Seeking GM Replacement for Ironfang Invasion


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Dear GM Community,

Our lovely little group of survivalists requests the assistance of a new Game Master, so that we might continue the tall of the Ironfang Invasion. It has been one month since our GM posted, and we are all prepared to continue our quest, even as we hope for the best for our GM. While I will tell you that our gameplay thread can be found here, I would rather share a couple brief summaries of our adventure so far...

A town under siege:

As all good stories do, this one begins with drinks in a friendly tavern in Phaendar. The community has gathered after a busy day of trading to toast cups of good ale, eat delicious food, and listen to the epic conquests of local hero, Aubrin the Green. In the room with the townsfolk are: Boudra Kellanet, mute oracle of the shadows; Bree Fairchild, archaeologist and explorer; Caladra Swordborn, town guardswoman; Cedric Thistlewyne, cleric of Erastil; Cyrioul Fasar, wizard in training; Lily Moore, wandering troubadour; and Thorek Ironspark, warpriest of Angradd and Torag.

Sadly, the peaceful evening was not meant to last. The town was soon engulfed by the Ironfang Legion, and Hobgoblins began assaulting the tavern. Our heroes resisted the initial onslaught, and immediately set to making their way out of town while scooping up as many harried townsfolk as possible. Fighting their way through goblinoids, wolves, and more, the party scooped up townsfolk from Oreld's Fine Shop, the Phaendar Trading Company, the Taproot Inn, and the Riverwood Shrine, before making their way across (and later destroying) the Phaendar Bridge before escaping into the Chernasado Forest.

Lost in the woods:

Away from town, with only the provisions they could carry, our heroes dove into the woods to stay a step ahead of the Ironfang Legion. Beset by hunger, poor sleeping conditions, hordes of wasps, wolves, a ferocious boar, Legion patrols, our heroes did find some unhappy assistance in the personage of Veld, the reclusive arcane practitioner, before eventually coming to an outpost of the Chernasado Rangers. Finding only more foes to destroy, they also learned of the Rangers being called away to Fort Trevalay and unable to assist them in repelling the Legion.

Under guidance of Aubrin the Green and the other rescued townsfolk, our heroes continued their quest into the woods, seeking the caves claimed by a local group of Troglodytes as a potential base of operations (once thoroughly cleaned out for civilized humanoids to use). On the way, the intrepid survivors have been beset by a stealthy murderer, who is slowly chipping away at our group of townsfolk, and dampening all of our spirits. It is at the entrance to the Troglodyte's cave that our story is currently paused. Our heroes are on the swiftly-cooling trail of the murderer, but also eager to establish a secure base for themselves and their townspeople.

We have a delightfully engaging cast of characters, and would love your support in continuing our story!

As a deal sweetener for you to consider picking up our table: I offer to GM the Hell's Rebels adventure path for you and my fellow players from this Ironfang Invasion table. This way, you are not just taking on the work of the GM, but also getting the enjoyment of being a player. You can find some initial planning details for that campaign by visiting our discussion page.

If you have further questions, please let us know - I'll invite the other players to share as well, and we look forward to your participation at our table. Thank you!

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It's a good group to work with... lots of fun

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Wow, sounds like you have a really good story going.

Although I've got plenty of experience GMIng in person, I've never done it in PBP, so I'm not going to be the GM you're looking for.

I DID want to pop in though and wish you guys good luck. Fingers crossed for you. It always sucks to leave a good group of characters in limbo.

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If you'll give me some time to read over the campaign thread and brush up on the Adventure Path, I could take the reins as GM.

Thanks, Meloriel. Sorry that we can't have you on board, but thanks for the encouragement.

DM Vayelan, thanks for your interest! Feel free to take a look, and let me know if you have any questions.

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