. This would be compounded by the difficulties brought on in execution: do you block the first blaster shots coming your way, or only the ones that would have hit you? Since we have mythos references to even Jedi Masters being overwhelmed by concentrated blasterfire (Ki-Adi Mundi, Ayla Secura), I am inclined to say that blaster deflection is resolved in a 'first in, first out' manner -- once you've blocked as many as you can block, you'd better hope they miss after that. Which, of course, motivates sound tactical decisions: trusting the Force doesn't mean you should tax it.

2) One alternative calls for an amount of violation of class features that I would expect would rankle most of you: sacrificing one of your bonus sphere/talent selections to gain access to the Protection sphere and changing the basic aegis to enable such deflection. This allows for the possibility of not being able to deflect in at least two cases: first, when you have not generated the aegis; second, if you choose not to take the Protection sphere (because I truly do not want to railroad any character build decisions). The loss of even one talent choice may make some character builds unappealing for some of you (I also don't wish to make one of the primary draws to a game in this setting unpalatable.).

3) A fresh brainstorm from right now: Another alternative could involve a different type of violation -- permanently sacrificing a spell Force point in order to indicate the very real costs of having the ability to deflect blasterfire or other ranged attacks. You lose some of your total Force potential, but you are always able to utilize the ability.

Please provide feedback on this point!

Banned: none
Adjusted: none

Advanced Talents

Banned: Affix, Astral Affixation
Adjusted: none

That's all I have time for today. I may be able to address some more of this tonight, but that remains to be seen. Telekinesis is a mess, and will be for a while longer, but run with it, if you want it.

Spheres of Power Rules, Section IV


Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- no changes

Standard Talents

Haste: -- as written
Slow: -- as written

Banned: Time Freeze
Adjusted: Eject -- This talent will be changed to an Advanced Talent, requiring 10th caster level.
Retry -- This talent will be changed to an Advanced Talent, requiring 10th caster level.

Advanced Talents -- as written


Sphere-Specific Drawbacks -- as written

Standard Talents

Banned: none
Adjusted: Totem of Allegiance and Totem of Enemies will be changed to correspond to the alignment spectrum (light - neutral - dark).
Totem of Expulsion will function against Force ghosts or Force projections (Shame on me -- I had forgotten about the projections!!).

Advanced Talents -- as written


It will take less time to simply list the talents that can be taken in this sphere, and to note the necessary adjustments. As this sphere's abilities are firmly in the frame as being exclusive to the Aing-Tii (exchanging the flavor of planar travel for hyperspace travel), there is little reason to take this sphere.

Standard Talents

Teleport Object becomes the base sphere ability, and functions at Close range.
Ranged Teleport allows the teleport object ability to function at Medium range.
Distant Teleport allows your teleportation to function at Long range.
Emergency Teleport functions as written, modified by these rules.
Splinter may be applied to your teleport effects as written.
Group Teleport may be used to teleport multiple objects, provided their points of origin and delivery are all within range of your Warp sphere abilities.

Advanced Talents

Banned: all


There are no changes made to this sphere regarding its drawbacks, standard talents, or advanced talents.

Here, at last, is our

Hyperspace Travel Primer

Basic Galactic Map Data:

The galaxy is laid out in a grid-based pattern 123,000 light-years in diameter. The total two-dimensional area is divided into 1,273 individual "sectors". Each sector possesses a total area of 3,000ly squared, providing a hypotenuse of 4,242ly.

The myriad systems of the galaxy have been mapped out based upon information from five separate sources, and care has been taken to position them well in relation to one another (though, of course, this has all involved more art than science).

The known galaxy is comprised of nine primary zones: Deep Core, Core Worlds, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, Mid Rim, Outer Rim, Wild Space, and the Unknown Regions. Each of these zones (excepting Wild Space and the Unknown Regions) possesses an average 'stellar density' that informs ease of hyperspace travel through its sectors. Assuming the use of a Class I hyperdrive, a 3,000ly traverse requires 4 to 10 hours of travel time depending upon the region in question.

Hyperspace lanes represent frequently-traveled paths between systems, and their use reduces travel time by either one hour per 3,000ly in a given region, or treats that leg of the journey as being two steps lower on the flight-time scale. Therefore, the hyperspace lane between the Empress Teta systems in the Deep Core and Coruscant in the Core Worlds has part of its route treated as an 8-hour/3000ly journey, and the other as a 7-hour trip, as opposed to 10- and 9-hour segments.

These raw numbers lead to some easily-determined conclusions about "famous" trips taken in the Star Wars universe, and lend themselves to some informative thought exercises. Some examples:

1) Tatooine to Alderaan, Millenium Falcon, Class V: 52.75 hours
2) Anoat/"Noad" to Bespin, Millenium Falcon, Class X (backup): 7.7 hours
3) Hoth to Dagobah, X-wing, Class I: 13.3 hours
4) Naboo to Tatooine, Naboo Royal Cruiser, Class I: 37.9 hours

The Thought Experiments:

1) 'Galactic South' to Belkadan ('Galactic North'), Class I, direct route: 248 hours (10.3 days)
2) 'GS' to Belkadan, Class I, half-circumnavigation: 276 hours
3) 'GS' to Belkadan, Class I, hyperlane-assisted: 209.25 hours (approximately 24,000ly longer than direct route, but utilizes the Rimma Trade Route and the hyperspace lanes running from Byss (DC) to Empress Teta (DC) to Coruscant (CW) to Borleias (Co) to hasten the trip)

Now, none of the above examples take into account the consequences of Astrogation checks or the possibility of hyperspace hazards (whether equipment failure, bad jump calculations, or untracked stellar objects). I am still finalizing my work on those elements, but should have them submitted within a day or two.

Speed-of-plot Nonsense:
I have railed on this before, but I believe the following may further assist your understanding of what I have done here:

In Rogue One, Red Squadron jumps from Yavin 4 to Scarif in response to receiving word of Erso's misfits' efforts (I think I recall that correctly -- I only endured the film *once*, and my memory is fuzzy about some of it.). On-screen, this takes mere minutes of "realtime". In this system I have fabricated, that trip would take obscenely longer.

Based upon my sources, Yavin is a bit north of the NE "line" that runs from the Deep Core to Bonadan on the galactic boundary, and lies close to the Outer Rim/Mid Rim border. Scarif, on the other hand, is roughly due SE of the Deep Core, and approximately 10,000ly "inside" the extreme galactic boundary, and firmly in Outer Rim territory (a relative stone's throw from Tatooine).

The straightest path between the two calls for moving 23.5 sectors southward by 3.5 sectors eastward -- a hypotenuse of 23.75 sectors, or a base flight time of 95 hours for Class I hyperdrives, if the whole flight path were composed of Outer Rim transits (which it isn't).

If the movie depicted that trip as taking 20 minutes, Red Squadron's transit speed would have to be 3,562.5ly/minute, or greater than 285 times the speed of a Class I hyperdrive as I have reckoned it.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Though I appreciate your enthusiasm, I will admit that I see hyperspace travel a little differently. This is not in conflict with your view, it is merely from a different perspective.

I look at it like this:

*Space travel takes time because you are traveling a great distance.
^the entire goal of the activity is to find t by d and r

>now r in this situation has less variables because we can just set a normalized rate and then apply percentage reductions for hyperdrive quality
> so r=nq
>n=normalized rate
>q=quality of hyperdrive

< d is the exciting part. Distance in space travel is a bit harder to normalize because there isn't just empty space from point A to point B. There could be planets, stars, or whole solar systems in the way. (So the claim of doing the Kessel run in 12 parsecs[a unit of distance] is significant because the traditional route for the Kessel run is a little bit higher. Meaning not that they went faster, but that they found a shorter route.) Therefore you would go a distance, drop out of hyperspace, turn to go a different direction, drop out of hyperspace again once you cleared the solar obstacle, turn back, and keep going.
< The reason why hyper space lanes exist is because they go through areas that don't have whole solar systems (this is an assumption). If you look at a map of the SW galaxy with lanes though you'll see the lines going through plenty of solar systems. I'm assuming this is just like our highway systems going near cities but not through them.
< Now, I know I said that distance could not be normalized. If one is trying to get nitty gritty computations it would be profoundly complicated. However for simplicity sake, we could normalize distance through a grid hex (Because square grids suck, unless you like trig). Then we could apply the similar percentage reduction if a hyperspace lane runs though it as well, and also likely a reduction due to astrogation success (As astrogation in my mind is plotting a route).
< so d=hLa ; calculated per hex
<h=normalized hex distance
<L=hyperspace lane constant (or 1 of no lane present)
<a=astrogation success reduction

t = d / r

Just my 2 credits

1) I hate math. I can't say it often enough.

2) I have no hex paper. :D Graph, on the other hand, I have in abundance.

3) The Kessel Run is the next factor I'm bringing into the mix, particularly concerning Astrogation checks. While I'm certainly not going to hash out the number of parsecs traversed if this crew does make the Run (or one similar), the benefits to be gained from exceptional Astrogation checks will bear out the necessities implied by Han Solo's boast. Because I wholly concur with the gist of your assessment -- changing headings through difficult portions of space can and will affect the time and distance actually traveled. And as I said -- the Astrogation bit is forthcoming.

4) Whew!!!!!

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

I am merely expressing concern that you may be overcomplicating it. Admittedly, I studied physics for a short period of time, so overcomplicated math is...fairly normal to me.

As a fix to the system I presented, for distance measurements, it would be easier if there were 2 constants. One for a hex (or square, they can be interchangeable) with a trade lane and one without. That way hexes (squares) can be just counted and then the blanket astrogation modifier can be applied.

So in the end (though it looks complicated by the variables) it is a simple plug and chug...

:::::(total hex/square distance) * (astrogation modifier)
t = _____________________________________________
:::::(standard speed of a HD) * (quality of HD)

Liberty's Edge

I get enough math at school, I join Syrus in begging for it to be kept out of my games.

As for Telekinesis, I haven't had enough time to go over it. But didn't the KOTOR games have you make a special Blaster Deflection roll against any such attack?

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

That just doesn't make sense to me. Math is one of the only constant things one learns in school. So many of the other subjects are...relative. They could change or just be wrong.

Yes, the KotORs permitted infinite deflection rolls. Which amounted to either DR, or the pinnacle of attrition-based victory technology -- "I'm just gonna stand here till I knock enough bolts back for y'all to kill yourselves." And all that took was spending two talent slots!

Now, I would be remiss if I did not also note that BBD required taking a Force power at all, and redirection called for a second investment. It may be as simple as that! Even then, though, we still have to arrive at the "crunch" that equitably enables those actions. If we base it off BAB, our consulars and sentinels may be forced to seek alternative means of protection (which is still consistent with KotOR). If we use AoO tech as a baseline, we run the risk of minimalizing some builds that are popular throughout d20 games. If we call for sphere/talent slots to be spent to enable it, it may be felt that we're ignoring the suggestion that it's a 'Force-user freebie'.

Since BBD-boosting equipment upgrades are going to be a potential resource here, and certain lightsaber forms grant additional bonuses to it, we have plenty of "knobs" to use to tune it. I just want it to feel fair and true to the story.

We'll get it done, though.

In other news: I'm going to be refining the particulars of the SoM Equipment sphere today, as well as trying to clarify our Force-class martial traditions.

But it brings me to another pair of questions:

1) KotOR brought in an element for melee weapons that seriously reduced the "lightsabers cut everything" phenomenon. The rules text on most vibroswords and other melee weapons included a clause that indicated that cortosis ore was used in their construction, which offset some of the advantages of lightsabers -- basically, no "auto-sunders". I think this was done mostly to streamline data processing ('cause tracking item conditions on top of everything else would have been an even greater grind), but it also translated to fluid gameplay since vitality points were the "path to victory". What are your thoughts on this?

2) KotOR also had a series of items that occupied the "bracers" slot -- personal shields. They allowed swift action activation and absorbed damage similarly to resist energy and/or stoneskin depending upon type, to a certain maximum per charge. I think these items are still particular to the KotOR games, and though they "somehow" fell out of use by the time of Episode I, I am comfortable with their inclusion (gives our skill monkeys some downtime survival utility, provided the ship ain't broke down). Yea or nay?

Ah, yes:

Announcement Two!

We will be using HP and WP.

Family matters prevented me from posting further yesterday, so I'll be working on that today. I apologize for the delay.

Any feedback on the questions I supplied?

1) I've been trying to drum up a suitable name for the campaign, primarily so I can start consolidating the relevant material on the Campaign Info tab, but as I've been delving into Wookieepedia in an effort to preserve narrative consistency, I've learned that my secondary naming convention is also taken, as well as the third through sixth (the primary one was based upon the advent of bacta's popularization in the galaxy, and so was going to be called some variation of 'The Bacta War', which I already knew was taken, courtesy of the Aaron Allston X-Wing novel -- and I certainly must avoid plagiarism). I want the name of our game to be evocative, and yet as 'faction-neutral' as may be, since I'm not likely to railroad much of our plot (I'm a sandbox GM/DM -- can't help it.). I am interested in hearing any ideas you all may have upon the matter, because everything I've come up with so far could lead to some confusion for anyone who is deeply familiar with the lore (I probably know more than most, but there are a great many who know it better than I do.).

Objective: Name This Campaign!

2) The Spheres of Might, martial traditions, and particulars about equipment are so inextricably linked that I may have to supply a succession of 'chain of thought' posts. I'm going to highlight some initial categorizations here so that you can watch the hamster scramble in his wheel.

Armor Classifications
-- Light, Medium, Heavy, Powered (*full-blown Yoda impression* Dare you to build a 'battlemech', I do, yes!)

Weapon Classifications
-- Here we get to some intriguing complexity. We have racial traditions which should be respected/reflected (Gamorreans, Tuskens, Wookiees, The Race That Shall Not Be Named, Lest Ye Die (Yes, they're still "there", . . . Just don't, okay? :D ), the ease of porting over a great many of the familiar Pathfinder weapons, blaster technology, heavy and repeating blaster technology, and various exotic weapons. I am currently inclined to arrange the classifications thusly:

-- Basic, Simple Light, Simple Heavy, Advanced Light, Advanced Heavy, Exotic

Basic weapons are those that call for minimal manufacturing effort and allow for nearly zero technological improvement (quarterstaff, club, sling, dart, javelin, spear, etc.) The use of special materials in their construction would be the only non-Force means of improvement, effectively.

Simple Light weapons would cover a broader swath of combat technology (and, perhaps, "unfairly"). One-handed martial weapons from PF, holdout blasters, crossbows, blaster pistols, and similar items would be included here. Technology-based upgrades become applicable to a limited degree.

Simple Heavy is a narrower grouping that would open up the two-handed martial weapons from PF, some of the exotic weapons from PF, heavy blaster pistols, blaster rifles, and the "repeating" variants of the crossbow. Tech-based upgrades would be applicable where appropriate.

The Advanced Light and Advanced Heavy weapon groups would essentially include the "vibro-" enhanced melee weapons and the "repeating" enhanced ranged blaster weapons (while also allowing further customization options for Simple weapons of the corresponding size category, on a case-by-case basis). And here's the good part: This is where your damage die size increases come into play. Since enlarge and reduce are not effects we see often in the mythos, but the impact of size increases to damage is frequently important in PF, I think this is the best way to account for both. That said, you can expect your equipment options to be curtailed in this arena at the outset of our adventures.

The Exotic weapon group will include all the obvious bits and pieces: lightsabers of all kinds, bowcasters (I think this is appropriate, right?), electronets, and some other corner-case items.

Objective: Seem Okay?

Hi again :)
As for the Hyperspace Travel, I will be leaving that ENTIRELY in your hands :(
I have too little understanding of the SWU as is to be able to comprehend most of it and even less ability to offer advice/ideas :(
I'll put my focus elsewhere (◔_◔)

As for the Deflection ability, that I can offer some words on! :)
Honestly, the simplest and easiest way to achieve it is to simply make a variant of the Deflect Arrows feat. Maybe change the prerequisites to instead require a Sphere CL 1 and Lightsaber proficiency. Then change the wording to only work with a Lightsaber in hand instead of requiring a hand free.
Vola! 1/round, deflect a blaster shot. Sphere CL 1 limits the ability to people with some Force compatibility but also allows other types of characters to gain access to it, if they can get the CL some other way, maybe catering to some unusual builds.
(Btw, Deflect Arrows blocks the first attack to overcome your AC, not any that fail to hit you.)

As for deflecting 1 shot/round being an unbalancing factor, remember that the Monk, a Core class has been able to do that from 1st level since the beginning of Pathfinder and from 2nd level since 3.5 with little issues of balance. Weight of fire still overcomes them.

If you want to take it a step further, you could create a Feat chain based off of Deflect Arrows and Combat Reflexes that allows for more deflections, allowing someone to spend Feats in that area, improving their defenses if that is what they desired to spend them on.

Potential Feat Chain

Deflect Blaster Fire
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Sphere CL 1, Lightsaber Proficiency.

Benefit: You must be wielding a Lightsaber in at least one hand to use this feat. Once per round when you would normally be hit with an attack from a ranged weapon, you may deflect it so that you take no damage from it. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Attempting to deflect a ranged attack doesn’t count as an action. Unusually massive ranged weapons (such as boulders or ballista bolts) and ranged attacks generated by natural attacks or spell effects can’t be deflected.

Imp Deflect Blaster Fire
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Sphere CL 1, Deflect Blaster Fire, Combat Reflexes, Lightsaber Proficiency.

Benefit: You may deflect multiple ranged attacks each round, and you may use an attack of opportunity to to deflect a ranged attack as per the Deflect Blaster Fire feat. You may not attempt to do this if you have no attacks of opportunity remaining for the round or if you were otherwise unable to take an attack of opportunity.
////Alternative idea////
Benefit: At the beginning of your turn, you can choose to take a –2 penalty on melee attack rolls, combat maneuver checks and to AC for one round to gain an increased ability to deflect ranged attacks. If you do so, then until the beginning of your next turn you may use an attack of opportunity to to deflect a ranged attack as per the Deflect Blaster Fire feat. You may not attempt to do this if you have no attacks of opportunity remaining for the round or if you were otherwise unable to take an attack of opportunity.

Blaster Fire Redirection
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Sphere CL 1, Deflect Blaster Fire, Imp Deflect Blaster Fire, Combat Reflexes, Lightsaber Proficiency.

Benefit: Once per round when you successfully deflect a ranged attack using the Deflect Blaster Fire feat, you may redirect that attack back against its attacker. The redirected attack uses the same to hit roll and attack bonuses as the original shot, and if it lands, deals its normal damage.
////Alternative idea////
Benefit: Once per round when you successfully deflect a ranged attack using the Deflect Blaster Fire feat, you may redirect that attack back against its attacker. You must make a ranged attack roll using the same attack bonuses as the original shot (in place of your own), and if it lands, deals its normal damage.

These feats are based off of the Deflect Arrows, Bodyguard, Snatch Arrows and some Spell Turning feat I cant remember the name of...
The Sphere Caster Level and the required Dex can be a useful limiting factor in how soon you can access these feats, adjusted as you see fit. Even with these, the Jedi can still be brought low by weight of fire and the Blaster Redirection can only be used once a round at most, plus its quite the feat investment to get all of them. If someone wants to invest that heavily into it, why not let them feel powerful :)

As for creating an altered Sphere Talent that does something like this, well it kinda works but not really :(

1) The closest thing in RAW SoP is to get the Telekinesis Sphere with the Catch Shield and Deflect Talents. This costs a whopping 3 Talents, it costs a Standard action and a SP to set up and it only lasts 1 +1/3cl rounds, so very short.
Basically, its a huge cost expenditure, takes a standard action to set up and only lasts a short duration, but it does exactly the same thing as Deflect Arrows, except "Mind Power" not "Lightsaber" based.
If you wanted to set it up based off of this, you could combine them all into some sort of single, Advanced (probably) Talent.

Force Deflection: You may enter a stance that enables you to deflect incoming Blaster Fire as a standard action. This stance lasts a number of rounds equal to your Caster/Character Level. During this period, once per round you may deflect an incoming projectile or thrown object aimed at you and that would otherwise hit you. ?This requires you to have one hand free or holding a Lightsaber in one hand.?

Still not great, it has to be renewed periodically and early on it does not last very long... Even if you doubled the duration it would still probably not be worth the action cost.

2) If you base it off of the Protection Sphere then you would have to straight up invent a new one as there is nothing in that Sphere that really comes close, aside from just boosting AC and letting the Theater of the Imagination take care of the rest...

3) I do not know very much about the SoM ruleset as I have never used it before, but a quick perview of the Guardian Sphere does not seem to help much?
The Guardian does not actually negate any damage, it simply delays it for a turn, at which point you take the full damage :(
At best you can convert the damage you would have taken to non-lethal with the Endure Pain Talent.
That doesn't help much against Blaster Fire :(
If you flat out negated that much damage? Well its not really lightsaber deflection anymore and instead acts more like absorbing armor.

4) As for forgoing some of your Spell Points to empower your deflective focus, that could work. Here's an idea of what it might look like?

Force Focus: Once per round, at the beginning of your turn, you may allocate some of your SP (possibly up to your CL?) into a defensive pool known as your Force Focus, reducing your current and total SP by an equal amount. SP allocated in this fashion cannot be used or spent and is effectively locked. At any point thereafter during that round, you may deflect a number of ranged attacks that would have otherwise hit you, instead causing them to miss. You may do this once per round per point in your Force Focus pool.
At the beginning of your next turn, you may relocate these points as you see fit; adding some, removing some, or maintaining its current number. Any SP regained in this manner immediately become available for use as normal.

This does a couple of things. If a character wants/needs he can dump a lot of his SP into his defense to survive a particularly difficult encounter, but if he does, his ability to use his SP offensively is reduced. It also means that as time goes on, and the character spends more and more SP, that he has less and less to invest in his defense, effectively "tiring out" after a strenuous day.
It does create choices as the character has to decide exactly how much of his limited resources he wants to "lock away" at any given moment, however the choices are not permanent and can be redistributed.
It also does have 2 major drawbacks :( The first is if you are only going to be spending 1 SP a round at most anyways, whats stopping you from just dumping all but 1 SP into the pool and just taking one out each round, as needed. The second drawback is that higher leveled characters might have such a high SP pool that it doesn't even matter anymore, just max out the pool and forget about it.
A max based on your CL can help with this, so might an increase the reallocation period to 1 minute of meditation? That would most likely limit the in-combat abuse.


As for the feat/Talent cost, for me I am already setting aside a feat to be able to do so, so it probably will not hinder me too much :)
If someone really needed all their feats/Talents to be able to pull off their character, then the above Deflect Arrows feat chain could be appreciated as it would be optional, allowing them to decide to forgo it :)

1) To clarify my comment concerning the Guardian sphere and BBD:

I wasn't suggesting that we take the sphere as is in order to address BBD. Rather, since one of its packages allows for additional AoOs depending upon BAB, we could adapt that bit to a more finely-tuned basis for BBD. Is that any more comprehensible?

2) I admit that I find your 'Defensive Force Pool' idea appealing. I like what it does: resource allocation is sometimes *the* thing that makes a game great. Though I think it calls for a bit too much additional bookkeeping. Part of the benefit of SoP is that magic doesn't always burn daily resources, but you can use them when you want to. While your idea certainly could lead to some strange rounds of combat (in a good way), and to cinematic moments where a Jedi/Sith/Zeison Sha/whichever is on his/her last legs, an examination of other sphere abilities kinda dooms it, I think. An energy resistance aegis (Protection sphere, Energy Resistance) costs 1 spell point, lasts 1 hour, and reduces 11 points of energy damage -- at level one! You're definitely on to something there, though. Good stuff, chief!

3) The Deflect Arrows feat may be a reasonable place to start, and it is by no means game-breaking, but stopping one ranged attack each round won't quite parallel the cinematic displays, nor countenance the inclusion of BBD upgrades.

Thanks for the feedback, Gobo!





Where'd everybody go?

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Still here! Just waiting for others to establish more about their perspective characters.

And speaking of which:

1) Mando Commando
2) Jedi Jedi (or "damn-fool idealistic crusade"-r)
3) Grandpa/Ol' Uncle Caleb Jedi / other
4) Droid Brain Brain Droid? / Bounty Hunter?
5) Miraluka Mind-Melter?
6) Something Something Weird-Force

Let's start putting some polish on those ideas, folks, and build some hooks!

(If crunch is the hold-up: class, 20-point-buy stats, spheres/talents, backstory/narrative goals desired as your baseline; race, gear, finishing touches will be something we handle in process.)

Our two most developed stories/characters so far belong to Saashaa and Avacyn restored, with Gobo Horde's "Wish I Was Gestalt" not too far off from finished.

I'm getting things set up for our intro scene, but I'm flying blind in a lot of ways -- need some solid stories to weave into it! Let me hear some solid ideas from you!

As for all the equipment and stuff: I have been occupied with more family and personal business matters the last few days -- we may just have to feel those bits out, but I am chipping away at that particular block. We can deal with specifics as we advance the game, and make sure everyone has respectable starting gear.

EDIT: To be clear -- I was simply being light-hearted about the character ideas we've been kicking around, not dismissive.

Remember: details are awesome!

Oh I thought this wasn't starting or at least another month so I haven't been in any kind of rush to police things up. I'll finish soon.

The lead time is for the purpose of finalizing our roster, as well. I meant to make that clear from the start, and thought I had. My mistake.

Earlier is always better for a GM, right??! :D

Liberty's Edge


- About hyperspace, I definitely have no strong feelings either way. Unless time becomes really critical, I'll always be on Team Handwaving.

- About Blaster Deflection: going down the line of Deflect Arrows looks nice to me, and I like the Defensive Force Pool too, although it could get booky.
My other idea is to grant Combat Reflexes (or any similar feat) and require to expend one AoO to parry the next X attacks (perhaps 1 + 1 for every 5 BAB?)

- For equipment: I'll be snatching a lightsaber as soon as possible to wield it with TK, as well as no armor. Lightsaber training should probably be an Equipment Sphere talent, and I think that it makes sense for them to be finessable.

- For the build: I threw down my concept as Duros Telekinetic Scoundrel (unless you'd allow to switch the Twi'Lek Cha bonus to Int), I'll wait for full rules for crunch rather than having to go back and forth; as well as motivations, he'll want to get out of Nar Shaddaa, preferably in one piece. But it's not easy when the local crime lord doesn't want you to escape.

- For the campaign name: You are the only one who knows what it'll be about. A few general ideas:

- [Your GM Name]'s [really short description] - [Adjective][Name]: A favorite of mine. It's easy to remember, keeps in good order on campaign tabs, and allows for spin-offs. E.g. my WWII campaign is called GM Sappy's Infiltrators - Dirty War.
- [Planet]'s Night Sky: Should it be mainly focused on a planet, it can work.
- Shifting Stars: it's a book and a song, but I think it sounds cool and it's hardly plagiarism.
- An Even Longer Time Ago: Not bad at all, concise and familiar.
- [X] of the [Y]: Return of the Jedi, Wrath of Khan, Rise of the Runelords, Breath of the Wild, endless possibilities. Keep taking words until you're satisfied. Adding a subtitle only helps.

I'll defer to y'all as well with hyperspace - I'm enjoying the discussions but don't have anything significant to add on it.

Also! More refinement to come, but here's what I've been playing with for my Droid.

Good work, Yoricks!

Might I suggest getting some ranks in Mechanics/Repair for the purpose of attending your battle damage? :)

I am more than cool with this character being an HK-__ model. However, so as not to infringe upon the advent of the HK-51 line being unveiled in SW:TOR, perhaps we could alter the name a little?

I never did get to play the HK factory portion of KotOR II, so I've not been able to get a feel for that part of the content (lonely, decrepit X-box only, no mods). Based upon what I have heard, though, I think a designation of HK-50-[insert 'Greek'-letter-designate here] could be great, for example. Or, in true Terminator trope-ology, you could go with -48 or -49 . . . .

Shocked Acknowledgement: Obsolete?! Obsolete?!! Intimidating Declaration: I assure you, meatbag, that my assassination protocols are more than sufficient to perforate you with blaster bolts until your conductive fluids are fully jettisoned. Interrogative: Shall we find out? Excited Declaration: Oh, I do hope so.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Announcement Three (Is it three? I've forgotten.)

Point-Blank Shot is unnecessary.

We'll be using the feat tax rules you pointed out, Yoricks.

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Might I suggest getting some ranks in Mechanics/Repair for the purpose of attending your battle damage? :)

Oh yes, good idea!

Syrus Terrigan wrote:

I am more than cool with this character being an HK-__ model. However, so as not to infringe upon the advent of the HK-51 line being unveiled in SW:TOR, perhaps we could alter the name a little?

I never did get to play the HK factory portion of KotOR II, so I've not been able to get a feel for that part of the content (lonely, decrepit X-box only, no mods). Based upon what I have heard, though, I think a designation of HK-50-[insert 'Greek'-letter-designate here] could be great, for example. Or, in true Terminator trope-ology, you could go with -48 or -49 . . . .

Shocked Acknowledgement: Obsolete?! Obsolete?!! Intimidating Declaration: I assure you, meatbag, that my assassination protocols are more than sufficient to perforate you with blaster bolts until your conductive fluids are fully jettisoned. Interrogative: Shall we find out? Excited Declaration: Oh, I do hope so.

Sounds great! I'll come up wth a designation or other number.

@Yoricks --

1) Taking the Scout sphere doesn't give you an additional point in Stealth, as you've accounted it. You should have a +7 total modifier -- rank + class + Dex.

What it does mean, though, is that you can invest that skill rank elsewhere!

2) I'd swap Survival for Mechanics -- which will also have some application with your Gunsmithing feature. You don't need to track down food and such, so . . . .

3) With your ranks in Knowledge (local), I would ask that you choose a system/sector in which to focus.
I will finally get some equipment details posted tomorrow.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's still tomorrow if I haven't slept yet, right? That's what I always tell myself, anyway.

I had to do some traveling today (job hunting being what it is), so I am not as far along on the equipment details as I'd like. If you're looking for equipment proficiencies, for the present, tap into the Equipment sphere disciplines to at least "emulate" the feel for your characters (Yoricks' HK character sheet is a suitable example of this).

I have gotten some baseline info written out, but it'll be tomorrow or Friday before I have a 'Beginning Equipment' post in place. It will include class-specific currency conversions, mechanical info on an assortment of gear (weapons, primarily), and some refinement of equipment classifications.


I'm thinking our game will be "branded" Star Wars: The Galactic Republic Era - Spheres of the Force (Thanks for that, too, Yoricks!).


It's looking more and more like Nar Shaddaa will be our intro point, but that call will be made definitive as we near our launch date. I know that I'm going to have some hooks in play for each character in our final roster, and I'm going to do my utmost ensure that our story can follow as many narrative threads as possible from the outset.


I'm still waiting for a handful of prospective character submissions, so if you are among those who haven't gotten those in yet, don't hesitate to send me whatever you've got. We can hammer out needed details as we go.

Well, folks, that's gonna have to do for tonight! Read ya on the morrow!!

Trying to decide if Rho or Theta would make a better designation (and potentially a name for anyone who's soft on the droid). Anyone have feelings on this?

Syrus Terrigan wrote:

1) Taking the Scout sphere doesn't give you an additional point in Stealth, as you've accounted it. You should have a +7 total modifier -- rank + class + Dex.

What it does mean, though, is that you can invest that skill rank elsewhere!

2) I'd swap Survival for Mechanics -- which will also have some application with your Gunsmithing feature. You don't need to track down food and such, so . . . .

Oh, cool. That's a good point. The reason I had Survival initially was because of Track (which made sense for Bounty Hunting), but I actually lose that as part of the Archetype, so, yeah, it doesn't add much value... I may take Computer Use instead.

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
3) With your ranks in Knowledge (local), I would ask that you choose a system/sector in which to focus.

Makes sense. Does this also mean that one could take Kn Local multiple times? And if so, would bonuses to Knowledge Local apply to multiple incarnations of it?

Either way I'll probably take Ord Mantell's system, I've always been a big fan of it.

Liberty's Edge

In reliability engineering, a lowercase theta represents the mean time between failure, i.e. the average time a system can stay up before crashing. I feel it (perhaps as Theta-Zero) would be appropriate for a droid. Especially a murder machine.

Knowledge (local) has always been a bit of a bother, hasn't it?

There should be a mechanic that reflects a character's familiarity with a place, but that also doesn't suddenly suggest: "I've never been to Bonadan before, but I can take 10 and have this place figured out in no time!" Knowledge (local) needs some help . . . .

Here is what I propose: Choose a system with your first rank. As you increase your ranks in Kn (loc), you may indicate a new system (that should be reflected by your travels, of course) to which the skill may apply. The maximum number of systems concerning which Knowledge (local) ranks will stack is equal to 1-1/2 times the character's Intelligence modifier, rounded down.

So, Yoricks, your HK could start with familiarity with Ord Mantell and then work up to the same for three more systems as our story advances.

I don't think such a method is imbalanced; what about y'all?

Liberty's Edge

For a real-world campaign I set up a system for Linguistics that may work for Knowledge(local) as well.

Basically, each rank gives a "familiarity point". A player can be familiar with a system at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced (or any other name triplet), each level costing one familiarity point. So if I had three ranks, I'd be able to have Intermediate knowledge of Nal Hutta and Basic knowledge of Dagobah, or any other combination.
Possibly give extra familiarity points for high Int scores, like with languages.

Then, someone with Basic familiarity with a system can attempt Knowledge checks regarding that system going up to DC 15, Intermediate to DC 20, Advanced to any DC (random numbers right now).

How's that? (hope it was understandable)

That's solid stuff, Sapiens!

Hmmmm . . . .



Also, Sapiens -- I never did comment about the Twi'lek Int/Cha swap you mentioned, did I?

I confess that I am torn -- I want you to be able to play the character you like, but I find that such an exchange breaks some of the consistency of the mythos. My initial reaction is to say "No" to that; as we're trying to build something workable together, though, I'll say this:

If you can sell me a plausible story that justifies it, I may let you run with it.


Sheesh, but I need a laptop. Would make all this so much easier to manage! lol

Maybe Christmas.

Liberty's Edge

No, it's true that Twi'Lek should be Cha-focused, and since Droids can't use the Force it's either Duros or Human. Unless...

There's the trait

Unorthodox Casting:

Benefit: Perhaps you are a druid trained in nature magic by a fey such as a nymph or satyr; maybe you grew up in a great library where you studied the magic of nature and geography; or perhaps you learned magic from an academic who combined study and meditation in equal measures. Either way, you embrace unorthodox techniques that change your approach to magic.

Choose any one mental ability score, you use that score as your casting ability score for any sphere casting classes you have, thus affecting the use of spheres, talents, spell points, etc. This does not change or otherwise affect any class specific features they may have based on another ability score, unless that class feature specifically calls out a casting ability score anywhere in the class feature.

that would allow the Int-based Symbiat to be Cha-based for casting. However, I'd remain tied to Int for AC Bonus and Psionics. If you'd allow me to use Cha for those two as well, I could be a completely kosher Twi'lek Symbiat. It would be a bit of a nerf (goodbye skills) but not a problem.
Which leads me to the follow-up question: what would the stats for a Twi'Lek be? Saga's +2 Cha, -2 Wis, or could I hope for a +2 Dex buff?

For laptops, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, take advantage if you can spare the dough.

I am hashing through the details of the Twi'leks right now, and should have something for you presently, Sapiens.

The basic equipment "table" should be posted a few hours after I get that done.


Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 Cha
Medium size
Speed: 30'
Low-light vision
Languages: Basic, Ryl, Lekku Sign Language
Desert Runner: Hailing from the dry, rocky world of Ryloth, Twi'leks have a natural hardiness that goes beyond their genial natures. They gain a +4 racial bonus to Constitution-based checks and Fortitude saving throws to resist the effects of exhaustion, fatigue, starvation/hunger, thirst, forced marches, and similar occurrences.
Great Fortitude: The toughness needed to survive the trials of Ryloth has never left the star-scattered Twi'leks. They gain Great Fortitude as a bonus feat at level one.
Emissary: Once per day, a Twi'lek may roll twice when making a Bluff or Diplomacy check and take the higher result.
Silver-Tongued: Twi'leks gain a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks. In addition, they may use the Diplomacy skill to shift a creature's attitude 3 steps, rather than 2.


That's just 9 RP, but it's pretty strong, I think.

And it makes me consider that I need to go back over Yoricks' droid racial template. Will probably dig a little deeper on that later. For now?


Starting Credits

We're going to keep this simple, folks. It's so simple that I'm a little apprehensive about it.

Step 1 Confirm the base starting gp value for your chosen class.
Step 2 Retain the base number of dice you would roll for your class, but change the d6 to d4.
Step 3 Change the x10 multiplier to x250.

Therefore, your starting credits values range from 1d4x250 to 5d4x250. Easy enough, right?

Starting Credits Options

You may choose one of the following:

1) Roll your credits here.
2) Take the average for your class at 1st level.

Average Starting Credits

1d4x250 -- 600cr
2d4x250 -- 1200cr
3d4x250 -- 1800cr
4d4x250 -- 2400cr
5d4x250 -- 3000cr

Yoricks -- In the spirit of parity, would it put you off to cut your droid's RP to 10 or less? While I like the 'Integrated' feature, it would be the easiest adjustment to lose. It could also be argued that the tumult that has swept the galaxy in the wake of the rash of HK-50 attacks make the Bluff and Disguise aspects of that trait especially difficult for your particular model to pull off . . . . Just a few thoughts.


Equipment stats forthcoming -- may be early tomorrow, though.

*clickety-clack go the keys*

Hey, Syrus. Found it.


Bursts of dense reading in here, John. Peruse at your own risk. :)

Gotta get back to my stat-sheets.

By the way, Syrus. I've got the D20 Star Wars books. The Core Rulebook (November 2000) and the Revised Core Rulebook (May 2002).

Just a heads up/afterword, I take meds, and they kinda went haywire this last week, so I have been rather distracted with that :(
So this is only a short, temporary thing but I have been out of it this last week. Irl stuff :p
Anyways, I'm very much still in this, and I do have a bit of catch up reading to do but I will start posting again soon.
Oh, I have also been working on my character crunch :) so I should be able to get something of that nature up soon.
Did we decide on a point buy? defaulting to 20, for now -_- Edit: Found it. 20pb it is.

I just wanted to pipe in and let you know I'm still lurking. My character idea is coming along, but I'm trying to be very careful in sticking with the lore so the research is taking some time. I'll start polishing my ideas and put something concrete forward soon; I'll probably steal Yorick's template because it's pretty awesome.

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Yoricks -- In the spirit of parity, would it put you off to cut your droid's RP to 10 or less? While I like the 'Integrated' feature, it would be the easiest adjustment to lose. It could also be argued that the tumult that has swept the galaxy in the wake of the rash of HK-50 attacks make the Bluff and Disguise aspects of that trait especially difficult for your particular model to pull off . . . . Just a few thoughts.


Credits: 5d4 ⇒ (3, 2, 3, 2, 3) = 13 x 250 = 3250

Liberty's Edge

Ill-gotten gains: 3d4 ⇒ (3, 2, 3) = 8x250 = 2000 credits

That Twi'lek looks really good, especially for a face. And after all, forget the Symbiat, I'll go for Eliciter: I've thought up some nice background ideas, keeping on the "indebted crime lord flunky" but going more towards the courtesan/unknowing Force adept. She thinks it's her charm, it's actually the Mind Trick.

Although knowing myself, I'll change my mind before evening and draft up an Elementalist, a Thaumaturge and three flavors of Bard as well.


Just when I thought I was making real progress on the equipment bit . . . . I'm gonna keep working on the economics, folks, but I'm beginning to think that the matter of gear and cash will call for a Wholelotta Handwaving. And I hate that.

I truly do want to provide a game experience that is plausible, balanced, and still fun. But this snarl of calculation is really putting me off -- as I've said, math is pure evil, and anathema, verboten, and blasphemous.


So, do any of you math whizzes out there feel like working some calculus, or whatever discipline it would require, to fashion a gear table, as informed by our starting credits table and weapon dice damage suitable for "straight Pathfinder"? 'Cause I'm flat-out flummoxed.

If my beginning efforts are of any import to the matter:

1) I picked 5000cr as a top-end limit for maximum 1st-level wealth rather arbitrarily, but it seemed to feel right. For whatever that's worth. (Which would suggest that the 'Rich Parents' trait parallel would call for 15000cr, as it is simply a "triple-max" flat number . . . .)
2) My general premise has been to gauge a given item's function and cost off of the percentage differential between that 5000cr top-end as compared to the 300gp top-end provided by Pathfinder rules.
3) However, those two factors (if taken as givens) don't translate well to the necessities implied by our increased technology level. A dagger is a dagger, but how would it differ from a vibrodagger at level 1? (As you can tell, I haven't examined Starfinder at all!)
4) Those numbers also have implications concerning 'masterwork/mastercraft' items. A 'fully upgradeable' item would basically cost an additional 5000cr to purchase, in the case of weaponry, and +2500cr for armor. Upgrade limitations would prorate those costs accordingly. **See Sidebar Below**

KotOR II generally assumed a maximum of 3 upgrades for weaponry, and 2 for armors.

Melee weapon upgrades were such: Edge, Hilt, Grip (but did not specify power cell, even in the case of vibro-class weapons)

Ranged weapon upgrades were: Power Cell, Firing Chamber, Scope (but there was no translation of the 'hair trigger' upgrade from KotOR to KotOR II)

Armor upgrades were classified as Underlays and Overlays

Lightsabers were a beast all their own: Color Crystal, Power Cell, Blade Emitter, Lens, and Power Crystal (and you could get two of those!!)


My initial idea about 'prorated upgradeability' was along these lines:

Full (3): +5000/+2500
Partial (2): +3000/(no change)
Single (1): +1500/+1000

And, of course, lightsabers (and their variants) would call for a commensurate adjustment . . . . Haven't yet tried to hash that out . . . .


The applications of those upgrades ran the gamut of options with which we're all familiar: keen, energy damage, light-/dark-side boosts, stat adjustments, DR, skill boosts, etc.

For me, the real draw is the adaptability the system allowed. If you were fighting a ton of droids, you spent time at the workbench and loaded up on your ion-based upgrades; going into a fight with blaster-happy mercs, you staged your BBD upgrades in your lightsaber (Ahhh, Soresu, you sexy beast!). It helped you adapt your gameplay, rather than just focusing on "What numbers will be the best in all circumstances?" It incentivized skills in a way that I wish all d20 games did.

This is far more daunting than I first realized. Yeesh.

Concerning the Twi'lek

I didn't want to push the "face" aspect too much with them, but I wouldn't be able to fault anyone for looking at the 'Gregarious' trait, as it only costs 1 more RP, and would put the Twi'leks at a nice, round 10 RP total . . . .

Races are *so* much easier . . . .


Ability Score Adjustments: +2 Con, +2 Int, -2 Cha
Natural Armor: Givins have an exoskeletal physiology that grants them a +1 natural armor bonus.
Mathematic Culture: The prominence of mathematics in Givin society is so great that each member of the race gains a +2 racial bonus to Astrogation and Knowledge (mathematics/engineering) checks.
Darkvision: Givins have darkvision with a range of 120' (24 squares).
Exoskeletal Seal: Adapted to their homeworld of Yag'Dhul, Givins have a limited ability to hold their breath beyond the capacity of most races. They may close off their breathing passages and hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 times their Constitution score, and may even do so in complete vacuum for a number of rounds equal to twice their Constitution score.

Just an Update:

Still hammering away at equipment, but my cry for help still stands. Even if none of you make the attempt, I'll have something workable in place this week. I think my "panic attack" has passed. :D

I'm getting closer to having the martial traditions involving lightsabers tied off. I think it's going to come down to something like this: with a lightsaber tradition, you'll have the option to choose one of three "disciplines" with that class of weapon -- Fencing, Duelist, or Deflection (modeled after the Guardian sphere).

Also concerning lightsabers: I'm a firm believer in using the variant forms of the lightsaber, so the lightwhip, double lightsaber, "shoto", "saberstaff", and other such will be things you could work toward using.

About energy types: I'm going to kinda handwave this, but we're going to add 'energy' as a damage type all its own. This damage type will apply to all blaster weapons, laser weapons, and lightsaber weapons. In some cases we'll make some specific "plasma" weapons deal fire *and* electricity damage. Also, though the KotOR games make a distinction between ion and electricity damage, I will be dispensing with that altogether -- electricity damage is electricity damage, and it will affect targets accordingly (ion cannons serving to disable droids and vessels as usual, and also calling for starship combat to exhibit some "standard doctrine").

I've been getting more feedback on character builds, and I truly appreciate the work each of you has put into that effort. You are to be congratulated!

Plot points and hooks are beginning to crystallize, and the intro scene(s) is/are shaping up nicely. I continue to grow more excited as we develop this, folks! I think we're going to have a blast!!

Have you had a look at the Star Wars d20 Arms and Equipment guide? I think it was based on DnD 3.0 but it's got a lot of pretty solid material which would convert nicely into pathfinder rules.

Liberty's Edge

The Duelist sphere is based on bleed and disarms, which wouldn't apply really well to lightsabers, I'm afraid. On the other hand, pigeonholing their use to Fencing would likely be boring. Here are a couple of ideas:

- I like the idea of Guardian as a protective style, especially if coupled with the option (I don't remember if there's a talent for that) to burn AoOs to deflect blaster bolts. You could replace the basic ability of the Sphere with the Combat Reflexes feat.

- The Boxing Sphere is a nightmare for PbP, being focused on counter-attacks, but would make for an excellent defensive style.

- Open Hand has a handful of fancy unarmed combat maneuver talents that would pair well with lightsaber combat.

- Of course, Dual Wielding works like a charm for double sabers.

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